All-Inclusive Costs – How Much Does It Cost To Start A Cerakote Business

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Cerakote Business

So you want to know how much does it cost to start a cerakote business? Cerakote is hot right now in the world of custom finishes.

But before you dive in guns blazing, let’s discuss what it really takes to get a Cerakote biz up and running.

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Cerakote Business

First up – what is Cerakote? For the uninitiated, Cerakote is a ceramic-based thin film coating that can be applied to metals, plastics, polymers, etc. It’s most commonly used for firearms and car/motorcycle components.

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Cerakote Business

Cerakote creates a durable, corrosion-resistant and customizable colored finish.

In other words, it pimps rides and guns out to the max!

But Cerakote can be used way beyond just firearms and vehicles. People use it for anything from tools and sporting equipment to art pieces and even jewelry. Point is – the possibilities are endless, which is great news for your business!

Now that we’re clear on what Cerakote is, let’s get into the gnitty gritty of costs. Starting a legit Cerakote biz from scratch ain’t cheap, we’ll be real with you.

The Main Startup Cost

Here are the main startup costs you’ll likely have:

1.       Cerakote Training: $800-$1500

Before you can even buy Cerakote supplies to run on finding that how much does it cost to start a cerakote business, you need to complete their accredited training program. It covers the entire Cerakote application process and different product lines. They have online and in-person classes.

2.       Spray Equipment: $3000-$6000

A good HVLP spray gun setup is crucial for applying Cerakote properly. You’ll also need protective gear and filters. Quality adds up quick.

3.       Laser Engraver: $500-$2000

Optional, but useful for personalizing Cerakote projects with designs, logos or text. You can lease options too.

4.       Spray Booth/Oven: $1500-$3000

Another big startup cost. You need an exhaust booth for spraying, and an oven for curing projects. Industrial is ideal for durability.

5.       Shop Build-Out: $1000-$5000

To operate legally, you’ll likely need an approved commercial workspace. Costs vary wildly based on size, location, electrical, etc.

6.       Cerakote Supplies: $1000-$2000

With training done, stock up on Cerakote coatings, cleaners, sealers and other essential application supplies. Buying in bulk saves. Do also read how to scale your clothing business.

7.       Misc. Equipment: $500-$2000

Sandblasters, grinders, degreasers, personal protective equipment – the misc. costs add up. Shop used marketplaces for deals.

8.       Licensing & Insurance: $500-$2000

Another unavoidable expense. Get business licenses, liability insurance, workers’ comp if hiring, etc. Don’t cut corners here!

9.       Operating Capital: $3000-$5000

And of course, you’ll need working capital to keep things running before profit rolls in. Estimate minimum 3 months of operating costs.

Potential Cost

There are definitely other potential startup costs to know how much does it cost to start a cerakote business, but those cover the major items. All said and done, expect to invest around $15,000-$25,000 launching a Cerakote business from absolute scratch.

But there are ways to slash those costs! Here are tips for a lean startup:

·         Train under an existing Cerakote shop first. Pick up knowledge without the course costs.

·         Buy used equipment whenever possible. Scour Facebook Marketplace and auctions.

·         Start as a mobile service with lower equipment needs, operating out of client shops.

·         Look into coatings alternatives like Duracoat to test the market first.

·         Opt for less expensive lease/rent options on big purchases instead of buying outright.

·         Invest in the bare minimum supplies you need and expand as demand grows.

·         Join forces with another shop or business to share resources and space.

·         Consider at-home operation if your area allows – saves commercial build-out costs.

·         Only work part-time at first to test the market while keeping your day job or other business.

See what we mean? With smart strategic moves, you can get a basic Cerakote setup running for well under $10,000. Maybe even as low as $5k.

That’s bootstrap territory for many entrepreneurs. Reduce your risk while you learn the ropes and build a customer base.

Operating costs are another beast entirely. Even with a lean startup to know how much does it cost to start a cerakote business, you’ll have ongoing monthly expenses:

Rent: $500-$2000

Again depends wildly on location, shop size, if you own the commercial space, etc.

Utilities: $200-$800

Powering ovens, lights, spray equipment – it adds up quick!

Cerakote Supplies: $500-$2000 

General coatings plus project-specific colors. Bulk buying saves big time.

Insurance: $100-$500

Premiums for business & liability insurance. Shop around for best rates.

Marketing: $100-$500

Once open, consistency promote yourself via website, social, ads, word-of-mouth.

Labor: $2000+

If hiring staff, wages add up fast. Keep solo as long as possible.

Facility Maintenance: $100-$500

Garbage, cleaning services, towel laundry, repairs – it never ends! Do also read How to start a business in singapore with no capital How to Start a Business in Singapore with No Capital 2023-

That’s around $3500-$6000 in average monthly operating costs. It pays to run lean until your revenue can support higher expenses and employees. Slow and steady!

Let’s recap:

·         Startup costs: $15,000-$25,000

·         Monthly expenses: $3500-$6000

So that ballparks the average investment to launch a Cerakote business and cover ongoing operations.

Paint Job

But here’s the exciting part…

A full “deluxe” Cerakote paint job on a firearm can cost up to $1000. Even basic jobs start around $200. Plus there’s huge profit margins since material cost is low.

Bill just a few full projects a week, and your startup investment could pay off in a matter of months!

Then it’s just a matter of scaling up your marketing and capacity. Hire staff for more projects. Expand your service offerings. Grow the client base. Profit, baby!

So as you can see, Cerakote has huge earnings potential once your business gets rolling.

Wrapping Up – How Much Does It Cost to Start a Cerakote Business

The startup costs may seem big, but with the right strategic moves, you can get under way at a very reasonable price.

And the long term profits will make that initial investment seem tiny!

Now get yourself that Cerakote spray gun so you can get to work pimping some rides. This awesome finish ain’t gonna apply itself!