Creative Social Media Post Ideas for Cleaning Business-Don’t forget to try these 20 tips

Creative Social Media Post Ideas for Cleaning Business-

Keeping your social media feeds fresh and engaging is a constant battle for any business. But for cleaning companies and housekeepers, it can be especially challenging to come up with new and exciting content day after day. After all, how many ways can you really talk about vacuuming, mopping and scrubbing toilets?

Turns out there are countless creative ways to spice up your social media presence if you think outside the bottle of Windex. Whether you offer residential or commercial cleaning services, these social media post ideas for cleaning business will help you connect with potential customers and demonstrate your expertise.

In this article we will discuss about Creative Social Media Post Ideas for Cleaning Business. Let’s start.

Social Media Post Ideas for Cleaning Business

Social Media Post Ideas for Cleaning Business 

Let’s have an inside scoop of some the unique ideas through which you can boost your cleaning business:

Focus on the Benefits, Not the Chores

Don’t just post about what cleaning tasks you perform. No one gets excited hearing about dusting and laundry. Instead, discuss the benefits your services provide. For example:

– Give yourself time to relax while we handle the chores.

– Come home to a calm, orderly home without the stress. 

– Let us remove allergens so you can breathe easy.

Emphasize how you help make people’s lives better, not just wash their dirty bathrooms.

Share Cleaning Tips and Hacks

One of the perks of being a professional cleaner is that you know all the tricks of the trade. Share your insider know-how with posts like:

– Use an old toothbrush to scrub grout and remove grime from tile.

– Freeze vinegar in an ice cube tray and use to remove odor from drains.

– Prevent streaks on glass by using newspaper or coffee filters instead of paper towels.

Mix in surprises too, like using shaving cream to clean showers or using ketchup to shine copper. This shows you’re an expert with valuable insights. You can also find cleaning business ideas here.

Give Sneak Peeks of Satisfying Results 

Everyone loves a good before and after reveal. Share photos showing how you transformed a space. For example:

– Check out this oven! From caked with grease to sparkling clean. 

– Remember how dusty and dingy this bookshelf was? Now it looks brand new!

– We got this tile floor looking better than the day it was installed!

Photos like these let people visualize how you improve spaces and bring satisfaction.

Get Personal with Employees

Customers like putting faces to your business. Introduce the people behind the cleaning with posts like: 

– Meet Susan, our amazing team member who has been with us for 5 years! 

– It’s Stephen’s birthday today! This hardworking technician has cleaned over 500 homes with us.

– Jane is our star employee for going above and beyond for clients this month!

This humanizes your company so you don’t seem like faceless strangers people let into their homes.

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Highlight Charitable Initiatives 

If you organize donation drives or volunteer events, promote them! For example:

– We’re collecting cleaning supplies for families in need this month. Let us know if you have donations!

– Our team spent Saturday morning cleaning up trash at the park. Be proud of our community.

– For every house we clean this month, we’re donating $5 to animal rescues. Help pets in need!

This shows your values beyond being a cleaning business.

Partner With Local Businesses

Social Media Post Ideas for Cleaning Business

Team up with other companies for creative cross-promotion. Some ideas:

– Get 20% off housecleaning when you book a massage at Hands of Health Spa this month!

– Send us your carpet cleaning receipt from SteamCo and get $25 off your next cleaning!

– Hosting a holiday event? Get 15% off party cleanups when you use ABC Catering!

Joint specials help both businesses gain exposure and show you’re invested locally.

Hold Social Media Contests 

Run fun contests, this is one of the best social media post ideas for cleaning business, like:

– Show us your most creative organization hack for a chance to win free cleaning! 

– Share your funniest cleaning blooper and we’ll pick a winner for a free deep clean!

– Guess how many socks we found under sofa cushions last month and win a laundry service.

Contests encourage engagement and let people have fun with your brand.

Share Customer Reviews

Spotlight happy clients by reposting or quoting their reviews:

– “My home has never been so clean! CleanCo made it sparkle.” – Linda R.

– “I never thought all my laundry could get folded in a day. These cleaners are amazing.” – Steve T.

