Babar Azam Net Worth 2023: A Complete Financial Insight into the Cricket Star’s Wealth

babar azam net worth

Babar Azam, the cricket sensation, has earned fame and recognition and amassed substantial wealth throughout his career. 

In this article, we will explore Babar Azam net worth, digging into his earnings from cricket, endorsements, and other ventures that have contributed to his financial success.

Babr Azam Net Worth in 2023

Babar Azam Net Worth in Dollars5 Million
Babar Azam Net Worth in INR400 Million
Babar Azam Net Worth in PKR13 Billion

Babar Azam has emerged as one of the most prominent cricket players globally, known for his extraordinary batting skills and exceptional leadership on the field. 

As of 2023, his estimated net worth is around 5 Million Dollars.

Babar Azam’s Salary

Babar Azam’s Monthly salary (INR)25 to 50 lacs
Babar Azam Annual IncomeMore Than 10 Crores INR
PCB salary5.4 Lac INR
PSL salary2.3 Crore INR

Let’s get into knowing Babar Azam and the various aspects contributing to his impressive net worth.

Who is Babar Azam? 

babar azam net worth

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Babar Azam, the cricket sensation, is admired by fans worldwide. He’s not only one of Pakistan’s highest-paid cricketers but also the sole player on the category A list across all formats. 

Born on October 15, 1994, in Lahore, Pakistan, Babar showed an early passion for cricket. He honed his skills in the streets of Lahore and eventually made his debut for the Pakistan Under-15 team, which marked the beginning of his illustrious cricket career.

Now, let me tell you something that will make you raise an eyebrow or two—this guy is not just good, he’s top-notch in every format! That’s right, he’s the only cricketer in the world to rock the top 3 rankings across all formats—ODIs, T20Is, and Tests. 

But wait, there’s more! This cricket dynamo is not only the number-one batter in ODIs but also the third-best in T20Is and Tests. If you’re keeping score, that’s a clean sweep of top-tier rankings, making bowlers worldwide shiver in their boots at the mere thought of facing him.

Now, picture this: a right-handed top-order batter, standing tall at the crease, ready to take on the fiercest bowlers with a glint of confidence in his eyes. That’s Babar Azam for you—elegant, composed, and deadly with his bat. 

He not only represents the Pakistan national cricket team but also calls the shots as their captain, steering the team to numerous victories.

If that’s not enough to impress you, let me sprinkle some PSL and domestic cricket stardust on top. Babar Azam not only plays for Peshawar Zalmi in the PSL, but he also captains them. 

And in domestic cricket, he’s the shining star of Central Punjab. This man’s cricketing prowess is like a bright beacon, illuminating the path to victory for his teams.

Oh, and here’s a fun fact to add to the charm: Babar Azam holds the record for being the joint most successful T20I captain of all time, with a whopping 42 wins under his captaincy belt. You can’t help but wonder if he has a secret stash of luck hidden somewhere!

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Early Life and Cricket Beginnings

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Childhood in the Walled City

Babar’s childhood memories were etched with the joys of playing cricket and wandering through the vibrant streets of the Walled City. Like a free bird, he would flutter around, displaying early glimpses of his cricketing talent.

But who was behind this cricket-crazy transformation? 

Well, it turns out, he had some inspiring older cousins, Kamran and Umar Akmal, who were already making waves in the cricket world. Their captivating tales of on-field heroics lit a spark in young Babar’s heart, igniting his passion for the game.

From Ball Boy to Cricket Academy

As destiny would have it, Babar Azam’s journey to cricket stardom began at Gaddafi Stadium, where he served as a humble ball boy. He was destined for greatness on the same hallowed ground.

Seeking guidance to refine his skills, Babar turned to Rana Sadiq, his first coach, who laid the foundation for his batting prowess. 

With dedication and determination, he honed his craft and soon found himself in the Pakistan Under-19 setup, ready to take on bigger challenges.

Babar Azam’s Remarkable Cricket Career Highlights

A Memorable Debut and ODI Breakthrough

The cricketing world couldn’t resist the charm of Babar Azam when he made his One-Day International (ODI) debut against Zimbabwe in May 2015. 

