Viktor Bout Net Worth 2023- Richest Criminal in the World

Viktor Bout Net Worth

Let me tell you an interesting fact that fame is not only meant for good people. You have seen celebrities,athletes,singers being famous but have you ever wondered that a criminal can get a huge fame and have millions of net worth?

It sounds strange right? But Viktor Bout is the name that is called among the richest criminals of the world.  What is Viktor Bout Net Worth? Why is he called the Merchant of death?

If you are among those people searching for Viktor Bout Net Worth, career, and every detail of him you are on the right page

In this article, we will discuss how the Merchant of Death, Viktor Bout, made his fortune with an amazing amount of Net Worth and his journey in military service.

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Viktor Bout Net Worth


Who is Viktor Bout?

Viktor Bout is a notorious former arms dealer who gained notoriety for trafficking weapons of the military to other countries under the United Nations. These countries include Liberia, Angola, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

He is a Russian weapons manufacturer and former Soviet military translator. During the early 1990s and 2000s, he used multiple companies to smuggle arms from Eastern Europe to Africa and the middle east.

When British minister Peter Hain read a report to the United Nations on Bout’s reaching operations and extensive clientele, Bout got the nicknames “the merchant of death” and “Sanction Buster.”

What is Viktor Bout Net Worth?

As of 2023, prominent international arms smuggler Viktor Bout Net Worth is approximately calculated as $50 million. The question is how Viktor Bout made this much net worth.

He used his air transport companies to smuggle weapons worth billions of dollars. He also supplies arms to dictatorships and various rebel groups and organizations worldwide.

Viktor started his own air cargo company, which he used to deliver weapons overall to the world. Let’s have a quick look over Viktor Bout Net worth.

Viktor Bout Net Worth in 2023$50 million
Annual SalaryN/A
Monthly SalaryN/A

Viktor Bout Early Life:

Viktor Bout was born on January 13, 1967 in Dushanbe. Soveit. Both Viktor and the United Nations placed his birth on the same day in Dushanbe, the soviet union capital of Tajikistan. His father’s name is Raisa Bout.

In 2001, South African intelligence reported that Viktor Bout was Ukrainian. Concerning his education, he attended Moscow’s Military Institute of Foreign Languages in the late 1980s. There he learned six languages and became a polyglot.

Viktor Bout Net Worth

Source: NRP

Military Service:

Besides these, he also earned an economic degree from the Russian Military College. After his education, he served as a translator during the civil wars in Angola and Mozambique.

Some reports say that Bout has worked as a GRU major and KGb operative in the Soviet Air forces.

When the soviet union collapsed, Viktor launched into the freight industry in 1991. Viktor joined the transport industry after returning from the military.

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Viktor Bout Career:

Air Cess:

Bout’s career began as an arms dealer in the 1990s. He founded his own company named “Air Cess.”

This company specializes in cargo transportation. Soon, Bout realized he could use his planes to transport weapons to various conflict zones worldwide.

His network of contacts in the military and intelligence service allowed him to produce large quantities of weapons. Bout sold those weapons to various clients, including dictators, warlords, and terrorist groups.

Arms Trafficking:

In 1994, Bout sent shipments of weapons to the pre-Taliban government of Afghanistan. Between 1996 and 1998, he smuggled weapons from Bulgaria to Africa, intending to be used by UNITA in the Angolan Civil War.        

Moreover, he was accused of supplying warlord Charles Taylor with arms to use in that country’s Civil War. Besides these, he was also accused of arms trafficking during the Yugoslav wars.

Money Laundering:

In 2004, Bout and his associate Richard Chichakli established an airline company in Tajikistan to carry out Money laundering activities.

During this period, he supplied arms to many groups in Africa. He also allegedly sent surface-to-air missiles to Kenya. These missiles were used in an attack on Israeli aircraft.

Due to his activities, he was reported to have a substantial presence in Libya. But because of his constant move, re-registering his aircraft, authorities could never file a case against him for arms smuggling.

Viktor Bout Net Worth


Viktor Bout Arrest and Extradition:

In 2008, Bout was arrested in Thailand on a charge of terrorism. In 2011, he was convicted in the United States of conspiracy to kill US citizens.

You know Bout was prisoned for around 25 years? It’s a long period of life. Nicolas Cage also portrayed him in the film “Lord of War” in 2005.

Finally, on December 8, 2022, Viktor was traded back to Russia in a prisoner swap in exchange for WNBA player Brittney Griner.

