How To Start a Permanent Bracelet Business

How To Start a Permanent Bracelet Business

So, you want to start a permanent bracelet biz? Smart move, those things are hot right now! But it ain’t as simple as just buying some bracelets and setting up an Instagram shop.

To really make your mark in this space, you need creative designs and a solid brand identity.

Let’s discuss about some off-the-wall ideas on how to start a permanent bracelet business and to make your bracelet business pop!

How To Start a Permanent Bracelet Business

Don’t Just Sell Bracelets to Know How to Start a Permanent Bracelet Business

First thing’s first – don’t just sell bracelets. We know, bit of a “well duh!” moment. But you’d be surprised how many folks try starting a “bracelet business” then offer nothing but stacks of beaded bangles.

Here’s some alternate permanent jewelry ideas to diversify your offerings:

Temporary tattoos

Get custom designs made into temp tats your customers can wear for a few days. Tie them into your branding with sayings, colors, logos.

Henna tattoos

Same concept as temp tats but with intricate henna designs. Great for music festivals!

Hair clips – Not jewelry but a hot accessory. Design bedazzled hair clips with your logo to complement your bracelets.

Shoe bling

Sparkly shoe clips to glam up sneakers and sandals. Perfect for your tween & teen target market.

Custom keychains

Engrave your brand name or slogans on keychains. Offer these as a free gift with purchase to encourage bigger orders.

See what we’re saying? Don’t limit yourself to just bracelets. Offer a range of branded “permanent” accessories your audience will fawn over on Insta!

Unusual Bracelet Ideas

Now let’s get into some unusual bracelet ideas:

Pet hair bracelets

Okay, hear us out! You take shed pet fur, spin it into yarn, then weave that into a rainbow bracelet. For the crazy pet parents out there!

Cuff bracelets

Slap bracelets are making a comeback, but as chic cuffs for teens. Look into various materials like leather, pleather, beads, plastic, wood, etc.

Watercolor bracelets

Dye plain bangles in cool tie-dye-esque swirls. No two will be alike. Market them as one-of-a-kind accessories for artsy folks.

Family bracelets

Embedding hair, dried flowers, ashes might be too morbid. But you could embroider family members’ names onto bracelets for a personalized gift.

Expression bracelets

Weave trendy sayings and mantras into the band. Stuff like “Good Vibes Only” in metallic thread would look awesome.

Mood bracelets

Bring back the mood ring craze, but as bangles that change colors based on emotions. Use liquid crystal thermometers to create the effect.

Scratch-off bracelets

Similar to lottery tickets, let customers scratch off a coating to reveal a secret message or design underneath. Fun reveal for the Instagram age!

Glow-in-the-dark bracelets

Remember SNAP bracelets with LEDs inside? Bring that concept back with more stylish designs that glow at night. Rave kids will dig these!

Scented bracelets

Infuse scents like vanilla, jasmine or pine into beads, fabrics or leathers. Include some punny names like “Brace Yourself for Relaxation.”

Twist bracelets

Instead of a regular bangle, make a double-helix style bracelet that threads together. Customers can continuously twist and untwist while wearing.

Boom! Those are just a handful of unique spins you can put on permanent bracelets. Avoid copycat designs, and you’ll stand out big time.


Now let’s talk branding…

To really make it in the accessory game and find out how to start a permanent bracelet business, you need a solid brand identity. Everything from your logo, to your voice, to your messaging should feel cohesive.

Here’s some ways to brand your bracelet business:

·         Come up with a catchy, memorable business name. Avoid generic names like “[Your Name] Jewelry.” Get creative! Do also check How Much Does It Cost To Start A Cerakote Business

·         Design a fun logo that pops. Then put it on your packaging, social media, website, tags, etc. Consistent branding is key.

·         Pick an ideal target audience, then tailor your messaging to them. Teens, faith groups, pet owners, etc. Speak their language in all marketing!

·         Choose a color scheme and font style for your brand. Using them consistently builds recognition.

·         Develop a unique personality and voice. Quirky, sassy, inspirational – whatever fits your brand.

·         Tell an origin story about you or your business name. Let customers connect with the “why” behind your biz.

·         Share your creative process from raw materials to finished jewelry. Give followers a behind-the-scenes look.

·         Come up with a memorable slogan or catchphrase that sums up your brand. Think Lululemon’s “The Sweatlife” or Nike’s “Just Do It.”

·         Partner with local businesses and influencers to expand your reach. Collaborations showcase shared values.

There are infinite ways to creatively brand your company in this space. But nailing down those core elements will really tie everything together.

Alright, let’s move onto the not-so-glamorous stuff: legal business stuff.

To make everything legit, you should:

·         Register your business name & secure the URL

·         Apply for an Employer ID Number (EIN) from the IRS

·         Open a business bank account

·         Consider filing for an LLC or incorporation 

·         Get any required business licenses & permits for your city/state

·         Look into small business insurance packages

·         Learn your state’s sales tax policies – no dodging Uncle Sam!

·         Brush up on FTC compliance rules regarding claims, testimonials, transparency

·         Optimize your biz for search engines & claim free listings

·         Set up analytics for your website, social accounts, online stores

·         Implement secure online payment processing – don’t use janky Venmo!

That was the real answer to how to start a permanent bracelet business! But following those steps will cover your legal and operational bases. Then you can focus on the fun stuff like making rad jewelry!

Speaking of which, let’s zoom in on actually sourcing and creating your bracelets.

For materials, you’ve got lots of options:

·         Semi-precious stones like turquoise, tiger’s eye, obsidian, etc.

·         Natural materials like wood, seeds, shells, bones (no elephants!)

·         Metals including gold, silver, copper and brass 

·         Silicon, acrylic or crystal for colorful, lightweight bracelets

·         Fabric, leather or macrame for woven designs

·         Plastics like PVC for retro-style slap bracelets

Luckily, there are tons of bead shops selling these materials online. No need to jet to aremote mine in the Congo for rare gems!

For construction, you can:

·         Learn basic jewelry-making skills like stringing, knotting and wire wrapping

·         Use jewelry pliers, clasps and findings for DIY bracelets at home

·         Hire professional craftspeople on Etsy to hand make bracelets for you

·         Work with manufacturers to mass produce simple bead or material bracelets

·         Use jewelry assembly services to have workers piece together more intricate designs

Getting crafty is fun, but don’t be afraid to outsource labor if demand gets high. Focus on growing your business, not just stringing beads! Have you checked business ideas for students in bangladesh

Alright, we’ve covered a lot of ground here. Let’s do a quick recap of the key steps:

·         Diversify beyond just bracelets – offer other on-trend accessories

·         Brainstorm creative themes and designs for unique bracelets

·         Create a consistent brand identity and marketing voice 

·         Handle all the legal and tax registrations to be legit

·         Secure quality bead materials from reputable suppliers

·         Learn some jewelry making skills, or partner with skilled artisans

·         Focus on growing your business, not just making every bracelet

·         Promote smartly on social media and sell online + in person

Wrapping Up – How to Start a Permanent Bracelet Business

Do all that, and you’ll be well on your way to bracelet business success! It won’t be easy, but taking a creative approach will help you stand out.

So grab some fun beads, think up a sassy brand name, and start stringing together your jewelry empire! Those bracelets aren’t gonna bling themselves.