Latest Jobs For Freelance Content Writers

We are about to disclose some latest jobs for freelance content writers.

Dated: 9th June 2022


Freelancing offers several advantages that may lead to a prosperous career. As a matter of fact, the opportunity and responsibility provide you the freedom to choose the projects and customers you want to work with. They contribute to your freelancing profession in various ways, from location to rates to multi-faceted exposure.

Freelance writing jobs are ideal for getting started in the writing field if you like writing and want to turn it into a career.

latest freelance content writing jobs

Here are the latest freelance content writing jobs to boost your income:

1. UX Writer

If you are familiar with UX writing, you should check out this job opening as they offer an excellent salary package with many other benefits. As a UX Writer in the Product Documentation team, you will aim to leverage the power of words to create a direct and engaging user experience. You will possess the Scaleway console terminology, which will be primarily technical.

It will be your responsibility to make complex material plain and understandable. You’ll work with the other technical writers to achieve the objective of assisting the users in completing tasks. You will also work closely with the Product Designers and Marketing team to ensure consistency and that everything they launch adheres to their standards.

2. Copywriter and PR

Your responsibilities will mainly include developing and maintaining a portfolio of channels and post styles and adjusting material for SEO.

This startup is attempting to create the next capital market – the “Amazon of Crypto” – where it is simple to list an asset, find it, and purchase or sell it. In other words, they are allowing the next billion traders access to the following million digital assets, which range from cryptocurrency to equities, commodities, and real estate markets. 

They are an advanced business, and you will learn a lot about what is going on in the IT industry. They provide a significant stock option plan, competitive salary, and excellent development as the web3 era begins.

3. Blog Writer

Do you think you can write catchy blogs that will grab customers’ attention, then this job is definitely for you. Writing experts and students eager to apply their expert writing talents and eye for grammatical perfection to promote education for everyone will be interested in this job.

In collaboration with Bedrock’s marketing team, your job will be to produce well-researched, accurate, reader-friendly blog posts for their website, adequately prepared to give teachers, parents, tutors, and students the most vital educational information

4. Creative writer

Are you creative with your words? If your answer is yes, this job is a perfect opportunity for you to explore this as a career option and go big.

You will be instrumental in providing educational context to the news media library by collaborating with the Boclips content team. You will be responsible for editing the titles and pedagogical tags for numerous news segments covering business, finance, economics, social studies, and technology.

5. Editor & Content Analyst

Raptor Maps is searching for a B2B Publisher, Content Strategist, Writer, and Content Marketer passionate about business, technology, and solar energy.

Your role will be to handle their content marketing, including creating and publishing thought leadership, blog posts, case studies, white papers, presentations, website pages, press releases, and other technical material.

The Bottom Line

Begin a writing career in style. Even if you are a seasoned expert, there is still plenty to discover and move to better positions by exploring various options. Enter and find which of these works best for you!

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