What are The Biggest Companies In The World? A Stunning List of Top 10 Companies

what are the biggest companies in the world

Businesses are created by people who dare to do things in their way. When any company is built, it’s a result of a creative thought process to bring innovative and advanced solutions for the people. This article will be focusing on the most researched phrase that is ‘What are the biggest companies in the world’ and how did they become so?

So let’s get an overview of this phrase along with the answer to it.

What are the Biggest Companies in the World? “AN OVERVIEW”

The mind boggling wealth, revenue, and strength of these top 10 companies may make you wonder how they got there, from dominating the international market for the last decade to breaking the barriers of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

These maestros have set a benchmark so high that most people can never even dream of getting there. But, there is one major thing that’s common between these giant companies and us. Can you tell me what it is? It is that all of them had a very humble starting.

 Almost all of these millionaire entrepreneurs were born without a golden spoon in their mouths. The investors rejected their ideas, they couldn’t get any grants or funding, and no one believed in them. What kept them going was their unwavering strength and an utmost belief in their dreams and ideas. 

Amazon is famous on the list when people search for the term ‘what are the biggest companies in the world? Its idea started from Jeff Bezos’s room. The tech giant Apple company was an idea that began from the backyard of Steve Jobs’ house. It’s the same Steve Jobs who was fired from his job.

When they say, “Great things come out of the comfort zones,” they’re right. You have to fail a thousand times to learn how to win. “Every failure and every setback is an investment for you, and you’ve to learn from it and move on,” a quote of Jack Ma, founder of a vast online shopping platform Ali Baba. He was told his idea is not good enough. He can’t compete with Amazon, and he’s only wasting his time.

Read along this blog to find what are the biggest companies in the world. In addition, this blog will help you to find the motivation to create a new significant phenomenon in the world.

List of Top 10 Biggest Companies in the World

1. Saudi Aramco

In terms of revenue, Saudi Aramco is the largest company in the world. It’s based in Saudia Arabia and belongs to the oil and gas production industry. Saudi Aramco is a distinguished name globally because it runs the largest hydrocarbon single network in the whole world.

Saudi Aramco is a company owned by the Saudi state government. They are termed leaders when it comes to producing liquified natural gas.

Saudi Aramco recorded its highest-ever revenue of approximately 329.8 billion in the pandemic-hit year of 2020, and that’s why it sits at the top of What are the biggest companies in the world?

2. Apple Inc

On the rank of number 2 is sitting the tech giant Apple incorporation. Created from the great mind of Steve Jobs, Apple is found in every country of the world. It is a company that has dominated the tech world for the last two decades and has revolutionized the industry of computers, cellphones, and laptops.

Apple is famous for staying one step ahead of its competitors. It has several brands, stores, offices, and employees worldwide. With a gigantic revenue of 274.515 billion $, Apple has triumphed over other electronic and tech companies with a considerable margin.

3. Microsoft. Inc

The creative idea of Bill Gates took the world by storm when it was first introduced to the world. It was created on April 4, 1975, and has continued to grow substantially worldwide. 

It’s one of those companies that have been on this list of ‘what are the top 10 biggest companies in the world’ since decades?

The primary function of Microsoft is developing manufacturer’s manufacturer’s licenses, computer software, windows, and other electronic gadgets. 

Even during the Corona Pandemic, Microsoft scored a high revenue of $143 billion with impressive earnings of 44,281 American Dollars.

4. Amazon

Amazon is famous far and wide as the most extensive online store. Jeff Bezos created it on July 5 in the summer of 1994. Amazon focuses on providing different computing services, like e-commerce, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing. 

It’s a huge multinational company with its network of offices spreading everywhere in the world. With a staggering 1.3 million worldwide employees, Amazon reported an extraordinary revenue of $386.064 billion in 2020.

5. Delta Electronics

It’s a Thailand-based electronic and automation giant which was founded in April 1971. Its reported revenue in TWD is the massive amount of 282.61 billion dollars. 

They manufacture several electronic products and create automation systems for industries. In addition, they are famous for building support for alternative energy like electrical-powered transportation, etc. 

6. Alphabet Inc

It’s an American-origin multinational tech company. It reported a revenue of $161.9 billion. Alphabet Inc. was created by restructuring Google on October 2, 2015. Ultimately it went on to become the parent company of Google and also many Google subsidiaries.

7. Tesla

It’s one of the most famous on the SERP list of what are the biggest companies in the world? It is owned by Elon Musk and is renowned for introducing electric cars and transitioning the world towards sustainable energy. Tesla has reported a revenue of around 10.74 billion dollars. 

8. Facebook

Founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004, it’s the most famous communication app. Its approximate market value is 757 billion dollars. It’s used by billions of users every day and has managed to create a revenue of $86 billion.

9. Tencent

With a revenue of 37,730 crores CNY, this telecom company is at no. 9. This revenue was substantially more than the last year. 

They offer telecom services, web portals, and internet services.

10. Alibaba Group

The last one that comes on the search results list of ‘what are the biggest companies in the world?’ is Alibaba Group. It was founded by Jack Ma and has continued to grow every day. They have reported revenue of $72 billion and have become one of the largest artificial intelligence companies.

Wrap Up

All in all, we have shared with you a list of top 10 biggest companies in the world. These companies also started with zero and now are generating more then billions of dollars annually. The motive of this post was to make you realize that the one who steps up, must reach his/her destination. You can also go through a blog post where we discussed top 10 richest people in the world.

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