– “My appliances look brand new again thanks to CleanCo’s dedicated technicians.” – Mackenzie P. 

Positive reviews build trust and social proof. Just get permission first if sharing full reviews.

Create Video Content 

Videos are engaging on social media. Post short clips like: 

– An employee intro video with background on how they joined the company. 

– A walkthrough of your cleaning process from start to finish.

– A time-lapse video of a dramatically messy space getting organized.

– A demo of how your products work to remove stains or scrub surfaces.

These give a behind-the-scenes look at your services in action.

Share Pet Owner Perks

If you clean homes with pets, highlight special offerings:

– Freshen up pet beds and litter boxes – we keep homes clean for your furry friends! 

– Our pet-safe cleaners make sure your companions stay healthy too.

– Let us tackle the pet hair so your home stays tidy between visits.

Pet owners will appreciate your extra attention to accommodating their needs.

Partner With Influencers

Recruit popular local bloggers or social media figures to showcase your services. For example:

– Follow @livingluxuriously for a full home clean makeover reveal this week!

– Tune in as @themarkfamily tries our post-renovation deep cleaning services. 

– @kleenkitchen shares her review of our eco-friendly products and service.

Influencer endorsements add credibility and expose you to new audiences.

Get Kids Involved

If cleaning for families, make kids part of the fun too:

– Let your little ones join our cookie decorating event after their big cleaning day!

– Kids can enter our drawing for a new toy after helping keep their rooms tidy!

– Your children can choose our next cleaning playlist when you book by Friday! 

This makes your service family-friendly so parents are more likely to hire you.

Share Milestones

Social Media Post Ideas for Cleaning Business

Commemorate major company accomplishments like:

– We just cleaned our 500th home! Thank you for this milestone. 

– Celebrating one year of providing cleaning services in this community!

– Thanks to our loyal customers, we’re expanding with 10 new hires!

This type of update gets people invested in your success story.

Run Facebook Live Q&As

Go live and let followers ask you questions. Topics could include:

– We’re live to demo our carpet cleaning process – ask us anything!

– Have cleaning questions? We’re answering your questions live!

– Stuck with a tough stain? We’ll tackle stain removal questions live today!

This real-time engagement makes people feel connected to your experts.

Share DIY Tricks

While you want to promote your services, it can also be helpful to share basic DIY tips for people to try between professional cleanings:

– Spray vinegar on produce and let sit for 15 minutes to remove pesticides. 

– Rub a lemon half over a cutting board to disinfect.

– Use baking soda and water to scrub away bathtub grime. 

This demonstrates you’re truly invested in helping people keep their homes clean.

Highlight Safety

Promote your safety offerings such as:  

– Our double-gloving technique ensures we keep surfaces germ-free.

– We background check all of our cleaners for your peace of mind.  

– Our individually wrapped sanitizing wipes undergo strict quality control.

This reassures people you take health seriously.

Look for Holiday Tie-Ins

Connect your posts to holidays and events throughout the year:

– Make your home guest-ready with our spring cleaning services before Easter!

– Don’t let grime take over! Schedule your cleaning before summer block party season.

– Start fresh for the fall with our back-to-school deep cleaning specials. 

– Give your home a thorough scrub before the holidays – book now!

Tailoring posts to holidays and seasons will resonate more.

Highlight Specialty Services

Does your business go beyond standard cleaning? Spotlight unique offerings like:

– Make your garage, closets and basement clutter-free with our organization packages.

– Our pressure washing service restores outdoor areas like patios, decks and driveways.  

– We thoroughly sanitize kids’ toys, play areas and child care facilities.

– Let us fully disinfect your business’s high-touch surfaces and common areas.

Distinguishing yourself from general cleaning companies gives you a competitive edge. 

Work Your Way Up

These are just a few social media post ideas for cleaning business to spark creativity. Remember to focus less on the nitty-gritty cleaning details and more on creative ways to connect with customers. Show your personality and what makes your services special. With consistent fresh content, you’ll establish yourself as a leader that people want to hire.