Theo Von Net worth 2023 –  Best Stand-up Comedian

Theo Von Net worth 2023 – Best Stand-up Comedian

As calculated, Theo Von Net worth is approximately $2.5 million. This article concerns Theo Von Net Worth, career, achievements, Biography, and professional life.

About Theo Von

Theo Von is an American stand-up comedian, podcaster, actor, and host. His real name is Theodor Capitani von Kurnatowski. He started his career in the comedy industry when he was just 19 years old.

Initially, he starred in MTV’s Road Rules, Maximum Velocity Tour in 2000. He also got featured in the popular comedy Central’s reality bites back. After this series, Theo Von got instant fame, and eventually, his fan circle increased.

If you search for stand-up comedy artists, you will find Theo Von first. So let’s discuss Theo Von Net Worth and his career now.

Theo Von Net Worth:              

Theo Von Net Worth$2.5 Million
Monthly SalaryNA
Annual SalaryNA

Theo Von Early Life:

Theo Von was born on 19 March 1980 in Louisiana, United States. His parents were Roland Theodor Achilles von Kurnatowski and Gina Capitani.

Roland was 70 years old when Theo Von was born. Theo Von has an elder brother and two younger sisters.

In 2018, Theo Von had an interview with ”The Press-Enterprise” in which he said,” Humour is a free currency not everyone can have”. He graduated from Mandeville High School. He attended the University of Arizona, Louisiana state university Loyola University Orleans, and Santa Monica College before getting a degree from the University of Orleans.

According to Theo, the main gift of God for him is his voice. He realized that something needed to be changed, and then he started attending AA meetings.

Theo Von Career:

Television and film:

Theo Von began his career at the age of nineteen. He starred in MTV’s road rules Maximum Velocity Tour. While studying at Louisiana University, he was hired for the show.

Theo Von was part of four seasons of MTV’s game reality show. Also, he was part of the season’s cast named ”Battle of Seasons”.

In 2003, he cast ‘The Gauntlet,’ The Battle of Sexes in 2004, and ‘Fresh Meat’ in 2006. Theo Von was the runner-up of all these seasons.

Afterward, Theo Von won the online competition on season 4 of ‘Last Comic Standing.’ He joined the Comedy Central Sketch in mid-2008. Theo Vons net Worth shows us how talented he is and how he got famous as an influencer.


No doubt, Theo Von is a prominent stand-up comedian; besides this, he is also a podcaster. He has hosted a single podcast as of 2023. He was the host of the podcast King and the Sting, also. Theo Von was repeatedly invited on many comedian podcasts, including The Joe Rogan Experience.

He started his first podcast in April 2011, named the comedy slideshow. In this show, Von interviewed comedians and other entertainers. Twenty episodes of this show ended in November 2011.

 Stand up:

Theo Von began to perform as a stand-up comedian in Louisiana. After spending time on MTV, he returned to Los Angeles and pursued his career as a stand-up comedian.

Theo Von always needed help finding this role. This is because he was a real champ, and talent agents found him as a real TV star, and they didn’t give him work as a comedian initially.

One of the major accomplishments in Theo Von’s career was winning the title of Fan Favorite in an online competition. This competition was with the Fourth season of Last Comic Standing.

 The King and the Sting:

In December 2016, Theo von started a new podcast named This past weekend about Von’s storytelling, answering fans’ voicemails.

After that, in December 2018, Theo Von, with his fellow podcaster Brendan  Schaub started another new podcast named The King and the Sting.

This podcast was number 1 in the US and was among the top list in the United Kingdom, Spain, Canada, and Australia.

In November 2022, The King and the Sting were named The Golden Hour.

Theo Von Biography:

Celebrated  NameTheo Von
Theo Von Net worth2.5 million dollars
Age43 Years
Date  of birth19 March 1980
Height6 feet 0 inches
Zodiac  SignPisces
Marital  StatusUnmarried
Weight75 kg
Birth PlaceLouisiana, United States of America
ProfessionStand-up comedian, actor, influencer
EducationUniversity of Orleans
Net Worth in 20232.5 million dollars
Real Name  Theodor Capitani von Kurnatowski

Theo Von House:

Avon Theo has a house that is very beautifully built. His house has proper interior decor and ventilation.

Theo Von paid $1.645 million in March 2021 for a 4918-square-foot home in Nashville from former Vanderbilt head coach Derek Mason.

As Theo Von always aims high to keep his bank balance high, that is the reason Theo Vons Net Worth is exceptional. Beautiful interior decor provided his house with a lavishing look and added charm to the famous comedian.

Theo Von Youtube Channel:

Theo Von’s Net Worth is mainly from his comedy show but side by side, he is one of the famous influencers as well. His youtube channel is so popular that it is receiving more than 6.14 million views per month and around 2 lac views per day.

As predicted, Theo Von’s Youtube channel generates around $24.55 thousand in ad revenue a month and $368.26 in one year.

Some important links to his social media accounts and youtube channel are as follows:


Instagram: @theovon

Twitter: @theovon


Theo von has amassed almost three million followers on tiktok, and his fan circle is continuously increasing. He usually shared some short clips from his past. His fan base is in love with his edits.

Theo Von Relationship:

Theo von is a handsome guy with good-looking features. He is admired by most of his fans.

It is said that Theo Von has been in a relationship with two girls but still has not gotten married, as he was in love for a very short period.

Most of the time, he has posted pictures with his girlfriend, Brandi Glanville. 

Theo Von Controversies:

Theo Von has not faced any controversy throughout his life as he keeps himself away from rumors and controversies.

Theo Von Cars:

Theo Von has a collection of luxury cars. Theo Von’s Net Worth shows how rich he is and how much collection he has.

Jeep wranglers:

Let’s start with Jeep Wranglers. This car is iconic with incredible performance. Wranglers offers the best jeep performance for off-roading.

Toyota Highlander:

Besides Jeep Theo Von also owned Toyota Highlander in his collection of cars. This contains a powerful 2.5L Turbo engine and gives an energetic performance and delightful ride.

1971 Buick Riviera:

This 1971 Buick Riviera was the car that Theo Von kept in his garage. This is the most popular GM car ever. Its high riding ability offers a great fuel economy of 35 mpg.

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Frequently Asked Questions

 What is the Profession of Theo Von?

Theo Von is a famous stand-up comedian and actor.

 What is the Theo Von  Net worth?

Theo Vons Net Worth is around 2.5 million dollars.

What is the age of Theo Von?

Theo Von is forty-three years old.

 What is the horoscope of Theo Von?

Theo Von’s horoscope is Pisces.

What is the religion of Theo Von?

Theo Von is A Christian.