Chrisean Rock Net Worth 2023 – Outstanding Model and Influencer

Chrisean rock net worth

Do you know who Chrisean Rock is? You certainly have heard about Chrisean Rock if you are fond of rap or modeling.

Chrisean Rock  combines many talents, and she is undoubtedly a master in music history. But that’s not enough to know, right?

Chrisean Rock Net worth is approximately calculated around $2 million.

In this article, we will study Chrisean Rock  net worth, her profession, biography, career, and every detail you seek.

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Who is Chrisean Rock ?

Chrisean Rock is an American model, singer, and vlogger who built up a net worth of $2 million at a very young age. Her influence on social media has earned her millions of fanbase on Instagram and Twitter.

As an established model, Chrisean Rock appeared in several music videos. With her catchy tunes Chrisean has established a firm foothold in the music scene with songs like “Lonely” Her family background was very tough, and Chrisean has struggled hard in this environment to strive for a better life.

Chrisean Rock Net worth:

Chrisean Rock Net Worth$6 Million
Monthly Salary$300,000
Annual Salary$25,000

Chrisean Rock Early Life:

The stage name of Chrisean Rock is Chrisean Malone. She was born on March 14, 2000, in Baltimore, Maryland. Regarding his education, she graduated from a local school in her community.

Later, she went to Santa Monica College in 2018 and graduated with a Kinesiology and Exercise Science degree. She is one of the top track runners in the conference. Side by side, she was also a field star of Santa Monica College.

Chrisean Rock Net Worth


It is reported that Chrisean had a tough family background. She lived in a single-bed apartment, and sometimes, she became homeless.

Chrisean Rock’s father is Eugene Arthur Malone, and her mother’s name is Charla. Some reports show that Chrisean’s parents are separated now. 

After her father was imprisoned, she never met her dad until she was seven. On the other side, her mother became a drug addict, and raising her children was difficult. 

Chrisean often became a victim of abuse at his home. Things changed when Chrisean Rock became homeless at 9, and then she started living with friends often. 

Childhood adolescence.

In some interviews, Chrisean Rock revealed that his family choked her up.

In her childhood, she was beaten up very much and ordered to remain sober by his family. Despite this, she still loves her family, and often posts pictures with them.

She grew up in a family with a dozen siblings with one parent, but their names are unknown.

Chrisean Rock career:

During the difficult times of her life, Chrisean Rock’s friend’s support in college kept going. Her talent as a track star was seen in her school as she was an impressive college athlete.

Moreover, she also managed to parlay her athletic skills into an appearance on Fox’s game show called Ultimate Tag. From that show she earned around $10 in cash prize. 

At that time after earning a reputation in showbiz, chrisean thought that to make a name for herself is either now or never.

Blue Girls Club member:

In 2020, Chrisean Rock became a member of Blueface Blue Club Girl. Who was Blueface? BlueFace was a famous rapper who promoted the reality series Blueface Ble club girl on social media.

While working with Blueface, Chrisean Rock fell in love with him and decided to marry him. She was indeed the first signed-up artist for Blueface blue club girl.

Chrisean Rock net worth


Chrisean rose to actual fame when he started dating Blueface.Both became notorious for dating on the streets and for their videos.

Musical career:

Chrisean had a passion for music from a young age, and she started pursuing her passion from a Blueface club girl. During the Blueface series, she sang different tracks as well.

Despite this, Chrisean continued her work and earned fame in the music industry by releasing several songs, including “Vibe,” “Word to My Brother,” “Lonely,” and many more.

Sone of her musical career highlights are as follows:

  • Song ‘Lonely’ released in 2020
  • ”Word to my brother” in 2021
  • ”Vibe” in 2022
  • ”Keep swimming ” in 2022

Besides youtube, Chrisean has almost 144,619 monthly listeners on spotify as well.

Career as a Social media influencer:

Chrisean Rock started her career by creating a youtube channel in early 2018. She did not know this would be a turning point in her life. 

Initially, she uploaded some makeup tutorials and videos of her athletic ability. 

 Later on, she used to upload videos of her lifestyle and music. Eventually, her youtube videos started getting good views and responses from her fans. Nowadays, she is getting millions of views on her videos.

Chrisean’s most viewed video was the video of her famous song ”Vibe” that she uploaded in 2022. This song got more than 7 million views in six months.

Isn’t this mind blowing??

She launched her Instagram account on December 15, 2015 named @chriseanrock.

