Eric Mays Net Worth 2023 – An insight into the life of controversial politician

Eric Mays Net Worth

Eric Mays is a controversial figure in the circle of politicians. Why is Eric Mays Net worth  Zero? We will discuss all the crisis in Mays life and all about Eric Mays Net worth and debts.

This article will discuss the aggressive politician Eric Mays Net worth, career, politics, and complete biography.

Eric Mays Net worth


Eric Mays Net Worth:

An interesting fact is that Eric Mays Net worth is Zero. Why? Because he is already in debt because of his legal battle expenses.

He still fights the accusation in court despite being guilty of disorderly behavior. He has raised over $13,000 on GoFundme from supporters nationwide.

Mays will use this money generated from the GoFundMe campaign to cover legal expenses.

 Eric Mays Net worth 2023 Zero
 Annual Salary NA
 Monthly Income NA

Who is Eric Mays?

Eric Mays is a well-known American politician in the world of American politics. He is a Flint city councilman who gained popularity on the internet for his blunt responses, clever rebuttals, and angry outbursts during council meetings.

Eric has been praised for his accountability and for asking difficult questions about the issues faced by Flint residents.  

Eric Mays Early Life:

A controversial figure, Eric was born on September 16, 1958, in the city of United States Flint. He belongs to a Christian and middle-class family. His parents were so simple, with no considerable business. They worked hard to give their son a better lifestyle and education.

He grew up in America. Regarding education, he received his early education from Michigan’s best schools. His primary and high school life was nurtured with well-esteemed institutes that laid the foundation for his academic journey.

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Eric Mays Net worth

Source: Deadline detroit

 Mays graduated from Michigan University, where he increased his interest in politics. He learns about his exceptional dedication and proficiency in studies during his studies. Thus all these skills resulted in outstanding academic performance.

Throughout his journey, Eric Mays has done various roles, including making a mark in the city’s landscape.

He is recognized as one of Flint’s esteemed council members. Mays’ dedication and commitment to the betterment of his community have earned him the respect and praise of those he serves.

Eric Mays Source of Income:


Eric launched a campaign named “GoFundMe” to fund future legal battles. He was able to raise over $13,000 from the country’s supporters.

In 2021,  authorities asked him to pay $35,000 in city legal fees. This fee was related to a failed federal lawsuit that he brought against Mayor Sheldon Neeley inside Coty Hall. All his salary was garnished to pay this legal fee.

Eric Mays Career:

Mays’s career started in early 2000, giving his ten years to politics. In 2013, he was elected to the Flint City Council. In this election, Anita Brown stood against him.

May beat her by eight votes and won amazingly. He remained in this position for four years. In 2025, the mayor of Flint City ran for the position of Michigan Mayor.

The current mayor of Flint is a businesswoman, Dane Walling. Eric gave a Nazi salute to the city council leader for her performance and compared her to Adorf Hitler during a public meeting.

Eric Mays Net worth

Source: East Village Magazine

Conflict of Eric Mays:

Before leaving the position, Eric Mays also served as the City council’s Vice President and Finance committee chair. On January 13, 2020, Mays and council president Monica Galloway got into a verbal altercation at a council meeting.

Monica went to another point of agenda; thus, Eric accused her of being rude and acting like Hitler. But he salutes her later as well.

Let me tell you something written in the work history that still needs to be remembered. On Monday, Galloway ruled Eric Mays and Eric misbehaved with Monics while discussing the purchase of a new truck. Monica turned into anger and ordered Eric to leave the meeting.

Eric Mays Arrest:

Eric Mays was convicted of his aggressive behavior and got a hefty fine or sentenced to Jail. He had a bar fight with the Deputy chief of staff named Mayor Sheldon Neeley inside the Flint Bar.

According to the Mayor, Eric kicked him to the ground while shouting offensive comments. Later on, the court and Michigan State Police investigated this case.

Moreover, in March 2023, Eric was found guilty of his behavior, and Flint City District Court Judge Vikki Bayeh passed a verdict.

Therefore Eric faced 90 days in Jail along with a $500 fine. This is a reason for Eric Mays Net worth is zero. Additionally, Mays was sentenced to 22 days in Jail for being convicted of poor driving.

Eric Mays Net worth

Source: WEYI

Eric Mays release from Jail:

Flint city councilman was released from Genesee County Jail on Wednesday. As per reports, Eric Mays started smoking after being released from Jail. His car was facing the wrong way on Interstate 475, just North of Flint. Thus in November 2013, he was sent to Jail for impaired driving.

Eric Mays Biography

NameEric Mays
Famous AsHe was convicted of disorderly conduct and faces a possible jail sentence or fine.
Education QualificationGraduate
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
WifeMegan Ritchie
Net worth$ Zero (approx.)
Last Update2023
Date Of Birthborn on September 16, 1958, in Flint, Michigan, US
ProfessionPolitician (Ex-Flint City Councilman )
Age65 (approx.)
Birth PlaceFlint, Michigan, US
Eric Mays Net worthzero
School / UniversityFlint City Hometown
Marital StatusMarried
WifeMegan Ritchie

Frequently Asked Questions:

To whom is Eric Mays married?

Eric Mays is married to Megan Ritchie.

How much money Eric Mays lost during the crisis?

Mays lost over $600 million during his crisis.

For how long has Eric remained in the city council?

Eric Mays has been a council member since 2013 and has served for ten years.

Is Eric famous on social media?

As we discussed, Eric Mays was notorious for his rude behavior in public. Many videos become viral on social media about him. This attracted people to Mays’s lifestyle, and he got a massive following on TikTok, Youtube, and Instagram.