HOW TO START BLOGGING BUSINESS IN 2021 – A Detailed Step By Step Guide.

how to start blogging business

People often dream of starting their own business, but not having resources, or enough money usually hinders them from following their dream business. However, there’s good news! We are here to let you know how to start blogging business!

It’s no secret that multi-million-dollar companies start with a low budget. So, it’s not a crazy idea to start a blogging business with minimal investment upfront.

A Step by Step Guide for How to start Blogging Business

While not much is needed, you do need a few things to get started. Here’s a list of things that you will need to start your blogging business. 

  1. Business idea
  2. Naming your business
  3. Web hosting
  4. Domain name
  5. An email address
  6. Choosing a profitable niche
  7. Writing good posts
how to start blogging business

1. Business Idea

Before anything else, you need to evaluate how you’re going to make money? You can start by answering the following questions:

· Do you want to sell products?

· Do you want to provide service?

· How much will it cost you?

· How much are you expecting your customers to pay you?

· Do you have competitors in the respective business?

· What are they charging?

· How can you make your product better than theirs?

· Do research and test runs give positive results?

There are numerous areas to choose from, but the critical step in initiating a business is picking one. Research the market, understand what the public demands. Once this is done, decide how you will pay for things you need, and will you be requiring staff/workers or not?

Now that you’ve planned what you’re going to do to make money, we move on to the next step of how to start blogging business.

2.    Naming your Business

Once it is known how you’re going to make money, deciding what to name your business isn’t a challenging job. Things that should be kept in mind while naming a business:

· Should be simple

· Shouldn’t include phrases

· Easy spelling

· Easy to remember

· Avoid homophones

· Should not include slang

· Should be unique

You can start with listing names for your blog. Then, when you have a list of three to ten potential names, enter them in a search engine so that you’re sure they are not taken. In case they are, delete them from your list brainstorm other names.

Once this is done, check the availability of URLs for purchase on the domain checker.

3.    Domain Name

Domain names are used to identify IP addresses. For example, is a domain name. XYZ represents the website name and the domain name extension (.com).

There are several registrars to buy you a domain name like Bluehost, Godaddy, Dreamhost, etc. Purchasing a domain name will cost you around 9 to 14.99 dollars.

4.    Web Hosting

You can start a blogging business without any place in the real world; you still need a “place” for your readers to find you. Web hosting is renting or buying space to house a website on the World Web Wide. There different types of web hosting, varying in the service they provide and the price they charge.

  • SHARED HOSTING: This is similar to renting a workplace. It’s a noisy, busy co-working space. Although you have modern conveniences, there are things that you’ll have to share. You also can’t make significant changes. Its price starts from 2.49 dollars/month—this the preferred hosting for newcomers.
  • VIRTUAL PRIVATE SERVER: This is a medium-sized rental space. Users are isolated from each other, but they do have neighbors. They can do makeovers and organize their workstation. Its price ranges from 17.99 to 84.99 dollars/month.
  • DEDICATED SERVER: It has ample space, and that comes with a high price as well. Users are isolated. They can do whatever they like since they control the entire space. It ranges from 119 to 149 dollars/month.

There are other expensive servers available, but as a beginner, you should consider these if you are thinking about how to start blogging business.

5.    Email Address

For a business to thrive, you should be in contact with your customers. Of course, one way to do it is through a telephone, but in this era, nobody would want to get up and call a business/company; they want an easy way to get in contact with you.

Google workspace is a fantastic way to get your email address and other tools for just 6 dollars.

It means you can get all the great functions of google workspace, with your domain name as your email. 

6. Choosing a profitable Niche

After getting a main structure of your blog or website, you have to choose a profitable blogging niche in which you can make more money then rest of less profitable niches.

7. Writing Good Blog Posts

The very next step after choosing a niche is to write some most engaging blog posts for your website or blog. The more your posts will be effective and informative, the most will you get visitors on your site. You can learn how to write a good blog post here.


To conclude, how to start blogging business is not impossible to achieve. You don’t need a fancy idea or ample space. All you need is your phone, internet, and dedication towards your work. With starting a low-budget business, the work you put in dictates your success.

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