PASSIVE INCOME Definition, Passive income Types; All you need to know in 2022

passive income definition passive income types

While the Corona virus’s Delta variant had hit the world dreadfully, many companies, suffering from a great downfall had fired their employees due to an economic crisis. To be helpful towards these necessitous humans, many websites, organizations, and agencies provided them with a platform where they can earn money through passive income


Need to know about passive income- 

Unlike active income, passive income is a more secure and reliable way of earning money. But How?

How can we describe Passive income?

According to the passive income definition, earnings that are generated via limited partnership, or through any enterprise or agency in which the person does not participate actively or by rental income. Most taxes are liable on passive income.

Hardly any type of effort or even no effort is required to earn through passive income. If an investor follows this passive income definition and invests through passive income, his life is made easier in several ways.


Taxes liability on Passive income

In the above passive income definition, a point is raised that passive income is taxable. But how? Let’s discover the answer for this.

If we sell any kind of our property or interest that generates passive income, you are responsible for paying tax on it. The tax rate on each type of passive income is different. These taxes are based on the amount of profit you had earned or how long you had held your investment.

Types of Passive income:

There are three main passive income types:

  • Self-charged interests
  • Limited partnership
  • Rental properties

Self-charged interests:

It is one of the passive income types which states that self-charged interests are the interest that is charged on people who

  1. Had a direct in the entity during the entity’s tax year (that person can be a shareholder of that company)
  2. Had an indirect interest in the corporation during the tax year? (If the interest is held through one or more companies or corporations, the taxpayer had an indirect interest in it.) 

Limited partnership:

In a limited partnership, there is one general partner and one limited partner. The general partner manages all the affairs of the business and the limited partner only invests in that business and does nothing else.


Suppose that a woman invested her money in a grocery store owned by her friend, to maintain the equipment and help hire some staff. And she does nothing more to run that store. In this case, the woman earns limited partnership passive income as she is receiving the profit share made through the store without putting in any effort. Apart from this, she will not have any fear of being affected by the Coronavirus, as she is doing work from home. 

Rental Income:

Rental income type is one of the passive income types in which you may need help from certain property agencies and this type is also taxable. The law states that rental income is earning through active income but due to IRS it is considered as earning via passive income.


Let’s see an example to understand rental income.

A lady buys a house across the state and hires a property management company to look over the tenants and manage the affairs. She receives the monthly rent even though she does not oversee the house’s management. That’s called rental income. 

Ways through which we can generate money by Passive Income

Let’s discuss the basic ways of creating a passive income stream. Check out these easiest 3 strategies and learn what it takes to be successful with them, while also understanding the risks associated with each idea.

  • Selling information products
  • Create a blog or YouTube channel
  • Affiliate Marketing

Let’s discuss the points narrated above to make it easy for beginners to learn.

Selling Information Product

Despite being information products, they provide tips, guidance, and strategies, which people crave for. This information product can be in the form of hypermedia or multimedia, e-book, or even webinars. (Note: the products should work electronically. It should not be in the form of a printed book or CD).

Uses of selling information products:

  1. The products cost no money but your mental energy and time. You just need to write your ideas in an organized form in your e-book or film them in the form of a video.
  2. As the product is digital so it’s virtually free. It just consumes some space in your server.
  3. The seller is relaxed as there is no fear of financial loss.

Finding a market for selling information products:

 First of all, you have to start a business with your interest and passion and you are all set. Afterward, you had to look for the most famous trend related to your product and then figure out the most profitable market online. is one of the most famous websites for selling, growing, and promoting your online business.

Creating a blog or YouTube channel:

In this modern era, everyone wants to record precious life moments. So, why should we not earn money through our life experiences? It just requires two things:

  1. To pen down or record your any experience (it can be related to cooking or traveling for the first time or hiking on a mountain etc.)
  2. To edit your article or video and upload it on your blogging website or YouTube channel.

Earning via YouTube channel:


  1. Make a YouTube channel.
  2. Make videos and upload them to YouTube channels that will gather attention. (read: viewers)
  3. For each video view (on average a dollar or two per 1,000 video views), you are going to make money (some pennies

An opportunity for content producers to make money and to do that all is provided by YouTube. 

Earning via blogging:


The best platform for earning via blogging is Google AdSense.

  1. Log in to Blogger, choose your blog, and go to the “Monetize | Set up the AdSense” tab.
  2. Before hitting “Next”, choose where you want to show your ads on your blog.
  3. Follow the easy online steps to sign up for a new AdSense account, if you’re new to AdSense. You can log in to AdSense and link your Blog to your AdSense account, if you already use AdSense.

Click on to write your first ever blog and share your experience with the world.

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing provides a massive platform for bloggers, social media influencers, and website owners to earn Passive Income. These people just have to do the promotion of third party’s products on their social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram or their websites. The site owner (one who is promoting the product) earns a 3% to 7% commission when any of his followers or viewers click on the link and purchase an item. 

Following websites are considerably used by the influencers and bloggers for affiliate marketing:

Famous websites for affiliate marketing:


From earning through Passive Income to setting up your own business:

After reading the heading written above you must be eager to know how we can set up our own business. 

The main thing that leads you to set up your own business is to receive an identified tax number for it.

How can passive income help you to receive a Tax Identification Number?

For a generation of side income, passive income can be an effective strategy but, you will also be held accountable for the tax you generated from that side income as discussed in the passive income definition and also in one of the passive income types.

In some ways, you can minimize this tax and prepare for your future by setting up a small business and then creating a retirement account. For this you will have to be a legitimate business to qualify as this strategy won’t work for all these passive strategies.

  1. Receive a tax identification number for your business by registering with the IRS.
  2. For a self-employed retirement account contact a broker.
  3. Choose the kind of retirement account that best fits your needs.

Solo 401(k) is one of the most popular options as if you stash your cash in it you can take a tax break from that year’s tax.

How much income can be generated through passive income Sources?

After learning about passive income definition and passive income types and strategies one must not think to get wealthy overnight if one is earning through passive income. A huge income can be generated over a long period by using gainful and steady opportunities. We need to have some patience if we want to get a rich person by earning through this method.

Wrap Up

Hopefully, now you are aware of the term Passive Income and will practically implement it on yourself to be a self-independent person. We will be glad to know about your precious feedback regarding this topic. 

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