Business Ideas for Students in Bangladesh- 10 Amazing ideas

Business Ideas for Students in Bangladesh

Everyone is looking for an easy-to-approach business idea to keep them financially stable. If you are also one of them, then, luckily, you have approached the best business ideas for students in Bangladesh. Your search has finally ended; you can look at these fantastic ideas in detail.

Business Ideas for Students in Bangladesh

Job opportunities in Bangladesh are limited and highly challenging. Small and part-time businesses are the best to run in Bangladesh as a student. This extra cash will help you build your more extensive empire and a more robust business in the future. You may also excel in the same field and accumulate experience. 

Fish Farming and Fishing Business

Fish farming is the primary business of the people of Bangladesh. This business is profitable to people in this business because of two reasons. 

  • Fish is the regular meal of the people of Bangladesh.
  • It is a riverine country having about 230 rivers and quick access to the sea.

The fish farming CPR value, calculated by a Bangladesh team in 2021, is 1:0.56 Tk. The aquaculture team has a percentage of about 3.60 in the national GDP. The profit from the business depends on your management skill and hard work. You can earn about a million dollars annually.

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The indoor setting is cheaper as compared to an outdoor setting. The requirements for fish farming include tanks, water aerators, fish food, and capital.

Business Ideas for Students in Bangladesh

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Photography in the Beautiful Places of Bangladesh 

Bangladesh is a beautiful country. Moreover, its culture, ideology, living style, places, and traditions have not been exposed yet. You can take advantage of that by applying to the field of photography, whose profit is about 10% of gross revenue.

Photography is simple and handy. If you have the skills and requirements fulfilled for photography, you will have your little business settled in no time. 

Photography is in demand nowadays. You may apply for newspaper photography, personal assistant for someone, open up a business in your name, or upload photos online for fame and money. 

Photography is a simple skill. Even an ignorant person can excel in this field. If you have any issues, you may do an online course, watch introductory videos for rudimentary skills, or read step by step guide for your convenience.

Working as a Tourist Guide 

Tourist season in Bangladesh is at its peak throughout the year. You can work part-time as a tourist guide for foreigners and earn cash. The estimated revenue for Bangladesh’s tourism industry is 218 USD mn. The requirements for this job are simple. You just need detailed information about the places that tourists can visit.

Artificial Tree and Flower Making

Artificial tree and flower making is a skill known and used by only a handful of people. So, why not start such a business whose global market revenue is about USD 20.175 billion? For such a low-scale business, you need a separate workplace, material costs, supplies needed for making products (depending on your order), and pure skill. 

Bee Farming Business

Bee farming can be easily done in Bangladesh on purely natural sites. Pure honey is always in demand. Pure wax and honey sales have a global revenue of about $435 million, with a setup of about 7000 – 7500 Tk per hive if you have your land. On seeing a post or banner about pure honey, your customers will surely line up for their turn. 

Pest Control Service

Bangladesh is an agricultural country. Pest problems are always a significant issue in such areas. You can work part-time in a pest control company. No specific skills are imperious for such a job. Only a little training and backing up about job services must be done by beginners, mainly provided by the pest company. However, for such a trivial job, the market revenue of pest control services is about USD 19.73 billion.

Selling Handmade Products

Bangladesh is a country famous for its unique and appealing handicrafts. If you are a skilled knitter and can do embroidery, crochet designs, or any other art form, you can earn money while staying at home with minimum costs. 

You can make a page on different social media accounts and sell your goods online at your price. You can set your own cost and sell a variety of products.

Seafood Restaurant and Delivery Service

You can start a small restaurant business in your own house if you are a good cook and have enough space. Most restaurants work at night. So as a student, it would not be against your hectic routine to run a little cooking business in the afternoon. 

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Moreover, you may also provide delivery services to your customers and earn money. You can prize tag your foods according to your benefit and earn huge profits.

The advantage of such a business is that locals and tourists are ready to be your customers, increasing the demand for your products.

Working with a Ship Building Company

Locals require ships and boats for traveling and transporting via the water channels. Shipbuilding is exciting if you have the required skill and interests for such a job. With 12,750 crore BDT as the average annual turnover, shipbuilding requires knowledge about construction plans, various maritime construction equipment, and safety precautions.

Using Social Media Platforms Such as YouTube

You can use social media to your advantage and earn money using simple tacts. The most elementary way is to make an account on YouTube, TikTok, or any other platform that offers you money. 

Then you have to make your account eligible for monetization by increasing your engaging abilities, number of views, likes, and subscribers per month. The quality of your content matters a lot in that case. 

For example, if you want to earn on Youtube, you must first make your account. Secondly, you have to amass the required number of subscribers. Namely, 1000 plus at least 4000 watch hours. At this rate, YouTube will attach Ads to your videos which will make you earn money. 

For each 1 million views, you will get about $2000 to $3000. You will also earn revenue from your Watch Page and Short Feed advertisements.

Concluding Thoughts 

Earning as a student might seem tiring, but if you are passionate enough about a job that you can handle, it will set you up for future accomplishments. You will want to try these fantastic business ideas and earn money. You may message us via the comment section if there is any issue. ThankYou!