Jared Leisek Net Worth 2023 – Best Youtube Star

Jared Leisek Net Worth

If you are curious about adventures and underwater research and look at discovery videos often, you must have heard the name of famous Youtuber Jared Leisek.

 Although he needs no introduction,Jared Leisek is a famous YouTuber. But here is a question.  What took Jared to become a youtube star, and how did he achieve millions of followers on his channel?

In this article, we will discuss Jared Leisek Net worth, Career, Youtube channel, and much more. We will also see his journey of achieving so much success. 


Let’s talk about Jared Leisek Net Worth, earnings, sources of income, and controversies.

Jared Leisek Net Worth

Jared Leisek Net worth:

Jared Leisek Net Worth 2023$500,000 -$1 million
Net worth 2022$336,000
Net Worth 2021$299,000
Net Worth 2020$261,000
Net Worth 2019$224,000

Regarding net worth, Jared Leisek Net Worth is approximately $500,000 to $1 million. Though it’s not accurate, his net worth could be more than this, as he is making a good amount of money from his youtube channels.

 Who is Jared Leisek?

Jared Leisek is an American Youtuber who loves adventure and is curious about underwater research. This is why his youtube videos are related to these types of adventures and searches.

He is a professional scuba diver best known for his role in ”Adventures with Purpose”. He founded This group of scuba divers in 2019 with Sam Ginn.

Later, Jared and Sam were joined by Doug Bishop, and Jared became the manager and diver of the towing company.

He solves mysteries and makes a good impact on society. He is working with his teammates in local communities, searching for and rescuing people who were missed during the discovery of their journey.

Jared Leisek Early Life:

Jared was born on September 16, 1975, in Los Angeles. His parent’s info has yet to be discovered. He was raised in the United states.

One interesting fact is that Jared is 47 years old as of 2023. It shows that age is just a number. What matters is the impact that Jared made through his channel. Regarding education, sources said that he completed his schooling at a private school and completed his graduation.

Jared Leisek career:

Jared’s actual journey or group name started when he discovered the body of the missing teenage girl Kiely Rodni. This was the first case, and after that, this scuba diver team got more attention, and they started to rescue and find missing people.

This group uses sonars to locate missing people. Another case was that they discovered two cars with missing people. This changed their objective from adventures to rescuing people.

Another important thing is that Jared and his groups do all these things voluntarily. They don’t charge this to the law enforcement agencies of the family of victims. But if they are rewarded, then they accept the offer willingly.

Jared Leisek Net Worth

Youtube Journey:

Jared’s youtube channel name is ‘’Adventures with Purpose’’. People often ask why didn’t he name his channel by his name?

The reason was that he created this channel to discover unique and secret places. His channel currently has more than 2.94 million subscribers with around 488 videos.

Initially, this channel’s main focus was a personal diving experience, but soon, their interest moved to discovering underwater mysteries and helping missing people.

Youtube Channel Earnings:

On average, this channel has around 221,142,493 views on the entire film. It means from 1000 views. It has around 1,000,221,143 views. Sounds great, right?

As per reports, this channel is earning an estimated revenue of $3.3k to $52.7k. The yearly revenue range is between $39.9k to $632.7k.

Sources of income:

Though the main source of Jared’s income is his youtube channel, side by side, he is earning from other social media platforms as well. He has around 36.9k followers on Instagram.


Normally a brand pays a certain amount for each post they publish. Jared is earning a lot from brand sponsorships as well. Jared Leisek Net worth from Instagram sponsorship is not calculated. His sponsorship fee price ranges from $182.25 to $303.75.

Merchandise Sales:

Jared’s huge fanbase requested him to introduce his products. Thankfully, he offered his products. He mostly sells t-shirts, hoodies, and other accessories with different stickers and prints on them.

These products’ prices range from $4 to $59, which shows they are incredibly reasonable and easy to sell.

Role of Jared’s Wife in AWP:

Jared was married to Kristin Leisek. She plays an essential role in the success of Adventures with Purpose as she manages the behind-scenes operations of this channel.

Moreover, she handles the logistics of various expeditions, manages social media, and coordinates with law enforcement agencies.

Kristin, a diver, has joined her husband in exploring underwater mysteries. Jared and his wife have maintained a strong bond as a couple in the channel and in real life.

Jared Leisek Net Worth

Social Media Presence:

Besides youtube, Jared has gained a massive fanbase on social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, where he shares behind-the-scenes videos.

His social media presence has made him a prominent influencer in the travel, adventure, and outdoor industries.

Some of his accounts links are as follows:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/leisek/?hl=en

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jaredleisek?lang=en

Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/jaredleisek

 Jared Leisek Biography:

Celebrated Name Jared Leisek
Jared Leisek Net worth$500,00 to $1 million
Age47 years
Sexual orientation Straight
Hair ColorBlack
Marital  StatusMarried
Birth DateSeptember 16, 1975
Birth PlaceLos Angeles
ProfessionSocial media influencer, Scuba diver
Zodiac signVirgo
Height5 feet 10 inch 

Jared Controversies:

Though Jared Leisek is a helping man who rescues people, reports say that Jared was arrested on the accusation of child rape.

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It was said that he was arrested on January 5 in Utah as he raped his cousin in 1992, who was just a teenager.Criminal Charges were filed in November 2022 while the crime was allegedly committed in 1992.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there any child of Jared?

Jared and Kristine have two children.

How much is Jared Leisek’s house worth?

Jared purchased the $1.2 million Woody acres home.

How many cars does Jared have?

Jared’s car collections are unknown, but he is mostly seen in Lamborghini and often spotted driving this expensive car.

Where did Jared marry?

Jared was married to Kristine in Central Oregon.