Andrei Jikh Net Worth 2023- Famous investigator and influencer

Andrei Jikh Net Worth

Andrei Jikj is a successful entrepreneur, social media influencer, and a very famous investigator with a large net worth value.

Jikh is famous for inspiring thousands of people with his financial guide and for living an extraordinary life that depicts how success can be achieved. Andrei Jikh Net Worth is approximately calculated as $5 million to $6 million as of 2023.

Andrei Jikh Net Worth

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Andrei Jikh is a popular expert who gives information on finance and investing and also offers private consulting services. He runs a pretty famous YouTube Channel.

He has made himself a successful YouTuber and a valued investing coach who offers helpful details in the world of finance. 

In order to educate and motivate people on their financial journeys, Andrei shares his professional and personal experiences on social media, where he has a large audience that keeps increasing every day.

Don’t miss the chance to get information from an established expert in finance and investment.

Andrei Jikh Net Worth:

Andrei Jikh, a famous YouTuber, entrepreneur, investor, and popular social media influencer, has a total Net Worth of $5-6 Million

His net worth is a big result of all his savings, assets, and of course, His YouTube Channel, which can also be counted as his primary source of income. 

Andrei Jikh’s Career:

Jikh, an American YouTuber, video producer, social media star, entrepreneur, and investor, has had a successful career. In 2009, he first posted recordings of his magic acts and tutorials on his YouTube channel.

Andrei Jikh Net Worth

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He gradually expanded his content to vlogs, investing, and personal finance videos, and as a result, he rose to popularity in the online finance world. He is famous for producing entertaining and educational videos that teaches viewers about personal finance, investment, and wealth creation.

He made himself an important influencer in the personal finance and investing world with 2.21 million YouTube subscribers. 

He also has collaborated on partnerships and sponsorships with various brands and businesses, including Public, Webull, NordVPN, Audible, Skillshare, and Blue Apron.

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Andrei Popular YouTube Videos:

The video “Now You See Me VS REAL LIFE (CARD SCENE RECREATED),” which was posted on 01.04.2019 and has already received over 26,192,000 views, is currently his most popular. From YouTube AdSense alone, these views on YouTube would be worth an estimated $471,456.

His “7 Passive Income Ideas – How I Earn $700 A Day!” video, which has received over 3,103,000 views since it was posted on November 5, 2019, and his How To Invest For Teenagers” video, which has received over 2,629,000 views since it was posted on July 25, 2020, are two of his other well-liked films.

Andrei Jikh’s Investments:


Jikh mostly trades stocks via WeBull and Robinhood. He has $368,000 worth of assets on Robinhood, and in March 2021, he earned $1,000 in dividend payments alone, shattering the previous record for his personal passive income of four figures. Dividends have great power! He enjoys purchasing stocks at a discount when the market is down and building his financial position when the market is up. Andrei has $18,500 invested in WeBull.


Andrei has developed a passion for cryptocurrencies and has profited greatly from the bull market. In his Binance account, he has 8.7 Bitcoin, 90 Ether, and 2592 Cardano. He also has a Coinbase Pro account, where he holds $50,000 in cash that he converts daily at a cost average of around $1,000 into Bitcoin.


He unexpectedly decided to purchase a home, forking up $735,000 in cash. Unlike his pals, Andrei isn’t a serious real estate investor. Introducing Graham and Kevin Stephan. Converting cash into something that will retain its worth is a smart option because cash has a tendency to depreciate over time. Additionally, he has about $28,000 invested in Fundrise, an app for “digital real estate” investing. The outcomes thus far on auto mode have been disappointing; therefore, it’s still unclear whether investing in Fundrise is beneficial.


In contrast to when he started YouTube, he now keeps much more money after taxes and prospective investment options. Normally, he invests 95% of his income. There is $1,443,000 in cash on Andrei’s person. Andrei Jikh’s net worth is $3.5 million, which he has accumulated through a combination of equities, cryptocurrencies, real estate, and cash.

Who is Andrei Jikh?:

Andrei Jikh’s Brief Background:

The American YouTuber Andrei was born on January 4th, 1989, in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is 34 years old right now. Andrei Jikh is his legal name; he has no nicknames.

Andrei appreciates the time he gets to spend with his family and loves being with them. He might eventually reveal information about his family to the public. But he wants to protect his family from attention and wants them to lead a normal regular life. 

Andrei Jikh’s earnings in a year:

Per Year$788,400
Per Month$64,800
Per Week$15,120
Per Day$2,160
Per Hour$90

Andrei Jikh’s Personal Life:

Real Name:Andrei Jikh
Age:34 years old
Date of birth:04 January 2989
Birth PlaceUSSR
Zodiac SignCapricorn
EducationDegree in Business Administration and Management
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:Dating
GirlfriendCorrie O
Profession:Financial Advisor, YouTuber, Entrepreneur, and Social Media Influencer
Andrei Jikh’s Net Worth:5-6 Million Dollars

Andrei Jikh’s Girlfriend:

Once being asked what he does for fun, Andrei laughed, saying, “Fun? I don’t enjoy myself. I am not living. Work is all I do. That plus, believe it or not, spending time with his girlfriend Corey, whom he met on Tinder.

Andrei Jikh Net Worth

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Andrei is dating Corrie O, but he is not married or engaged. His former dates have all been verified and fact-checked. He separates his personal and professional lives and is currently concentrating on his job and his relationship’s upkeep.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q – Who is Andrei Kikh’s Girlfriend?

Andrei Kikh’s girlfriend’s name is Corrie O.

Q – Does Andrei Kikh invest in cryptocurrency as well?

Yes, cryptocurrency is included in the list of Andrei Kikh’s investments.

Wrapping it Up!:

The wealthy YouTuber Andrei Jikh, who specializes in finance, proves that you can make a lot of money doing what you love while doing it successfully.

It’s reasonable to say that Andrei Jikh’s net worth of $5-6 Million is just the beginning. We ought to expect much more from this online businessperson.