Liver King Net Worth 2023 – Income, Career, Age, Biography, and Much More

liver king net worth

Are you excited to know the net worth of Liver King, like many others? If yes, it’s justified as I was curious some days ago, like you. 

Can you imagine how much this robust long-haired man earns a year? And how many businesses is he running side by side? Well, you are lucky because I have covered everything about Liver King in this article. From the Liver King net worth to his biography to assets and personal life, you can read everything here.

But before getting into the blog, let me tell you that The Liver King is Brian Johnson, a social media sensation, a successful entrepreneur, and an owner of multiple Ancestral Supplements businesses.

Let’s get to know the net worth of Liver King.

Liver King Net Worth


Reports indicate that in 2023, Liver King had a net worth of just over $1 million. On the other hand, if he owns all of his real estates and his businesses are fairly valued, his illiquid net worth could be as high as $12 million. Some sources say that his net worth is 100 million dollars.

Liver King Assets and Income Detail

Liver King own an 8300 square feet mansion in Austin, US, where he currently lives with his family.

The house has been seen in many of his Tiktok and Youtube videos. 

Liver King also makes lots of side income by doing PR packages for the biggest companies and promoting other brands on his social media accounts. He mostly endorses companies in the health and fitness niche as he is himself a bodybuilder and promotes health and fitness on a large scale.

Besides this, Liver King owns several lavish car models, including M1 Hummer, Ford f-450, and Kubota M4 Utility Tractor. He also owns an American Second World war era Tank called M4 Sherman.

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Liver King Net worth Trend and Growth

We know that the net worth of Liver King is around 1 million dollars approx, but do you know the yearly trend of Liver King’s net worth and how it grows every year? Is it going up or down or remaining stable? Let’s find out in the table below.

Liver King net worth in 2023$1 million
Liver King Net worth in 2022$0.8 Million
Liver King Net worth in 2021$0.6 Million
Liver King Net worth in 2020$0.4 Million
Liver King Net worth in 2019$0.2 Million

So we can see in the table that the net worth of Liver King is growing crazily every year. That’s why many people have started daydreaming of becoming a millionaire by creating social media accounts. 

Liver King Biography

The real name of Liver King is Brian Johnson. He was born on 7th April 1977 in San Antonio, Texas, United States of America. He completed his schooling at John Marshall High School in Leon Valley, Texas. Then he went to Texas Tech University, where he finally managed to earn a degree in biochemistry.

Liver King admitted that he was not very happy with the life and the upbringing he was getting because he lost his father in his early childhood and his mother was his single parent.

Snowboarding was his hobby, and he felt it was cool and enjoyable while snowboarding.

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Let’s have a quick overview of the complete biography of Liver King.

Liver King Net worth1 million dollars
Born7th April 1977
Height5.7 feet (1.7 meters) (170 cm)
Weight80 kilograms or 176 pounds approx
Zodiac SignAries 
ProfessionInfluencer and entrepreneur 
ReligionNot known
RelationshipMarried with Barbara Johnson
NationalityUnited states

Liver King Personal Life and Family

Liver King got married to Barabara Johnson and has two sons with her named Stryker Johnsons and Rad Johnson. He currently lives in his Austin Bungalow with his wife and children.

The Liver king started his Tiktok career in 2021. He decided to post videos about diet and health and live a primitive ancestral life. This is because his sons were dealing with allergies and often remained ill. 

He and his wife adopted a primitive ancestral lifestyle where he used to eat 1 kg of raw liver every day. He also decided to share his journey and knowledge with his audience, so he started posting about it. He claims their current lifestyle is the ultimate reason for their amazing health and fitness statuses.

Brian also follows a very strict workout schedule and never takes any off in a month. He loves to do daily exercises, and his favorite is walking for miles in the sun.

Social Media Accounts of Liver King

Liver King has accounts on Instagram and  Tiktok with 1.5 million followers on Instagram and about 4 million plus followers on Tiktok. The followers are rapidly increasing daily, and he will soon hit the 10M milestone on his Tiktok account.

Liver King also has a Youtube channel with around 250k+ subscribers and 3.5 million views.

Liver King Controversy

Liver King enrolled in a short controversy in November 2022. A YouTuber named Denver posted an exposing video titled ” The Liver King Lie on his channel.” In this video, he showed a screenshot of an email to the audience in which Liver King wrote on 29 June 2021 to his instructor that he is not only taking steroids to build muscles, but he is also spending a good amount of around $11k every month. 

Everyone started blaming Liver King for such a big lie, and his fans condemned him for this act. 4 days after the controversy, Liver king posted an apology video on his youtube channel and said he was sorry for not telling the truth to everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does liver king make a year?

Liver King’s annual income is around 250000 million dollars or even more as he does several businesses and brand promotions.

How did the Liver King get all his money?

Liver King is a social media influencer with millions of followers. He gets all his money by promoting his Ancestral Supplements Company on social media and getting hefty sales from there.

What companies does Liver King own?

The “Liver King,” Brian Johnson, started several successful businesses and companies, including Ancestral Supplements and Heart & Soil.

What is the Liver King’s Age?

The age of Liver King as of 2022 is 45 years. He will turn 46 in April 2023.

What is Liver King’s yearly salary?

The annual salary of Liver King is around $250000.

What does Liver King do for a living?

He is well-known in the bodybuilding and wellness communities for advocating a primal diet and lifestyle and eating raw meat. His primary wealth sources are businesses promoting ancestral health, supplement startups, and real estate. He boosts his income as a social media influencer by promoting various brands. 

What is the weight of the Liver King?

The weight of Liver King is around 80 kilograms, and in pounds, we can say 176 pounds.

How did Liver King Get famous?

Liver King became famous via one of his shared videos on Tiktok in which he ate a hefty amount of raw meat. 

What is the age of Liver King?

Liver King is 45 years old and will turn 46 in April 2023.