With an impressive half-century, scoring 54 runs off 60 balls, he announced his arrival with a bang! This memorable performance earned him a spot in the Test and ODI squads for an away series against Sri Lanka.

While the Test debut had to wait, Babar continued to shine in ODIs. A series against England saw him play a crucial role in Pakistan’s victory, with an unbeaten 62 runs in the first match. 

His consistent performances earned him a total of 139 runs in the series, with an average of 46.33.

New Zealand and T20I Debut

January 2016 brought a new challenge as Pakistan toured New Zealand. Babar Azam’s bat was on fire again, as he scored an impressive 62 runs off 76 balls in the first ODI. Although Pakistan couldn’t secure a win, Babar’s batting heroics were recognized, making him the leading run-scorer in the series.

Babar’s journey to cricket glory didn’t stop at ODIs. He made his Twenty20 International (T20I) debut against England, scoring an unbeaten 15 runs off just 11 balls, contributing to Pakistan’s series victory.

Made History in Ireland

As Babar’s career went to peak, he etched his name in history during a two-match ODI series against Ireland. 

Pakistan’s victory by a massive margin of 255 runs became their biggest ODI win ever. In the first ODI, Babar added 29 runs to the triumph, sealing the series in Pakistan’s favor.

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Babar Azam’s Heroics at the 2019 Cricket World Cup

In April 2019, the cricket world was abuzz with excitement as Babar Azam earned his spot in Pakistan’s squad for the prestigious 2019 Cricket World Cup. The International Cricket Council (ICC) recognized his talent, naming him one of the five exciting talents making their World Cup debut.

Before the World Cup commenced, Pakistan faced England in a T20I and a 5-match ODI series to gear up for the tournament. Babar showed his prowess in the T20I fixture, scoring a blistering 65 runs from just 42 balls before getting run-out.

In the 5-match ODI series, he displayed his consistency as a top-order batsman, ending up as the joint leading run-scorer with 277 runs, including a century and two half-centuries. Armed with runs under his belt, Babar Azam was all set to leave his mark in the World Cup.

On 26th June 2019, during a match against New Zealand, Babar achieved a remarkable feat, becoming the fastest Pakistani batsman to reach 3,000 ODI runs, doing so in just 68 innings. 

Not stopping there, he also recorded his 10th ODI century, finishing with an unbeaten 101 runs, guiding Pakistan to a crucial victory by 6 wickets. This century was extra special as he became the first middle-order Pakistani batsman to score a World Cup century in 32 years.

But Babar’s record-breaking spree didn’t end there! In a subsequent match against Bangladesh, he surpassed Javed Miandad’s long-standing record of the most runs by a Pakistani batsman in a single edition of the World Cup. Babar amassed an impressive total of 474 runs in 8 innings during the tournament, etching his name in cricketing history.

Babar Azam: The No. 1 ODI Batsman and Record-Breaker

In April 2021, Babar Azam once again showcased his cricketing genius during a thrilling ODI match against South Africa. With sheer brilliance and determination, he scored his 13th ODI century in just 76 innings, achieving this remarkable milestone faster than anyone in history. 

Babar’s blazing century surpassed the previous record held by Hashim Amla, who took 83 innings to reach this feat.

But that’s not all – Babar’s batting prowess didn’t stop there. By the end of the series, he accomplished something that every cricketer dreams of. With an outstanding performance, he climbed to the top of the rankings, becoming the No. 1 ODI batsman in the world!

With a staggering 865 points, Babar Azam dethroned the former top-rated ODI batsman, Virat Kohli, who had held the coveted spot for an impressive 1258 days. 

Babar Azam Sources of Income

Babar Azam mostly earns from playing cricket and getting paid for it. Moreover, he also endorses several brands and plays brand ambassador for most of them.  

Babar Azam Endorsements

With a massive fan following of 2.3 million on Instagram and 3.5 million on Twitter, Babar Azam is not only a cricket sensation but also a sought-after player for brand endorsements. Companies eagerly line up to have him as the face of their products and campaigns.

You’ll spot Babar endorsing a wide range of brands, showcasing his appeal to both local and international audiences. From tech giants like Oppo and Huawei to popular products like Head & Shoulders, HBL, Credit Book, Pepsi Pakistan, and even Free Fire, Babar Azam’s brand endorsements cover a diverse spectrum.

