Gareth Soloway Net Worth 2023- Unveiling The Stock Market Wizardry Behind Unbelievable Profits

Gareth Soloway Net Worth

Whether you love buying stocks or not, this article is for you. Gareth Soloway is a super-smart person who knows much about buying and selling stocks. He’s like a wizard in the world of money.

Now, he is the boss of In The Money Stocks and helps people make money in the stock market. But what is Gareth Soloway net worth? Any guesses?

He teaches many people how to trade stocks, too, so they can also make money. So, let’s explore Gareth’s incredible journey and learn from his excellent trading skills.

This article concerns Gareth Soloway net worth , biography, career, and lifestyle.

Gareth Soloway Net Worth

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Who is Gareth Soloway?

Gareth Soloway is a famous name in the financial world. He is the president and CEO of Money Stocks. Besides this, Gareth is also a famous American trader and investor.

As he is an expert in technical analysis, his company provides trading tips to traders and investors. His expertise has helped many people to succeed in the financial market.

His success as a stock trader is proof of his expertise in technical analysis. Gareth is also a Chartered market technician recognized as having the highest certification in technical analysis.

Gareth Soloway Net worth:

Gareth Soloway Net worth$15 million
Annual Income$2 million
Monthly Income$150k
Weekly Income$30k
Income SourceTrading, Money Stocks

As of 2023, Gareth Soloway net worth  is around $15 million. He has made this much net worth through various income sources, including trading, investment, and entrepreneurship.

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Apart from Inthemoneystocks, Gareth has contributed to financial media such as CNBC, Fox Business, and Bloomberg.

However, Gareth Soloway net worth  will increase depending on his investments and successful business ventures.

Gareth Soloway Early Life:

Gareth was born in Florida, United States, on April 21, 1985. As of 2023, he is 37 years old. He belongs to a middle-class family and lived his childhood in poverty.

His parents worked hard to pay back their son’s school fees. Later he moved to Newyork for further education. At a very young age, Gareth became interested in finance and making money.

Talking about his education, he went to the University of Vermont and studied the principles of economics, accounting, and finance.

Let’s have a look at how his career started.

Gareth Soloway Net Worth

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Gareth Soloway Career:

After graduating from the University of Vermont, Gareth started his career as a financial advisor. He worked with clients and helped them to invest and manage their portfolios.

During this career, Gareth gets the skills and expertise in this field and understands the trends of markets as well.


In 2007, Soloway’s hard work and consistency paid off. He founded his own company named “Inthemoneystocks.” It was a financial trading and education firm that provided many resources to traders and tools to help them succeed in the market.

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Trading Strategies:

Gareth trading strategies are known for their unique approach. One of the best strategies of him was the ‘PPT Method.’

PPT stands for Price, pattern, and Time. This strategy was designed to help traders make the best trading based on their technical analysis and patterns.

Risk Management:

In addition to PP, he also paid attention to risk management in trading. He always advises traders to have a solid trading plan. Many traders in the industry are adopting his strategies and techniques.

In short, by adopting Gareth’s PPT, risk management, and psychology strategies, traders can increase their chances of success and make a profitable trading career in the future.

Sources of Income:

Gareth Soloway net worth  mainly comes from trading.


He has also invested in crypto, bitcoin, and real estate projects.

Brand sponsorships:

Being a social media influencer, Gareth is earning from brand endorsements. Though youtube is giving him huge ad revenue, he still promotes the products and services of other brands. This is helping him to increase his net worth in the future.

Gareth Soloway Net Worth

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Gareth is currently calling the Bitcoin price $65,000. He called for the price to hit $20,000, and now he expects to make it $12,000.

His $20k has made him an internet celebrity. When he made the famous call, bitcoin was $65k. He also believes that Bitcoin can bounce unexpectedly.

Gareth’s next target is $25k to $30k, which can take up to 6 weeks. As per investors, Bitcoin will downsize, and the ultimate target would be $12,000.

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Gareth Awards:

Gareth is now holding multiple degrees from the world’s renowned universities. He has achieved various awards for his ability. He is also well known for his ability to entertain youngsters, and thus he has acquired fame worldwide.

Gareth Soloway Social Media Platforms:

Being a successful trader, he has earned a considerable fan following. He has around 2.2 k followers on Facebook, 163.1 k on Twitter, and 12.9k on Instagram.

Besides these, Gareth also has a youtube channel in which he posts videos regarding the stock market, trading, and bitcoin. He has 6,122 followers on Linkedin.

Gareth Soloway Net Worth

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Gareth Soloway Biography:

Сеlеbrаtеd Nаmе :Gareth Soloway
Full Nаmе:Gareth Soloway
Аgе:37 уеаrѕ оld
Віrth Dаtе:April 21, 1985.
Віrth Рlасе:Tampa, Florida, United States.
Неіght:5 feet 10 Inches
Wеіght:76 kg
Маrіtаl Ѕtаtuѕ:Married
OccupationFinancial analyst and trader, Entrepreneur, and Businesswoman.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the 3-day rule in stocks?

The 3-day rule in stocks is the settlement period for a stock transaction, which is the time it takes for the funds to be exchanged after trading.

What is the link to the official website of Gareth Soloway?

His official site is named

Where is Gareth Soloway currently living?

He is currently living in Tampa, Florida, United States.

What is the name of his LinkedIn profile?

His LinkedIn profile is by his name Gareth Soloway.

Is there any youtube channel for Gareth Soloway?

Yes, his youtube channel is by the name @garethsolowayprotrader. He has around 110k subscribers on youtube with millions of views.