Electric Scooter Business Ideas- 6 Lucrative Business Ideas That You Can Start Today

Electric Scooter Business Ideas

Have you ever dreamed of a future where streets are filled with quiet, eco-friendly electric scooters roaming around? Now you don’t have to dream this as the future is here. The electric scooter industry is progressing by leaps and bounds. 

In the year 2023, there are plenty of business opportunities in the electric scooter industry waiting for you.

So if you’re looking to get ahead of the curve, here are a few electric scooter business ideas you could start.

Electric Scooter Business Ideas

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Electric Scooter Business Ideas

Here are some business ideas that you can consider for your business startup.

Scooter Rental Business

Estimated Revenue: $15 per hour per scooter.

Requirements: Necessary permits and licenses, purchasing a fleet of scooters, securing a location, hiring, and training staff, and marketing the business.

Target Audience: people who are looking for convenient and affordable rides. Also tourists, commuters, and regular people.

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Electric Scooter Business Ideas

Why should You do this Business?

Do you know what’s cool about this business? You can do it because the profit potential is remarkably high. And guess what? The startup cost? It’s surprisingly low so that you won’t break the bank. Plus, here’s the kicker: it’s a green business, all eco-friendly. 

But wait, there’s more! This gig isn’t just about making money; it’s also about giving folks a speedy way to get around. So, you’re helping the planet and making things convenient for people. How awesome is that, right?

Your business can flourish more by choosing a high-trafficked location. You can offer various pricing options to appeal to different types of customers. Maintaining your scooters regularly so that your service is safe and more reliable.

It is a popular business model where you rent out electric scooters to people on a per-ride or per-hour basis. 

Scooter Tour Business

Estimated Revenue: On average, $500 per day per scooter.

Requirements: Appropriate number of scooters, have a license, and have a secured business location.

Target Audience: The main target is tourists, locals, and people looking for a unique and fun way to get around.

Electric Scooter Business Ideas

Why should You do this business?

There are many reasons that we can do this business. Some are scalability, seasonality (it is a seasonal business as a tourist is not available in every season), and, most important, it is a green business.

You can do this business easily at tourist hotspots, coastal areas, historical places, countrysides, urban landscapes, mountains, and adventurous islands.

You can start a scooter tour business if you’re passionate about exploring your city.

Scooter Delivery Business

Estimated Revenue: On average, $200 per day per scooter.

Requirements: Necessary permits and licenses have hired and trained staff.

Target Audience: Businesses and individuals who must send deliveries quickly and efficiently. It may include restaurants, grocery stores, and online retailers.

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Electric Scooter Business Ideas

Why should You do this Business?

Do you know what’s cool about diving into this business? It’s like a breeze because there’s zero overhead expenses to worry about. Plus, you can call the shots on your own time, all flexible and chill. And get this; it’s a piece of cake to manage – super hassle-free. 

But here’s the kicker: everyone is on board, so customer demand is through the roof. Oh, and here’s the cherry: you can expand this business in different cities like a pro, thanks to nifty applications. So, yeah, it’s a total win-win situation!

You can easily do this business by doing lead stores. Thus, you can quickly get a customer approach through the same platforms. It is a growing business model where you use electric scooters to deliver food, groceries, and other goods.

Scooter Repair and Maintenance Business 

Estimated Revenue:  On average, you can earn $100 per day per scooter.

Requirements: Technical expertise, workshops, tools, a proper license, and a supplier network.

Target Audience: Individual scooter owners, rental scooter business owners, delivery services, and local scooter dealers.

Electric Scooter Business Ideas

Why should You do this Business?

You could rock this business because a lot of people want it. It’s like a fresh and new thing to do, which is pretty awesome. Plus, it’s all about caring for our planet, so that’s cool too. And the best part? You’d be making sure everyone has a safe way to get around. How neat is that?

While considering where you can do this business, there are many options, like urban centers, tourist centers, college campuses, residential neighborhoods, and commercial places.

Electric scooters require regular maintenance, so there is a need for businesses that can repair and maintain them.

Scooter Accessories Business

Estimated Revenue: On average, you can earn $500 per day per scooter.

Requirements: Have various products, partnerships with suppliers, an e-commerce platform, and quality assurance for your customers.

Targeted Audience: Scooter owners, tourists, travelers, adventurous, and young riders.

Electric Scooter Business Ideas

Why should You do this Business?

Moreover, you can do this business because scooters are becoming essential means of transport. There is a market gap. The scooter accessories market has been relatively untouched till now. So it provides you with more room for innovation and creativity. There is more growth potential in this business because of more sustainability.

Additionally, there is a growing market for electric scooter accessories, like helmets, locks, and chargers. You can sell these accessories online or in a brick-and-mortar store. 

Scooter Insurance Business

Estimated Revenue: On average, $100,000 per year.

Requirements: Knowledgeable about insurance stuff, must have an online website 

Target Audience: Scooter owners

Electric Scooter Business Ideas

Why Should You do this Business?

After reading about this business, the first thing that comes to mind is, why take on this fantastic adventure? Well, imagine scooters being all around, just like superheroes! And guess what? 

Not many folks are doing this so that you could be like the first explorer. Plus, when you help people keep their scooters safe, you’re like a hero in the scooter world. How awesome is that?

Wrap Up

So, long story short, there you have it, a quick peek into the world of scooter business ideas. There is time to put on your entrepreneur cape, become popular over the years, and move into a new venture!