Julie Green Ministries Net Worth 2023- Unveiling the Mysterious Fortune

Julie Green Ministries Net Worth

Julie Green Ministries, famous for being a false prophet, has a net worth in millions of dollars. 

It shocked you too, right? But how is Julie Green Ministries Net Worth touching the sky when she is not in any major business ventures?

Well. We will discuss it all in detail in this post and let you know about julie green ministries net worth, life, career, sources of income and all you may not know about her. 


Who is Julie Green Ministries?

Julie Green Ministries is an American personality well known for her youtube channel. She owns her own company named JGM international.

JGMinternational is a Christian ministry founded by Julie Green ministries in 1998. Let’s explore Julie Green ministry net worth.

She has been successful in her career as a motivational speaker, minister, and author. Besides these, she has also written several books featured in several publications and media.

Julie Green ministries Net worth:

As of 2023, Julie Green ministries net worth is amassed by $7.5 million. How did she earn such a substantial net worth? As she is the prophet and founder of JGM international, her net worth has been rapidly growing.

Her organization provides spiritual guidance, education, and leadership to people. This is successful in raising funds through sponsorships and donations.

She has millions of followers on Instagram, contributing to her net worth. A quick overview of Julie green ministries net worth is as follows:

 Julie green ministries net worth 2023 $7.5 million
 Monthly salary NA
 Annual Salary NA

Julie Green ministries early life:

Julie was born in Canada and grew up as an atheist. She was born on 19 July 1987. Currently, Julie is residing in America. She was raised in California, where she converted to Christianity at 22.

Julie got his schooling from a private school and did her B.A. from the University of Saskatchewan. Finally, she got her masters in history degree from the University of Calgary.

This is not all about Julie; she continued studying and did her M.A. in journalism from the University of Western Ontario. Moreover, she also received a certificate in fundraising management from Ryerson University.

Julie Green Ministries career:

JGM international:

Julie Green ministries started her career in 1995. She conducted many campaigns through her church, spoke at conferences and seminars, and wrote several books, including “You are priceless.” Not only is she the host of a television channel, “Julie Green Ministries.”

In 1998 she founded the JGM international organization. The main motive of this organization was to spread God’s word and love among people. Julie spread that when she talks to God, he helps her to achieve her goals and perform miracles, signs, and wonders.

In short, Julie showed people a spiritual path and was often called the prophet. She has also founded other Christian ministries, including operational blessing International. This ministry offers disaster relief worldwide and provides jobs and training to young people at risk.

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 Julie Green Ministries Net Worth
source: facebook

Julie green ministries Youtube channel:

As Julie Green started preaching in 2010. As she wanted to enhance and expand her teaching to a larger area thus, after founding JGM international, she started a youtube channel.

Her teaching about God on youtube helped her to gain popularity. Currently, she has more than 25.4k subscribers and more than 100 videos on youtube.

Julie Green Ministries awards and achievements:

Julie has done great work, and thus, she received several awards for her recognized work. Forbes recognized her as one of the top 100 influential women in the world in 2014. Besides these, she is also well-known in different media publications and outlets.

Sources of Income:

Julie’s green ministries are the primary source of Julie green ministries net worth. Besides these, she is generating income from several sources, which are as follows:

Ads Revenue:

As discussed, Julie green ministries are famous on youtube for her preaching and guidance. Having a vast fanbase, Julie earns massive revenue from youtube and social media ads.


 Books are another source of Julie’s green ministries. She publishes books that share her story and insights from the Bible.

These books’ title includes Atheist to Jesus Freak, the power of a praying woman, The prophetic voice of God, and The supernatural life.

Her books cost around $10 to $20 each, which shows she is also making money from her bookselling.

Online Courses:

After book publications, Julie also decided to sell online courses to help many people change their lives on the right path. She started selling courses that teach people how to grow their fate and destiny. For your information, these courses are also available on the ministry’s website and other platforms, including Udemy or Teachable.

These online courses range from $19 to $199.

 Julie Green Ministries Net Worth
source: kahawa tangu

Julie green ministries biography:


NameJulie green ministries
Nick NameJulie green
Marital StatusMarried
HusbandMr. Trent Green
Date Of Birth19 July 1987
Birth nationAmerica
ChildrenThree sons
Height6 feet and 5 inches
Higher EducationUnknown
Age As of 2023:36 years
ProfessionsAssociate Pastor andfounder of JGMinternational
Julie Green ministries net worth$7.5 million

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many followers Juile has on her Facebook?

She has around 29,788 followers on Facebook.

What are the names of Julie Green’s sons?

She has three sons named T.J., Dreck, and Janelle Green.

What is the philosophy behind Julie green ministries?

The philosophy of Julie Green is to show God’s love in action. It is about reaching out to needy people, transforming other people’s lives to God, healing broken hearts, and showing Christ’s love in our actions.

What is Julie Green ministries’ philanthropy?

She is famous for his philanthropy as she has helped to fund several Charitable causes. This includes building schools and orphanages in developing countries. Besides this, she has also provided food and shelter to needy people.

What is the price of Julie’s green books?

She sells around 1000 books per month. Each book costs an average price of $15.