Island Boys Net Worth 2023 – Career, Personal Life, Salary, And Everything Important!

Island boys net worth

Island Boys Net worth: Island Boys’ are famous American twin rapper boys whose names are Alex Venegas and Franky Venegas. The two brothers are a true internet sensation and got famous after their song with a freestyle rad video, Island Boys, got viral. 

Both the boys are 22 years old and are famous across the world. The boys currently reside in Florida, United States. 

The boys are also known for their unique looks, outrageous haircuts, incredible white teeth, and flash tattoos. They’re still trending with their Island Song on TikTok, YouTube, and different socials. 

Let’s look deep into their lives and their interests. Their net worth, career, personal life, and where all of it stands today!

Island Boys Net Worth 2023

Island Boys’ Net Worth$700,000
Monthly Salary$45,000
Yearly Salary$90,000

The Island boys’ are the famous twin brothers who sang the song Island Boys and got known around the world. Their net worth is around 2 Million Dollars.

Most of the income comes from different brands and TikTok and their YouTube channels, where they have millions of followers and views on their videos. They have over 8 million views on some of their videos. 

Their YouTube Channel is named Big Bag Ent, which has many of their vlogs, songs, and audio clips and might be the biggest source of their income as well.

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Among the two brothers, Island Boys’ Career

Franky Venegas was the first to begin his journey into the music world in 2020. He was previously known as redd_4x and released a few songs, 9ine, Real Right, and Smoke. 

Both the brothers, Kodiyakredd and Flyysoulji, released their brand new rap song name, I am an Island Boy, in the October of 2021, which increased their fame and popularity. 

The track was first released on TikTok and became a global trend. The two brothers sang the new song in a bathtub. After the video, their official social accounts started gaining followers, and the number got up to 1.3 million followers. 

Apart from being so popular on TikTok, The twin brothers also own a YouTube channel titled Big Bag Ent, in which they frequently upload videos, music videos, and audio clips of their music.

On 15th October 2021, they posted their successful and popular TikTok video on their YouTube channel. At the time, the video racked up more than 2.2 million views, gaining a value of over 100 million dollars.

Island Boys’ Personal Life

Island Boys’ Net Worth$2 Million
Celebrated nameIsland Boys’
Real NameFranky Venegas and Alex Venegas
Date of Birth16th July, 2001
Age22 years old
HeightAlex- 5ft8 (1.7 m); Franky- 5ft8 (1.7m)
WeightAlex- 60 kg (132 lbs); Franky- 60kg (132 lbs)
ProfessionSingers, Rappers, YouTubers
ParentsName not known (Father died)
Place of birthUnited States
Currently livingFlorida, United States
Marital StatusUnmarried (both)

The young twins were brown on 16th July 2001, in Florida, United States. Their parents originally belonged to Cuba. Their mother has been featured in one of their videos and told in an interview that the boys were originally born in the United States. However, they lost their father to a coronary heart attack when they were young.

Their mother, single, raised the boys for most of their lives. They stand out because of their unique personalities, iconic hairstyles, and flash tattoos. Alex has yellow hair, and Franky has brown hair with blonde tips. 

Alex has the number 17 tattooed on his eyebrows and written writings on his temples.

In comparison, Franky wears an eagle on his brows. They’re also famous for having unique stage names, Kodiyakredd and Flyysoulji.

The Island boys’ are believed to belong to a wealthy and healthy family. They’re also known for attending top schools but quickly become troublemakers.

Controversies about the Twin Brothers’

The Island Boys’ have started to lose their career and a lot of their worth. 

According to experts, they had to fall because they lacked decent skills and manners. Their viral video became famous not because of their talent but the opposite. 

They’ve shown narcissistic behaviors in many interviews and podcasts, including Logan Pual’s podcast, where they denied listening to other rappers and said their haters come from jealousy. They also left a show offended because they were advised on their financial state. 

They were once asked about their plans to which their response was, “Always being at the top at the Billboard in music.” Whereas the truth these days is the opposite. 

The Island Boys’ got pretty viral, which can be said thanks to luck, but it’s pretty obvious that they were not properly prepared to use the opportunities that came their way wisely. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What do the twin brothers, Island Boys’ do for a living?

The Island boys’ are American twin brothers who became a popular internet sensation after their song came out called Island Boys. They’re TikTok superstars and have their own YouTube channel where they keep posting videos and audio clips of their music.

How old are the Island Brothers?

Island brothers are twin American boys born on the 16th of July, 2001. Both are 22 years old.

What are the stage names of Island Boys?

The Island Boys are known as Kodiyakredd and Flyysoulja, their stage names. 

What is the total net worth of the twin brothers?

Island Boys’ are estimated to have a total net worth of about 700 thousand dollars. 

What are the real names of the Island Boys?

The Island Boys are Alex Venegas (Flyysouja) and Franky Venegas (Kodiyakredd), who got famous after their song went viral, I’m an Island Boy.

What is the x-factor about the boys?

The boys are pretty famous for their outrageous looks. Both brothers have unique hairstyles, flashing tattoos, and to the top, their incredible white teeth. 

Where are the boys currently living?

The Island Boys are said to be currently living in Florida, United States.