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peter popoff net worth

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Have you guessed how much a famous faith healer like Peter Popoff could earn in a month? And what exactly did he do to acquire such a position and name in history? 

Join me as this article deeply discovers the life, career, and wealth of one of America’s top televangelists – Peter Popoff.

Peter Popoff’s Net Worth


Peter Popoff’s Sources of Income

  • Sells various religious items.
  • Popoff’s ministry relies heavily on donations from his followers, and he has been accused of misusing these funds for personal expenses in the past.
  • He has been known to offer his followers various financial schemes and promises of prosperity, which may also contribute to his income.

Peter Popoff- The German-American Televangelist and Faith Healer.

Peter Popoff, who was born in Germany, is a televangelist and reality TV personality who frequently delivers religious sermons on television. 

He referred to himself as a faith healer and prophet and gained prominence in the 1980s for his revival meetings, marking his initial entry into the public eye.

Peter Popoff has intermittently operated his ministry. After being exposed to fraudulent practices, he withdrew from the public eye for a period before returning and restructuring his ministry as a non-profit organization. As a result, it has become difficult to monitor his activities and track his pursuits.

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Peter Popoff’s Career Highlights

Early Beginnings:

Peter Popoff’s father held various revival meetings in the USA, profoundly impacting Popoff as a child and inspiring him to begin preaching at a young age. 

Beginning in 1960, Popoff preached that he had been sent as a prophet by God and possessed miraculous powers to cure chronic diseases through the use of spiritual words. He utilized an earpiece to receive instructions from his wife, Elizabeth, who spoke spiritual messages to him that were believed by his followers.

Popoff gained a significant following and amassed considerable wealth from his followers.

Tv Show:

He later started a television program, which became popular and drew the attention of many. 

Popoff claimed that prescribed medicines were “evil weapons” during his show and instructed his paralyzed patients to stand and walk without assistance, often with fake patients pretending to be healed for the cameras.

While his practices gained him a large following, many have criticized his methods and raised concerns about the potential exploitation of vulnerable individuals seeking healing or financial assistance.

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After 1980:

In 1985, Peter Popoff solicited donations from the public under false pretenses, claiming that the money would be used to send Bibles to the Soviet Union attached to balloons. However, this claim was found to be false. 

During his interrogation after being arrested, he created another fabrication to cover up his actions.

However, in 1986, his fraudulent activities were exposed thanks to the efforts of skeptical agencies such as Magician James Randi, associate Steve Shaw, and crime scene analyst and electronics expert Alexander Jason. Using a radio scanner, Jason identified that Popoff’s wife, Elizabeth, was using a microphone to transmit messages to Popoff, who would then repeat them to his followers.

As a result of these revelations, Popoff went to jail for his deceptive practices, and in 1987, he went bankrupt, owing 800 credits in unpaid debts.

Despite this, he attempted to come back in 1998 by targeting an African American audience through the BET network.

However, his past actions have continued to be a source of controversy and criticism, and it is important to approach his claims with skepticism.

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Peter Popoff’s Books

Peter Popoff began his writing career in conjunction with his television career, authoring several books that have helped to raise his profile and increase his fame.

One of his most notable works is “Dreams: God’s Language for More Abundant Living,” and he has also written other books, including “God Has Promised You Divine Wealth” and “Prosperity Thinking.” 

Popoff has sought to spread his message to a wider audience and promote his teachings on spirituality and wealth through his writing.

In addition to his current works, Peter Popoff has continued to write more books and has built up a substantial catalog of published works that have further contributed to his fame and success.

He has also written “Six Things Satan Uses to Rob You of God’s Abundant Blessings,” published by Faith Messenger Publications.

Popoff’s books have been widely popular, and he has established himself as a skilled and talented writer. His writing skills have earned him recognition and have helped cement his reputation as a prominent figure in the world of spirituality and faith.

Peter Popoff’s Charitable Work

Peter Popoff has been involved in various charitable endeavors, primarily focusing on his ministry and televangelism.

In recent years, Popoff’s ministry has been registered as a non-profit organization, suggesting that he has shifted some of his efforts towards more philanthropic endeavors. 

Peter Popoff’s Personal Life

Peter Popoff Net worth10 million dollars
BornJuly 2, 1946
Age76 years old
Height6 feet. 1 inch.
Weight90 kilograms
Zodiac SignCancer
NationalityUnited States (American)

Regarding Peter Popoff’s personal life, he has been married to Elizabeth since 1970, and she has also worked with him on his healing projects. 

Despite experiencing many challenges in his career, Popoff has managed to persevere and gain significant exposure, although some remain skeptical and seek to expose him. However, he also has many fans and supporters who believe in him and his work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Peter Popoff, and what does he do?

Peter Popoff is a German-born televangelist and self-proclaimed faith healer who gained fame in the 1980s for his revival meetings.

What are some of Peter Popoff’s alleged miracles?

Peter Popoff has claimed to cure people of chronic diseases by speaking magical words and ordering them to stand and walk without assistance.