How To Market Screen Printing Business? 4 Quick Strategies

Running a screen-printing company takes creativity and skill. But, how to market screen printing business? Marketing requires equal imagination to stand out and attract clients. 

You better follow these outside-the-box ideas to promote your brand in memorable ways.

How To Market Screen Printing Business

Overview of How to Market Screen Printing Business?

First tip right out the gate – don’t just go with the usual boring stuff every Tom, Dick and Harry printer does nowadays. You gotta zag when they zig, know what you want to say. Doing cookie cutter social media posts and basic SEO won’t cut it in 2023. Time to get creative!

Now we know you’re probably expecting to rattle off the standard crap about building your brand on Instagram or whatever. But let’s be real – you need to go beyond the digital world if you want to stand out these days. 

Don’t get it wrong, the internet is great and all. But folks are getting social media fatigue big time. Sometimes you gotta get out from behind the screen if you really want to connect.

Let’s dig up some unique ideas you never know:

Think Beyond the T-Shirt

Most screen printing shops are known for t-shirt printing. But you can print on almost anything! Expand your offerings and showcase samples on social media and at events. Some ideas:

Express Your Artistic Side

– Print intricate designs on canvas tote bags, yoga mats or laptop sleeves.

– Offer custom throw pillows and blankets with cool graphic prints. 

– Print artsy murals on canvas for unique wall art.

Make a Statement

– Print bold graphics and slogans on trucker hats, beanies and visors.

– Create custom bomber jackets, denim jackets or leather jackets with prints.

– Offer personalizable phone cases with printed images or phrases. 

Stand Out from the Crowd

– Print colorful patterns and images on umbrellas to get noticed.

– Use metallic inks on drinkware like mugs, tumblers and stemless wine glasses.

– Offer custom printed mouse pads, coaster sets and playing cards.

Go Fun and Festive

– Print kids’ t-shirts with their name or favorite characters.

– Create matching family shirts for reunions, vacations and holidays.

– Offer custom napkins, cups and plates for birthdays, weddings and parties. 

By showing the wide range of printing possibilities, you demonstrate far more creative scope.

Partner with Local Businesses

How To Market Screen Printing Business

Partner with establishments like coffee shops, boutiques and salons to co-promote each other. Some fun ideas about how to market screen printing business:

– Offer branded shirts for their staff.

– Print custom labels, bags or signage for them. 

– Create shirt designs together for joint giveaways and contests.

– Swap promotional posts on social media and ads.

They gain cool merchandise and branding while you gain exposure and new revenue streams. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Sponsor Community Events 

Get involved with local fundraisers, festivals and fun runs. Some options:

– Set up a branded booth or hand out shirts at the event.

– Donate prizes like printed apparel and merchandise.

– Create commemorative event shirts participants can purchase.

– Print signage and banners to display.

This establishes your business as an active supporter of local causes. Give back while getting your name out there.

Launch Video Campaigns

Use video marketing to share your screen printing process. Post videos:

– Showing how you create designs and prep screens. 

– Of the set-up and printing techniques.

– Highlighting tricky specialty applications like printing on curved surfaces. 

– Of satisfied customers receiving their order reveals.

This behind-the-scenes look engages audiences on social media and your website.

Start a Podcast

Launch your own show focused on graphic design and prints. You could:

– Interview artists and designers about their work.

– Share screen printing tips and recommendations.

– Review examples of great and poor print projects.

– Discuss trends in the merchandise and apparel space.

Position yourself as an expert while showcasing your skills and style.  

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Send Direct Mail

Printer postcards and flyers with some of your best work samples. Include a coupon code or discount offer. Target local businesses that could use promotional items and branded apparel.

Following up by email or in person gives you a chance to explain your services. The mailer gets you in the door so they already have a taste of your quality.

Throw Unusual Sales

Instead of bland discounts like 10% off, have fun with promotional sales to master how to market screen printing business like:

– First 12 customers get 50% off hoodies.

– Flash deal: 40% off all phone cases Friday only.

– Buy one printed pet shirt, get one free.

– Free shipping when you refer a friend.

Interesting hooks like limited quantities and referral perks create more buzz.

Make Bold First Impressions 

Have apparel and merchandise with your logo and designs visible upon entering your shop. Some ideas:

– Display printed shirts on mannequins up front.  

– Have employees wear branded shirts with your signature graphics.

– Drape banners and signage around the space. 

– Set up a slideshow or video of past projects. 

Make an impact the moment people walk in so they immediately see your style.

Create Content Around Keywords

Optimize your blog, social media and website content around keywords like:

– Screen printing process explained

– How to design artwork for screen printing   

– Common screen printing mistakes to avoid

– Best fabrics for screen printing designs

This helps you rank higher so ideal customers find your services when searching relevant phrases.  

Prioritize Mobile and Social

Build your website with a mobile-friendly responsive design. Make accounts on platforms your audience uses like Instagram and TikTok. Post frequently with relatable hashtags. 

You want your brand where people already are online so it’s easy to find and connect with you. You can check out Creative Social Media Post Ideas for Cleaning Business.

Embrace Reviews 

Monitor sites like Google, Facebook and Yelp and respond quickly to any reviews. Thank happy customers and offer to address concerns from less satisfied ones. 

Reviews boost your reputation so encourage happy clients to leave honest feedback. 

Experiment with Facebook Ads 

Try narrow targeting with Facebook ads. Zero in on people who like relevant pages such as graphic tee brands, art galleries in your town, community events you sponsor, etc.

You want your ads and posts to reach those most likely to use your services. Start niche and expand.

Incentivize with Referral Rewards

Encourage customers to refer family and friends by offering incentives like:

– Discount off their next order for each new customer referral. 

– Free shirt for both referrer and referee.

– Entry into a quarterly contest to win free printing.

Referrals are powerful as people trust loved ones’ recommendations. Reward advocates for spreading the word.

Team Up for Sales

Partner with complimentary businesses like:

– Photography and design studios to bundle printing with branding packages.

– Clothing boutiques to enhance their wares with custom designs.  

– Corporate offices to print company shirts, hats and swag.

Joint offerings give you expanded reach and allow for cross-promotion.

Make Your Mark Locally

Beyond sharing your designs online, get them seen around town. Some ideas:

– See if local charities need free event shirts or collateral as a sponsor.  

– Offer branded uniforms or shirts for staff at coffee shops, bars, etc.

– Approach gyms, yoga studios and salons about selling merchandise.

– See if food trucks or farmer’s markets want custom signage.

When people see your designs embedded locally, it sticks in their minds.

Ready To Make Your Brand Unforgettable?

There are endless possibilities for showcasing your screen-printing skills if you think creatively. Implement a mix of traditional promotion and unconventional activities tailored to your market. 

The more you highlight what makes your business special, the more memorable your brand becomes. With innovative marketing, you gain an advantage connecting with the right customers and collaborators. 

Now get out there and start printing up some exciting campaigns!