While Babar’s popularity as a brand ambassador is undeniable, the exact amount he earns per endorsement remains a well-guarded secret. Netizens are left curious, but one thing is for sure – his association with these brands only adds to his star power and marketability.

Babar Azam Assets

Babar Azam’s Beautiful Lahore Residence

Babar Azam, the cricket star, resides in a stunning house in Lahore. The entrance is adorned with mosaic tiles and a charming garden. 

The main gate, adorned with chrome studs, slides open gracefully. Inside, you’re greeted by large wooden double doors and beige-colored walls with ceramic tiles. 

The interior exudes a touch of royalty with its white and beige hues, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere.

Babar Azam’s Car

A White Audi Sedan

Babar Azam’s passion for vehicles extends beyond the cricket pitch, notably his prized white Audi sedan. He boasted about it being his “best car ever” in one of his interviews.

His Instagram is full of him and his car, testifying to his devotion to it. Babar’s taste and style are as sophisticated as the Audi that he drives.

Babar Azam’s Impressive Bike Collection

When it comes to wheels, Babar Azam doesn’t limit himself to just cars. His garage boasts an impressive collection of bikes, including the mighty Yamaha R1 and the sleek BMW RR 310.

While Babar enjoys the thrill of these powerful machines, his brother Safeer seems to have a special affinity for bikes.

You’ll often spot him riding alongside, capturing memorable moments with the Yamaha R1 and BMW RR 310, which he loves to share on his Instagram.

Babar Azam Biography

Celebrated Name Babar Azam
Full NameMohammed Babar Azam
BirthdateOctober 15, 1994
BirthplaceLahore, Punjab, Pakistan
ResidenceLahore, Punjab, Pakistan
EducationThe Lords International School system
Hair colourBlack
Eye colorDark brown
Siblings 1
Sexual OrientaionStraight
Marital statusEngaged
Ex-girlfriendHazima Mukhtar
MentorMansoor Hameed
Batting styleRight-handed
Bowling styleRight arm off break
Net worth$5 million
Jersey number56

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Babar Azam’s Family


Babar Azam’s family holds a special place in his heart, with his parents playing a significant role in shaping the person and player he is today. 

His father’s name is Sidiqque, a source of strength and support throughout his cricketing journey. 

While Babar’s mother’s name remains unknown, her love and care have been instrumental in nurturing his talents and dreams.


Babar shares a close bond with his brother, Safeer, who bears a striking resemblance to the cricket superstar. 

Their camaraderie goes beyond just looks, as they stand by each other through thick and thin, celebrating successes and overcoming challenges together.

Babar Azam’s  Wife

Although Babar Azam is not married yet, love is in the air as he is engaged to Nadia. 

Following his breakup with his ex-girlfriend, Hazima Mukhtar, Nadia has become a beacon of love and support in Babar’s life. 

Their wedding is on the horizon, and fans eagerly await the union of this cricketing heartthrob with his beloved.


Is Babar Azam related to the Akmal brothers? 

Yes, Babar Azam is related to the Akmal brothers. He is cousins with Kamran Akmal, Umar Akmal, and Adnan Akmal, all of whom are well-known cricketers from Pakistan.

How many centuries have Babar Azam scored in One Day Internationals (ODIs)?

He has scored a total of 18 centuries in ODIs.

Who is Babar Azam’s cricketing idol or role model? 

Babar Azam has often mentioned that his cricketing idol and role model is former Pakistan captain, Inzamam-ul-Haq. He admires Inzamam’s batting style and technique.

What was Babar Azam’s favorite cricketing moment in his career? 

One of Babar Azam’s favorite cricketing moments is scoring a century on his Test debut against the West Indies in 2016. It was a significant milestone in his career.

What are Babar Azam’s hobbies and interests outside of cricket? 

Besides cricket, Babar Azam enjoys playing video games and spending time with his family and friends. He is also fond of music and likes to listen to various genres.

Is Babar Azam involved in any charity or philanthropic activities?

Yes, Babar Azam is actively involved in charitable initiatives. He has participated in various charity matches and events to support causes close to his heart, contributing to the welfare of those in need.