Alicia Garza Net Worth 2023 – Amazing Activist and Writer

Alicia Garza Net Worth

Alicia Garza Net Worth and rapid growth are largely due to her untiring efforts and strong motives. While Alicia Garza Net Worth is just about $4-$5 million, she is still one of the richest activists in California.

Besides being the co-founder of the Black Lives Matter Network Foundation, she has other major sources of income, such as being a writer. 

If you want to know all about Alicia Garza Net Worth, sources of income, activism, personal life, and biography, you can just scroll down and find what you need!

Alicia Garza Net Worth
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Alicia Garza’s Background and Career

Alicia Garza is a 42 years old woman born on 4 January 1981 in Los Angeles, California, United States of America. She was brought up by her single black African-American mother in San Rafael, who later married a white Jewish man. They started an antique business in Tiburon.

Alicia Garza’s leaning views toward social activism and justice advocacy are apparent from her early life. She educated her middle and high school classmates about reproductive health and contraceptives. 

Her skill in gaining an audience and making her viewpoints heard is a major advantage to her success. In addition, her bachelor’s degree from the University of California, San Diego, in Anthropology and Sociology, has served a major role in easing her strenuous work.

Alicia Garza came into the limelight when she raised her voice against the people killing black, such as Michael Brown and Trayvon, without sound reason. 

Her views and quotes for justice became viral then. Her writing style and themes generally refer to her activism activities and greatly impact her readers. 

She writes for many newspapers, participates in campaigns and talk shows, guides projects, and heads many societies. She co-founded the Black Lives Matter movement and directs the National Domestic Workers Alliance projects.

Alicia Garza Net Worth

How Much is Alicia Garza Net Worth?

Alicia Garza’s financial status as of 2023 is not yet largely disclosed. Yet we have come to know that her net worth is about $5 million. Net worth means a person’s assets minus his liabilities.

 Alicia Garza  Net worth depends on the sale of her novels, her participation in newspaper articles, talk shows, and political activism. Let’s discover Alicia Garza’s earnings and assets.

Alicia garza Net Worth 2023$5 million
Net Worth GrowthAbout $0.1 million every year
Monthly income+$3 million
Yearly income4.5 crore
Profession Writer and activism
Last update2023

Sources of Income and Notable Performances of Alicia Garza

  • She co-founded the Black Lives Matter movement with her companions Opal Tometi and Patrisse Cullors. The BLM campaigns and speaks against racial injustice, brutality against black, and other processions. The BLM has raised assets of about $42 million. Many people fund transfer to it. BLM spends that money on granting black in poor conditions.
  • She is the founder of Black Future Lab, which focuses on polishing black people’s political skills and position in society.
  • She writes for the Guardian, Times, Feminist Wire, Huffpost, Truthwire, and more.
  • In June 2021, she became the speaker of UC San Diego’s Commencement Ceremonies.
  • She chairpersoned the Right to the City Alliance in 2011.
  • She started working with the UC Student Association in 2005 to promote activism among university students.
  • She became a part of a multilingual association against racism called POWER. 
  • She also used to work for the association Just Cause Oakland.
  • She has a history of making speeches on different occasions. People hire her in universities, campaigns, talk shows, or other platforms because of her extraordinary talent and sharpened skill. 

Awards of Alicia Garza

Alicia Garza has received many awards and honors because of her political activism and social justice advocacy.

  • Local Hero Award 
  • Bayard Rustin Community Activist Award (two times)
  • Sydney Peace Prize
  • Glamour’s Women of the Year Award
  • Adweek Beacon Award, and much more

Writing Works of Alicia Garza

Alicia has written books on the theme of black people’s status and uplifting it equal to others’. Her plots have obtained her style from activism and raising her voice for others. Her first book is The Purpose of Power: How We Come Together When We Fall Apart. 

She has also made an audio book named Lady Don’t Take No. Her readers find great support in her writings and works. She has also written for many newspapers and channels. Her main articles and commentary include:

  • Our Cynicism Will Not Build A Movement. Collaboration Will. (Mic)
  • Trump: 100 Days That Shook The World – And The Activists Fighting Back (The Guardian)
  • All Politics is Identity Politics: Reckoning With Racial Justice in the Trump Era (Vox) 

Criticism on Black Lives Matter

In recent years, it has been blamed upon the Black Lives Matter activists that the funded money is misused. Recent activities such as buying a $6 million House, high net worth, and lack of transparency are major issues. 

These accusations have raised many questions among the followers and led to Alicia’s critical decision to resign as the league’s executive director. Yet all these blames might just be rumors or tricks of the opponents.

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Alicia Garza’s Personal Biography

Alicia makes it a number one priority to keep her personal life from getting out. Yet we can provide as much information as possible.

Name Alicia Garza
Maiden nameAlicia Schwartz
Gender Female 
Date of birth4 January 1981
Age 42
Birth CityCalifornia, USA
Height 5’7’’
Weight 57 kg
Race Multiracial 
Hair colorBlack 
Eye colorBlack  
Shoe size7 (US)
Partner Malachi Garza (transgender)Married: 2008
Children None 
Siblings Joey 
Profile Twitter, Facebook and Instagram


Jumping on to the conclusion after a detailed survey of Alicia Garza Net Worth and activism, we can say that she is a revolutionary figure. She has concentrated on stimulating and invoking people to justice and other reforms. 

Her audience, fans, and general public’s support and the sale of her books is a major source of her income. She has dedicated her life to uplifting black people in society and guaranteeing justice to the weak. 

Probably her large assets and fame play a helping hand in supporting her social work. She will probably work all her life for the oppressed, but she will have her supporters to uphold her forever. Is she the Martin Luther of the 21st century?