Modeling Career:

Besides music, Chrisean had a keen interest in modeling from her teenage years. So she started to pursue a career in modeling when she was teenage.

She has worked with different clothing and cosmetics companies as a model. Mostly she uploaded her incredible photographs of modeling on Instagram. 

Her immense success in the music industry helped her to get attention on social media for her modeling.

Chrisean Rock net worth

source:XXL Mag

Sources of Income:

Let’s talk about Chrisean Rock’s wealth and earnings. 

Social media earnings:

The main source of Chrisean Rock Net worth is her social media presence as a vlogger. Her youtube channel has around 100k subscribers and 3 million followers on Instagram.

She is earning good revenue from youtube ads and other platforms. Chrisean Rock net worth is the combination of all her assets and earnings from social media platforms.


The other advantage of her social media presence was brand sponsorships. Brands approach her for their product branding and sponsorships. Chrisean is earning good revenue from brands endorsements as well.

Musical and modeling career:

Moreover, being a music star and model, She earns from her songs and dances. She got a good profit margin due to her husband, Blueface, as he was a famous rapper with a huge fanbase.

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Chrisean Controversies:

Chrisean and Blue Face had been dating for a long time, and they used to fight on and off. One day in August 2022, the couple had a physical fight, and somebody recorded that video, which became viral on video.

Another case was when Chrisean notoriously stole Blueface’s Mercedes G- Wagon for driving back to her hometown. On her way to Baltimore, she was injured during an arrest by police in Oklahoma.

In short, this couple has entered one again, one scandal after another. Whether it was stealing Blueface G-Wagon, a physical altercation with relatives, or getting into fights with one another in the streets.

Crazy In love:

Despite these fights and scandals, Chrisean was madly in love with Blueface. The couple has always found a way to get back together.

On October 9, 2022, the Zesus network released a trailer for an upcoming reality show, “Crazy in Love,” starring Chrisean Rock and Blueface. 

Later, Chrisean reshared this trailer with the caption, “It’s us against the world.” His partner Blueface reshared that post, too, and wrote,” Til death do us part “ by mentioning Chrisean Rock.

Chrisean Rock Tooth:

You have probably noticed that Chrisean Rock has a missing tooth. It raises the question of what happened to her tooth.

As discussed, Blueface was a famous rapper with a separate fanbase. Stepping back into covid 19 days, Rapper Blueface took advantage of this, and he was standing with many women in the street. 

His fans created videos with him and posted them on Instagram. Eventually, after seeing the video, Chrisean Rock burst up in anger and got into a physical altercation with Jaidyn Alexis, an ex-girlfriend of Blueface. 

Chrisean Rock net worth

Source: complex

She lost her tooth during her fight with that girl. Interestingly, Blueface offered money to fix her tooth, but she has yet to get around. Instead, she got a tattoo on her tooth filling.

Chrisean Rock  Biography:

Celebrated Name Chrisean Rock
Chrisean Rock Net worth2 million dollars
Age23 years
Sexual orientation Straight
Hair ColorLight Brown
Real nameChrisean Malone
Marital  StatusMarried
Birth DateMarch 14, 2000
Birth PlaceBaltimore, Maryland 
ProfessionInfluencer, model, music star
Eye colorBrown 
Weight57 kg
Zodiac signPisces
Height5 feet 4 inches

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Tattoo say about Chrisean Rock’s body?

Criesean Rock has two tattoos over her neck. As reported, these tattoos were made on each abortion she had from her partner Blueface.

How did Chrisean Rock miss her tooth?

Chrisean Rock’s tooth was knocked out at the Blueface fan show, “Blue Girls Club.” But later on, she filled that tooth gap with a Blue Face tattoo.

What products does she promote on Instagram?

As discussed, Chrisean Rock  is an Instagram star, and she promotes swimwear and streetwear brands on Instagram.

How many siblings Chrisean Rock  has, and where do they live?

Chrisean Rock  Has eleven siblings. All of them were raised in Baltimore.

How young was Crisean when she became a star?

Chrisean Rock was just 22 years old when she got famous.


Chrisean Rock  Net worth of $2 million is the result of her extraordinary talent and diligence. Her net worth is continuously increasing as she creates music and influences her social media fans.

 Indeed, Chrisean Rock is an inspiration for many aspiring artists. Chrisean Rock net worth not only collaborated to her financial growth as well as a significant boost in her career as well.

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