How to Start a Tumbler Business – A Detailed Guide To start Right Now

Looking to start your tumbler business and get into the stylish drinkware game? Well, it’s an exciting journey, but it takes some serious hustle too. 

You gotta get the logistics like manufacturing and designs figured out, but also branding, marketing, and product mix – there’s a lot to orchestrate to find out how to start a Tumbler business! 

Let’s nail your branding to drive those first sales. Tumbler fame awaits – let’s do this!

How to Start a Tumbler Business with a Killer Name & Brand

First things first – you need an awesome name and brand identity! Stay away from anything too generic like “[Your Name] Tumblers”. Instead, go for something memorable and evocative. 

Maybe incorporate:

Type of IdeaExamples
Fun Play on WordsYou better dig names like “Inklings Tumblers”, or “Steel Your Thirst.”
Cute Option“Mason Jarred” has a nice ring to it.
Location-basedShow pride in your city with “Austin’s Sippers” or whatever
Personal InterestsLike camping? Go for “Trailblazer Tumblers” (outdoorsy theme)

Once you’ve nailed the name, design logos, color schemes, etc. that visually capture your brand’s vibe. You want drinkware that catches buyers’ eyes with a stylish yet functional design.

Manufacturing Options 

Now it’s time to figure out the nitty-gritty of actually producing your tumblers. Here are a few routes to go here:

  • Order small custom batches from etching shops until demand picks up.
  • Find a wholesale manufacturer for more bulk orders.
  • Import mass quantities from somewhere like China for low costs if you want to go big from the start.

You must test the waters first with lower quantity custom orders. But once sales gain steam, having an overseas factory making your tumblers can really boost profit margins. Do your homework to find reputable sources and exactly how to start a tumbler business.

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Curate Your Product Selection

Think through the tumbler styles, sizes, lids, straws, and other options you’ll offer. 


  • Classic insulating stainless steel tumblers in 12-40 oz sizes.
  • Stylish glass drinkware for the home bar. 
  • Unique designs like stemless wine tumblers. 
  • Interchangeable snap-on lids for variety.
  • Optional reusable straws since everyone loves those now.
  • Different handle types and grip textures for comfort and functionality.

Basically, provide variety. Make sure options exist for hot and cold beverages. Sizes for on-the-go hydration, coffee, cocktails at home, and more. Give people choices!

Price Your Products

how to start a tumbler business

Now it’s time to crunch numbers and determine pricing. Things to account for:

  • Your tumbler production costs per unit. 
  • Competitor’s product pricing ranges. You’ll want to be in line with major brands.
  • Room for profit margin – we’d recommend 100-200% above production costs.
  • Package deals – offer slight discounts for multi-tumbler bundles.
  • Membership discounts – provide 10-15% off for subscribers.

Once you calculate costs and ideal margins, test a few pricing options to see what sells best without minimizing perceived value.

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Set Up Your Ecommerce Shop

To sell online, you’ll want to build out a quality website with an integrated shopping cart. Some platforms that make setting up ecommerce easy include Shopify, Wix, and Squarespace

Focus on having an on-brand, visually appealing site that makes browsing and buying your tumblers a breeze. Pay close attention to the mobile user experience. And don’t forget SEO elements like product descriptions.

Market Your New Business

Now to get the word out! Start drumming up hype on social media months before launch. 

Instagram and TikTok are great for showing your products’ sleek visual design. 

Facebook ads also help drive early sales. 

Email marketing will be your bread and butter. Collect emails immediately to build your subscriber list. Send offers, sneak peeks, and updates to keep the momentum going. 

Run contests and giveaways around your launch date. Influencers and social media takeovers expand your reach too. Stay relentless with marketing and keep iterating on what converts visitors into customers.

Expand Your Sales Channels

While you’ll start with online sales, consider other channels:

  • Local boutiques, salons, yoga studios, and more for retail consignment. 
  • Trade shows related to home goods, gifts, weddings, and similar. Rent vendor booths.
  • Popup shops in trendy areas such as malls during peak holiday shopping.
  • Wholesale to major retailers either directly or through distributors. 

Diversifying sales beyond just your own ecommerce site helps profitability long term. Analyze which channels drive the highest profit margins.

So if you’ve got the itch to bring a new Tumbler brand to life, come right in to upgrade operations!

Upgrade Operations Over Time

Order fulfillment and shipping get more complex as sales volume increases. This would require you to burn the midnight oil while you’re on the quest of how to start a tumbler business. 

When possible, upgrade from manual processes to:

  • Automated order processing through your ecommerce platform.
  • Integrated shipping software like ShipStation.
  • Inventory management system to track stock. 
  • Contracting out customer service reps if needed. 

The right tools and systems allow you to scale efficiently later. But start lean until momentum builds. But if you’ve got the passion and are willing to spend long hours building your drinkware empire from scratch, it’ll be so rewarding when that first order comes in. 

Just imagine unpacking those pristine custom tumblers for the first time – you did that!

Stay Lean and Iterate 

Finally, stay super lean upfront. Don’t overproduce or overspend before validating demand. Work from home if possible. Outsource roles like marketing until revenue justifies hiring help.

Obsess over customer feedback and reviews. Adapt quickly to improve any pain points. Add new products customer’s request. Experiment relentlessly because the market will dictate your ideal business model.

And Enjoy the Ride

Well, there you have it – a crash course on starting your own Tumbler business! It’ll take hustle and perseverance through the ups and downs before stability hits. But after you ship your first order and get that first 5-star review, it’ll all feel worth it.

The takeaway? Follow your heart into the tumbler trade, but bring your hustle too. The rest will fall into place with time as long as passion remains abundant.