VicBlends Net Worth 2023- Famous social media influencer

VicBlends Net Worth

Have you ever wondered how a simple barber making a little money can become a millionaire? Yes, it is possible, and VicBlends is among those people.

But the question is, what is VicBlends net worth, and how did he become a millionaire from cutting people’s hair?

We will answer all these questions in this article. Let’s look at VicBlends net worth, career, biography, and journey to becoming a millionaire.

VicBlends net worth

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Who is VicBlends?

The real name of VicBlends is Victor Antonio Fontanez. He is an American social media star and a popular barber.

 VicBlends caught attention and fame when he posted brief videos, interviews, and Q&As about his hair salon. He is best known for his luxury cuts and hair styling.

 He used to post these videos on his Tiktok channel, and later, he posted them on his YouTube channel. Initially, he was a well-known barber and rose to prominence through social media.

It’s a big achievement for VicBlends that he got a huge fan base at twenty-four. Amazing?

VicBlends Net worth:

 VicBlends Net worth $2 million to $5 million
 Annual salary $611.54k+
 Monthly Income $50.91k +

VicBlends net worth shows that he made his fortune very young. As of 2023, VicBlends net worth is calculated between 2 million dollars to 5 million dollars.

That is a huge amount at such a young age, right? He is also the founder and trainer of VicBlends Academy. In his academy, he teaches people how to become professional barbers. VicBlends Net worth comprises many sources that we will explore today.

VicBlends net worth


VicBlends early life:

VicBlends was born on April 9, 1999, in Fayetteville, North Carolina. His father was a military officer. VicBlends joined a High school for education.

Later on, he left his studies as he wanted to become a barber. He developed his passion as a barber when he used to cut hair in his mother’s garage. He also joined a barber school before moving to Atlanta.

Gradually, he turned his side hustle into a business, and soon, he became one of the most renowned celebrity barbers in the United states.

During the covid-19 pandemic, he could not bear to trim the hair of local people.

VicBlends Career:

VicBlends career started at the age of twenty-four. One day he was styling hair in his shop. He got an idea and decided to post his cutting videos on TikTok.

Initially, he gained little traffic on his videos. But eventually, one of his videos got viral, and he rose to instant fame. Later on, he decided to join YouTube as well.

The whole scenario of having a haircut was changed. It was raised to a new level by his inspirational content. He offers hair cuts to teenagers, people without homes, and the general public.

VicBlends net worth


His TikTok channel has around 12 million followers, and his YouTube channel has 1.22 million subscribers. On his YouTube channel, he shares some Q&A videos, some interviews, and daily life with his girlfriend. His fans loved these videos, and they helped him become a celebrity.

He has often styled Lil Baby’s hair, Cam’s reddish hair, and other celebrities, including NLE Choppa, Mozzy, and D’angelo Russel.

VicBlends Academy:

After becoming famous on YouTube and Tiktok, VicBlends opened his academy named VicBlends Academy. He taught other people how to become professional and successful barbers.

He also shares some tricks and tips about cutting hair. In short, VicBlends is trying to take his barbering to the next level. It is working out well for him.

Twitch live streamer:

Vicblends is fond of playing games and has 260,000 followers on Twitch. His most famous games include Street Fighter, Tekken, Guilty Gear XRD, and Mortal Kombat.

He also became a program manager for X split broadcaster. With time, Vicblends served high-profile clients in the music industry and the national basketball association.

VicBlends sources of Income:

VicBlends no longer needs a salary because he is running his own business. His main source of Income is YouTube and TikTok.


Usually, advertisers pay a certain amount for each post they make on Vicblends TikTok account. The average follower rate on his most recent 15 posts is 5%.

Hence, the average Tiktok sponsorship gives him $3000 to $4000, which is amazing.


As discussed, his Instagram account also has a huge fan followers. His most recent 15 posts on Instagram show that he is earning around $2000 to $4000 on Instagram.

VicBlends net worth


Youtube Sponsorships:

In addition to Instagram and tiktok, the youtube account plays a vital role in VicBlend net worth. On average, he makes $15,000 to $250,000 yearly from his youtube videos.

 VicBlends Social Media accounts:

VicBlends is a youtube star and a social media influencer with a huge following. His Instagram profile name is @vicblends he has more than 2 million followers.

VicBlends biography:

Real NameVictor Antonio Fontanez
Nick NameVicBlends
Date Of BirthApril 9, 1999
Age24 years old
Birth PlaceFayetteville
Height5 feet 9 inches
Weight70 kg
Marital StatusUnmarried
ProfessionBarber, Social media Influencer
VicBlends Net Worth$2 million to $5 million

VicBlends Controversy:

As competitions are in every field. Similarly, Vicblends has competitors who are jealous of his instant fame and prominence.

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Due to jealousy and hatred, many people stated different stories of Vicblends to bring him down. But Vicblends remained dedicated to his work and did not bother him with negative comments.

His fans said that VicBlends focuses on positivity and love. Hence he has done a great job of avoiding controversies and rumours.

 Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the hobbies of VicBlends?

VicBlends is fond of playing fighting video games. He is a full-time live Twitch streamer as well.

Is there any official email to contact VicBlends?

Yes, you can contact him at

Who is the girlfriend of VicBlends?

Currently, he is dating Kayte Portillo, a social media influencer. She posts content related to fashion, health, and beauty.

What does Tattoo on Vicblends shows?

VicBlends has several tattoos all over his body. Though it does not show any specific reason, he may love to have a tattoo.

Does VicBlend smoke or drink alcohol?

Yes, VicBlends smokes as well as drinks alcohol.