Amiri King Net Worth 2023 – Best youtube Comedian

Amiri King Net worth

Are you wondering how much Amiri King, the YouTuber, is worth in 2023? You will not be surprised to know that Amiri King net worth is about $250,000. 

But what’s the full story of Amiri King’s success, life, net worth, biography, and more? If you are wondering the same thing, this article is the best for you!

Amiri King Net Worth 2023

Amiri King started his career as a social media influencer around 2007. Since then, he has been able to collect and entertain 877K subscribers on his youtube channel. 

With the fastest 219+ million views, he is known as a comedian, comedy content writer, and RoyalMediaMafia by his followers. Due to his popular work on youtube and related side jobs, he has achieved a net worth of $250,000.

Amiri King NetWorth$250,000
Monthly income from YouTube$48-$768
Yearly income from YouTube $576-$9.2K
Profession Youtube comedian, multitasker 
Instagram account@officialamiriking@THEKINGHASSPOKEN
Twitter account@AmiriKing
YouTube ChannelAmiri KingRoyalMediaMafia(suspended)
Facebook account@YouAreVeryUgly
Snapchat account@AmiriKing

Amiri King Biography

Here are Amiri King’s personal details that might interest you.

Name Amiri King
Real nameTony Donovan Schorkle
BirthplaceLouisville, Kentucky, USA.
Date of birth10th July 1979
Age 44 years
Height 1.90 m
Marital statusMarried 
Wife Sara Ruminski
Children 3 (Kennedy King, Marcy King, and Tilly King)
Mother Sharon Brown Colvin 
Nationality American 
Religion Christian 
Sun sign Cancer 
Hair color Light brown
Eye color Light brown
Weight 80 kg
Tattoos Wrist tattoo, neck tattoo, left lower arm tattoo, fingers tattoo, and right lower arm tattoo.

Amiri King’s Houses and Cars

Amiri King Net Worth

The current information about Amiri King’s financial status and assets states that he has a house in Nicholasville, Kentucky, worth $285,000. The 5129 square foot house has six big bedrooms, five luxurious bathrooms, and a lavish backyard swimming pool. His cars include:

  • 1963 Coupe Deville for $12,395
  • 77 Caprice for $18,990
  • Silverado by Chevrolet
  • Mercedez-Benz 
  • Cadillac
Amiri King Net Worth

Amiri King Early Life

Amiri King has led a hard and tiring life since childhood. His father used to fight and beat him up as a child. Once, he ran away from home after such a fight at age 11 and remained on the street for days. He also spent days at the Home for Lost Boys. Besides that, his mother brought him up as a single parent and faced many difficulties. 

During his teenage years, he tried armed robbery but was caught by the police and imprisoned for years. After coming out, he decided to lead his life differently and be successful. He has left his criminal life for a better one with his wife, Sara Ruminski.

Amiri King Career Start

Amiri King was born Tony Donovan Schorkle, but he changed his name to Amiri King at eighteen because he did not favor his name.

 He named it after his favorite poets, Countee Cullen, and Amiri Baraka. In the 2000s, he was fascinated and inspired by YouTube videos, funny compilations, interesting playlists, uproarious parodies, and more.

 He found in himself a sharp skill and hidden talent for such type and made a Youtube channel RoyalMediaMafia which attracted a lot of audience. 

Seemingly due to bad luck, his booming career suddenly ran off course when his channel, which had more than 150 followers, got suspended. He got a bit disheartened and tried something else for his profession. 

Around 2012, he was again inspired to make a new YouTube account by his own name Amiri King. His fame rose to a startling peak after the release of his videos Chevy Silverado Parody and Chevy Silverado Parody 2, which got more than 5 million views. 

His best-known series, ‘ My Vlog is Better Than Yours, ’ made him famous and rich. His little side jokes, hysterical sarcasm, and side-splitting skits are the best you want to watch. 

He also talked about his experience in jail and his views about law and justice by speaking up at different high schools and videos. He supports youngsters and motivates them as well for their prosperity and success.

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Amiri King’s Sources of Income

Amiri King has been a successful Youtuber since 2007, and he has made many comic videos, videos of cars, parodies, and his personal life that his fans love.

 His main source of income is from the Youtube channel Amiri King where he gets thousands of views and likes per video. He makes his Vlogs and runs his own Blog.

Other than that, he also writes funny material for comedians and earns money. He is also a motivational speaker for youngsters and does his job with skill and hard work.

 People can also book Amiri King for any event, and he never disappoints them! He also worked as a con man. He has acted in several films as well.

Moreover, he sells artwork and gets money from art galleries for his amazing artistic talent. Besides being a multitasker, his major focus is on his YouTube channel, which has more than 280K followers and gives him a monthly income of $48-$768. His great net worth is due to the channel Amiri King.


Hence, we can conclude that Amiri King has got his present status and fame from his original hard work and skill. He led a hard life and made hard choices, but he recognized and used his talent well. 

Now Amiri King Net Worth is about $250,000, and many chances of growth and success reside with it. He has no regrets, his life is settled, and his career is blooming yearly.

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