Brenda Gantt Net Worth 2023- Unveiling The Inspiring Journey Of A Culinary Master And Her Delicious Secrets

Brenda Gantt Net Worth

When it comes to culinary legends, a person is flying above the sky today. Do you know who is she? If not, then prepare your taste buds for now because we will tell you a flavourful journey of Culinary master Brenda Gantt.

Most importantly, Brenda Gantt net worth is a topic of interest today. Brenda Gantt has a yummy journey because he is good at cooking.

She makes food that’s full of flavor and tells stories through her recipes. Starting from cooking at home, she’s become a famous chef. 

Let’s explore the tasty world of Brenda Gantt and discover how she turned her love for cooking into something extraordinary.

Brenda Gantt Net worth

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Who is Brenda Gantt?

Brenda Gantt is a retired American schoolteacher who turned into a chef. She is a content creator and a social media star as well.

Interestingly, she became viral on Facebook for her biscuit video. She also hosts the cooking show “Cooking with Brenda Gantt” on Facebook. Besides this, she also operates a B&B called the Cottle House.

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Brenda is also the co-founder and CEO of Gantt Global, a multimedia production company. So whether you love cooking or just enjoy watching cooking videos, you should see Brenda Gantt for her valuable tips and recipes.

What is Brenda Gantt net worth ?

 Brenda Gantt net worth   in 2023 $10 million
 Annual salary$200,000
 Monthly salary$16,600+

You will be surprised to hear Brenda Gantt net worth who is 75 years old. As of 2023, Brenda Gantt net worth  has increased by $10 million. Having such a net worth being a chef in old age is fantastic.

Brenda Gantt net worth  comprises not only her cooking but also her social media earnings. We will also discuss her sources of income, but let’s look at her early life and career.

Brenda Gantt Early Life:

Brenda was born in 1947. She belongs to North Pot, Alabama. Brenda was just four years old when she relocated to Tuscaloosa. There she grew up in a small town and learned the virtues of hard work and consistency.

Talking about her education, she completed her BA from Livingstone state university in 1965. Later she completed her master’s at a private university. Her academic career showed impressive results.

Brenda Gantt Net worth

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Brenda believes education is the key to success and loves helping others and sharing knowledge. This is why she started teaching in a school after completing her studies. Her main goal was to help people achieve their goals and realize their dreams.

Brenda Gantt career:

Former school Teacher:

Regarding her career, Brenda had a career start in a school as a teacher. She had a long career as a school teacher in the United States at Northport’s Tuscaloosa Country high school.

She also taught at Andalusia high school for about six years and retired in 2016. Besides teaching, she says she also has a passion for cooking.

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Cooking Career:

Brenda credit’s her cooking to her mother as her mother was an excellent cook, and Brenda regularly gives a hand in the kitchen with her mom.

In 2018, her daughter encouraged her to share recipes online. Thus she created an account on Facebook and started posting her cooking videos on Facebook.

But she had no idea that her videos would become viral in no time and attract millions of fans. She has around 2.3 million followers on her Facebook and over 153,000 subscribers on youtube.

Sounds Amazing?

She mostly posted her videos daily and showed recipes for making dumplings, cornbread, potato salad, and much more. Not only is Brenda used to share some inspirational videos, gardening tips, and her life experiences on social media.

Cookbook author:

As Brenda achieved a huge fan following in a short time, her fans requested her to make a cookbook. Thus she decided to write a cookbook with the assistance of editor Lisa Dampier.

Her cookbook is named “It’s gonna be good, Y’all.” This book has around 200 recipes, some photos, stories, tips, and quotes from Brenda’s life.

Brenda Gantt Net worth

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Sources of Income:

Brenda’s primary source of income is from her Facebook and YouTube revenue. As her videos have million-plus views, she is earning a good amount from ads revenue.

Family Business:

Moreover, her family owns a business named ‘The Cottle house bed and Breakfast.’ After gaining fame, her business blew up in a local area,  which helped in increasing Brenda Gantt net worth.

Brand sponsorships:

Due to a huge fan following on social media, Brenda is also earning from brand sponsorships and endorsements. She promotes the products of other brands on her youtube and Facebook, and the brands pay her a high profit for this.

 Brenda Gantt Husband

Brenda was married to George Patton in 1968. It’s been 50 years now since they have been married. 

A horrible tragedy 

But unfortunately, she faced a tragedy in her life when on September 23, 2018, she became a widow. Her husband, George, passed away at 72, leaving Brenda alone with her two children.

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Brenda Gantt Children

Now Brenda’s children are married and have their own families. One of her daughters is a majorette for the Andalusia marching band ‘Sound Tradition.’ Another daughter Cape is an athlete. And her son Dallas Gantt has two children.

Brenda Gantt Net worth

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Brenda Gantt Biography

Real Name/Full NameBrenda Ann Hicks
Nick NameBig Mama
Date Of Birth1947
Age76 Years Old
Birth PlaceNorthport, Alabama, USA
Parents NameFather – NAMother – NA
Height5 feet 4 inches (162 cm)
Weight79 kg (174 lbs)
Hair ColorNA
Eye ColorNA
Marital StatusMarried
Husband NameGeorge Patton
Children NameTwo Children (5 grandchildren)
ProfessionSchool Teacher, Chef, Internet Personality
Brenda Gantt net worth $10 million

Frequently asked questions

What is Brenda Gantt’s famous recipe?

Her famous recipe was “Buttermilk,” which got over a million views on Facebook.

How much does her cookbook cost?

Brenda’s cookbook costs around $39.95.