Amanda Tress Net Worth 2023 – Great Founder of weight loss Agency

Amanda Tress Net Worth

Do you know Amanda Tress? People who struggle to lose weight know her really well. Amanda Tress’s ‘Faster Way to Fat loss.’ is something much popular among people who are trying to shed some extra pounds. She has helped many people strive for good health and wellness. Sounds Interesting right?

But how much is Amanda earning through her digital marketing agency? What is Amanda Tress Net Worth?

This article will tell you everything about Amanda Tress regarding her career, bio, lifestyle, and more. 

So without further ado, let’s start.

Amanda Tress Net Worth:

Amanda Tress Net Worth 2023$20 Million
Net worth 2022$12 million
Net Worth 2021$8 million
Net Worth 2020$4 million

Amanda Tress is the fitness expert and author of the world’s most popular program, ‘’Faster Way To Fat Loss’’.

 She teaches how to lose weight fast and make it sustainable. Her success in this field has made her wealthy.

As calculated, Amanda Tress Net Worth is amassed by $20 million in 2023. She is also a certified coach in nutrition.

Amanda Tress Net Worth

Amanda Tress’s wealth results from her successful professional career in health coaching. She is always proud of her accomplishments and looks for ways to grow her business.

  • Yearly Income – $950k
  • Monthly Income – $79k
  • Daily Income – $2600

Amanda Tress Early Life:

Tress was born on October 10, 1981. She belonged to a rich family, and her parents were successful in their careers. Her father is a real estate developer, and her mother is a marketing executive.

Amanda and her two elder sisters were raised in an upper-middle-class family. She graduated from Cedarville University and pursued a master’s in education.

Health Issues:

Amanda has been struggling hard with her health issues from a very young age. As a teenager, she had blood sugar problems and was on blood pressure medication.

Although these health issues were genetic most of her family members had the same issues. Both Amanda and her sister were very fat and overweight.

Because of living in a rich family, Amanda lacked physical activities with unhealthy eating habits. 

She took the initiative to become slim and healthy one day.

Amanda Tress Professional career:

When Amanda was overweight and obese, she initially researched weight loss while attending college. She started some refined diets, did sports, and worked out to improve her metabolism.

She kept sticking to her tough diet plans and finally got some significant health improvement. After getting recovered, she decided that she would help out people to overcome their extra fat and weight loss.

Digital Marketing Career:

After graduating from college, as a side hustle, she started working as a private fitness trainer along with a day job in digital marketing.

As a digital marketing agency owner and web specialist, she used Facebook and built her personal identity and professional brand image.

According to CDC, 40% of American adults are suffering from obesity. These people are prolonged to diabetes, and heart diseases, which Are treated very costly.

Amanda Tress Net worth

This was Amanda’s thought, and then she launched a digital marketing agency for female entrepreneurs in the health industry.

The purpose of this agency was to generate leads and grow your sales and business. She was successful in giving a” faster way to fat loss”.

Faster Way to Fat Loss:

This program was developed by carb cycling and fasting for six weeks to lose fat. Through this, Amanda figured out how to break the client’s plateaus with the correct food cycle after ten years. That is the reason her clients got instant results.

Amanda Training Plan:

Amanda’s training plan is for six months. Her clients have experienced weight loss, better sleep, more energy, and a better life in six weeks. Thousands of people are taking part in this training plan to make their lives the best lives full of health and fitness.

Amanda Micro influencer Strategy:

Amanda Tress’s Faster Way to fat loss business has increased from $1 million in revenue to $65 million. How did she achieve this revenue?

This was based on a strategy that she named the micro-influencer strategy. Unless other bloggers, Amanda adopted a unique strategy.

She explained how micro-influencers are important for marketers today.

As businesses or entrepreneurs approach micro-influencers having over 1 million followers. Amanda’s clients had loyal fans. This fanbase helped her to grow their business from $1 million to $65 in just two years. That sounds like a perfect strategy.

Marketing Strategy:

The main factor in Amanda’s brand development was to stop the hot selfie strategy. But it focused on customers showing results.

Her best strategy was to turn her clients into celebrities and make them interested in participating. Around sixty thousand people have enrolled in this program for three years.

Amanda Tress Biography:

Celebrated Name Amanda Tress
Amanda Tress Net worth20 million dollars
Age43 years
Sexual orientation Straight
Hair ColorBrown
Marital  StatusMarried
Birth DateOctober 10, 1981
Birth PlaceUSA 
ProfessionCEO of health and fitness agency, web specialist
Eye colorGrey 
Zodiac signLibra

Social media Accounts:

As a digital marketing specialist, Amanda Tress also knows how to use social media to generate leads and revenue. She has a huge fanbase on social media. Some account links are as follows:

Linked In:




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Frequently Asked Questions?

What was Amanda Tress’ passion besides coaching?

Amanda Tress was very fond of writing as well. She has written a lot of stories and poems.

Did Amanda ever play sports?

She lacked physical activity when she was young, but after that, she was extremely fond of sports and played well.

Who was the husband of Amanda Tress?

Amanda Tress was married to Lucky Parcon.

What are the sources of Income of Amanda Tress?

Amanda’s main Income sources are her Fat Loss program and youtube ad revenue.

Is there any official website of Amanda?

Yes Amanda has her official website


In Short, Amanda Tress’s purity and hard work have helped her succeed professionally. She is always passionate about helping her clients reach their goals and live to full potential. Amanda Tress Net Worth is a good figure in entreprenuers world due to her strong marketing strategies.