Myron Golden Net Worth 2023-Unlock the Millionaire Mindset Secrets

Myron Golden net worth

As someone fascinated by rags-to-riches stories, we’re immediately intrigued when heard about Myron Golden’s journey from poverty to successful entrepreneur and author. His bestselling book “From the Trash Man to the Cash Man” promises insight on starting from nothing to build wealth. But you wondered, just how much fortune has Golden built for himself at this point? Let dig up some secrets:

Myron Golden Net Worth

The Enigmatic Golden Wealth

 Unlike some celebrities, Golden doesn’t flaunt his wealth. He keeps details about his income and assets relatively private. But we can piece together an estimate based on what we know:

  • By 2017, sources estimate Golden was earning over $30 million annually and had a net worth over $50 million.
  • He owns a lavish $3.5 million home in Frisco, Texas as his main residence.
  • His car collection includes several high-end sports cars – clear signs of serious wealth.
  • He travels via private jet for his speaking engagements and business deals.
  • His companies, books, and online courses continue raking in major revenue.

Though Golden came from poverty, through vision and dedication he now appears to have amassed a fortune somewhere between $75 to $100 million at just 46 years old. And he’s not resting on his laurels – he seems focused on growing his income year after year through new business ventures and marketing strategies.

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While we may never know the exact figure, it’s clear Myron Golden has come incredibly far from his early struggles. His journey offers inspiration and proof that, with the right mindset.

It really is possible to turn your life around and achieve dramatic financial success. Golden himself is happy to share the lessons he’s learned to help others do the same. Well, looking into it, those estimates of his net worth being only $1 million just didn’t ring true.

Money MetricAmount
2023 Net Worth$25,000,000
Earnings Per Year$37,000,000
Per Month$3,083,333
Per Week$711,543
Per Day$101,649
Per Hour$4,235
Per Min$70.58
Per Sec$1.17

Golden brings in multiple millions each month through his business ventures, books, and speaking engagements. Maybe he lived humbly at first, but with that kind of income, there’s no way his total net worth is only in the single digit millions.

Based on the lavish homes, cars, and jets he owns, it’s clear Golden is far wealthier than that. We’d estimate Myron Golden net worth is at least $25 million, if not more. He seems to be the type that diligently reinvests his earnings too, so that number is likely still rising.

But those lowball $1 million estimates clearly aren’t accurate when you look at his earnings and lifestyle.

How Much Does He Make?

When you look at all Myron Golden’s income streams, it’s clear those lowball estimates of his net worth just don’t add up. Between his business consulting, book sales, speaking fees, and YouTube channel, his monthly earnings are seriously impressive.

Based on the available info, you’d estimate Golden rakes in at least $2 to $3 million per month. Whoa! Now that is some serious income. No wonder he can afford such a lavish lifestyle with all those flashy cars and private jets.

A huge chunk of his earnings comes from public speaking. We heard he commands fees of around $250K per speech! And his high-ticket consulting can apparently fetch rates of approximately $25K per hour. Even just a handful of those speeches and clients each month could mean massive paydays.

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It’s no wonder estimates place his fortune somewhere around $25 million or more.

Gotta hand it to him – the man knew how to turn his life around and build some serious wealth after coming from poverty. Myron Golden provides some major inspiration! He’s got major earning power from his monster net worth. We’re talking $25 million deep! Even a modest 4% return would bring in an extra $1 million per year easy.

And that’s not all – his businesses rake in around $36 million annually, by our estimate. Dude’s pulling in roughly $37 million a year total, just from assets and companies alone.

Serious riches right there. Myron’s sitting pretty on that platinum throne of wealth. With that kind of cash rolling in yearly, you bet he’s living like a king – fancy cars, luxury trips, you name it. 

He’s in a whole other wealth bracket compared to us regular folks just trying to pay the bills!

Buckle Up, Myron’s Social Media Bank is Full

Myron Golden Net Worth


He’s got multiple streams filling up the money vault. From courses to speeches, this dude’s income sources are diversified. But there’s one cash cache he could tap even more – social media bank!

Let’s break it down…Myron’s got around 152k Instagram followers, 39k on Facebook, and 252k YouTube subscribers. Totaling up to a whopping 443k cross-platform fanbase.

Based on influencer rates, a following of that size fetches around $4.5k per sponsored post or partnership. Cha-ching!  Just imagine if Myron leveraged his supersized audience and did one branded post per week. We’re talking an extra $234k added to the annual Myron Golden money pile.

The social media money train don’t stop either. With his knowledge and following, Myron could launch an online course, sell merch, and more. So Myron, if you’re reading this, cash in on your side hustle! Your social media empire is begging to be monetized.

His social capital is a goldmine waiting to make it rain.

Myron Golden’s Riches Rollercoaster Ride 

Myron started down in the dumps as a $6.25/hour garbage truck driver trying to provide for his young family. But he knew he was destined for more than trash duty. 

Through motivational audiobooks and self-improvement, Myron built up a side hustle from his house. Didn’t make a sale for over a year, but he kept tweaking his approach until it worked.

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Persistence pays off! Myron’s business finally took flight. He went from zero to millions over the years, even though he hit bumps and went broke briefly. But Myron learned from every setback and kept leveling up his sales abilities, becoming a true master. He leveraged his expertise creating digital courses, coaching programs and speaking gigs.

Wrapping up- From Garbage Trucks to Private Jets

With his sales skills and pricing control, Myron shot his net worth into the stratosphere! From garbage trucks to private jets – now that’s a serious glow-up!

The money master ain’t done yet either. Myron continues expanding his fortune through social media and always finding new opportunities.

Myron Golden’s path proves you can rise from rags to riches if you commit to self-growth and never quit. His journey took perseverance, but he turned lemons into million dollar lemonade!