Bout was accused of fabricating papers in the Central African Republic in 2000. He was guilty in his absence, and later on, this accusation was dismissed.

Belgian authorities placed an Interpol red alert on Bout for the suspicions of money laundering in 2002. But was unable to address the case, and in 2004, Bout’s US assets were blocked by an executive order.

Sting operation:

The Drug Enforcement Administration conducted a sting operation to keep the Bout at its target in 2008. Later, he was detained in Bangkok, Thailand, due to the US-issued Interpol red alert.

The US appealed the Bangkok Criminals court ruling, which was made in favor of Bout in 2009. Ultimately, Bout was extradited to the US in the latter 2010.

After this, the Russian government was outraged and said that this extradition was unlawful and driven by politics. That is why the Russian government imposed penalties on all those involved in extradition.

Charges and Conviction:

The US Government of Justice accused Bout of assassinating US citizens and providing resources to foreign terrorist organizations. Moreover, he was hit with further allegations in 2010. In 2011, a federal court in Manhattan found Bout guilty.

What was Viktor Bout Convicted of?

As per reports, Viktor Bout pleaded guilty to the following charges and faced jail for 25 years.

  •          Conspiracy to assist a foreign terrorist organization.
  •          To kill American officers and employees.
  •          To obtain and use anti-aircraft missiles
  • ·         To kill American citizens.
Viktor Bout Net Worth


Vitor Bout’s Assets:

During his career as an arms dealer, Viktor amassed a significant amount of assets. Despite his illegal activities, he invested in various businesses.

After his arrest, authorities seized assets of Bout, including planes, hotels, and businesses. His investments include aviation, shipping, and real estate.

Endorsements and investments:

Bout was also known for his investment and endorsements of various products and services. He served in advertisements for companies, including Transavia Airlines. He was reportedly paid millions for his endorsement deals.

Some of his assets include:

Air Fleet of Cargo plane:

Viktor Bout operated an air fleet of cargo planes for transporting illegal goods. Authorities seized his aircraft, including his Boeing 727 and a Boeing 737.


But she also owned a luxurious hotel named Moscow Radisson Slavyanskay, which the Russian government seized in 2010. This hotel was later sold to the Azerbaijani state oil company SOCAR.

Cargo Companies:

 Viktor Bout Net Worth includes several cargo companies, including Air Cess and Ilyushin Finance Co. These companies were seized and placed under the control of a Trust.

Real Estate:

The Merchant of Death also owned several properties in Thailand. These properties include a mansion in Bangkok which was also seized. Besides these, he also owned properties in Russia and an apartment in Moscow.

Bank Accounts:

Bout’s bank accounts worldwide had millions of dollars. These accounts were temporarily frozen on account of illegal activities.

However, Viktor Bout much of the wealth is believed to have been hidden in offshore accounts and other secret locations; due to this, those accounts were unable to seize.

Viktor Bout in Media:

Viktor Bout has been the concern of many media houses. In 2005, one-third of Nick Kochans’s book “The Washing System” was devoted to her, equivalent to 12 months. She reportedly was the muse for the crime film “Lord of Struggle.”

Viktor Bout was the subject of the documentary series “Manhunt: Kill or Capture” and “Damian Lewis: Spy Wars” in 2014.

Viktor Bout Biography:

Celebrated Name Viktor Bout
Viktor Bout Net worth50 million dollars
Age56 years
Sexual orientation Straight
Marital  StatusMarried
Birth DateJanuary 13, 1967
Birth PlaceDushanbe, Soveit Union
ProfessionRussian Arms dealer
Weight78 kg
SiblingBrother named Sergei Bout
Height5 feet 11 inches
Eye colorBlue
DaughterElizaveta Bout

Frequently asked questions:

What was the favorite play of Viktor Bout as a teenager?

Viktor played volleyball at the age of 18.

Who is the Spouse of Viktor Bout?

Viktor Bout was married to Alla Bout in 1992.

What is the real name of Viktor Bout?

His real name is Viktor Anatoyevich Bout.

When was Viktor Bout released?

Bout was released on December 2022 by the US government in exchange for Brittney Griner.

Wrap Up:

In short, Viktor Bout Net Worth is a topic of interest and controversy in the criminal world. However, the legacy of Bout is a cautionary tale about the dangers and consequences of engaging in illegal activities for personal gain.