How To Start A Business With 100 Dollars?-10 Mind Blowing Business Ideas

Are you wondering how to start a business with 100 dollars? We have listed ten businesses that you can start even if you have no more than 100 dollars in your pocket.

10 Low Investment Business Ideas to answer; How to start a business with 100 dollars

1. Blogging Business

With a passion for writing and a good internet connection, you can try blogging business. To make your blogging business thrive, you will need to buy a domain. Domains are not expensive, and you can get one under 20 dollars. Once you have developed your blogging business, you can make a profit through google ads. You can also read how to write a good blog post here.

2. Social Media Management Business

Social media has taken over the world. From big businesses to small businesses, every business has taken an approach to have a social media page to get access to more people. However, many of these businesses do not have an idea how to run a social media page. If you have a better understanding of social media, you can run their page for them. 

3. Consulting Business

If you think you are great at advising people about specific subjects, you will have no hard time starting a consulting business. To have a successful consulting business, you can buy a domain for it. Purchasing a domain will cost you less than ten dollars. Along with a domain, you can have business cards printed for under 100 dollars. Thus, if you are considering how to start a business with 100 dollars, the consulting business should be your go-to choice. 

4. Event Planning Business

Passionate about planning surprise birthday parties for your friends? You can start an event planning business right away. Get printed cards for your business at a low price. Also, start a business page by buying a domain for 10 dollars. This way, your business will sound solid and relevant; thus, more people will come to you for event planning.

5. Tutoring Business

Many students find themselves weak in some subjects, so their parents look for tutors to make them understand the subjects better. You can start a tutoring business to help these students. When you are thinking of tutoring students, you do not need to invest much. You can tutor them at your home, so you will be saved from spending money on getting a place for tutoring. Moreover, to give an idea to people that you are in this business, you can print posters for less than 100 dollars. 

6. Domain Name Buying Business

There are many domains available at 10 dollars. First, buy a domain that you think will benefit a business. Now, look for a business that will be ready to buy that domain. Then, sell the domain to that business. Do this procedure for every other domain. Thus, you can have a successful business of domain name buying and selling them afterward without having to invest more than 100 dollars. 

7. House Painting Business

If you are thinking of how to start a business with 100 dollars, you can start a house painting business. This business will not require you to spend an enormous amount of money. You need painting equipment, which you can buy easily under 100 dollars. Moreover, having cards for your business will not cost you much, either. 

8. Window Cleaning Business

If you are the type of person who loves to deep clean a window until it is spotless, you can invest in a window cleaning business. Many homeowners do not have enough time in their busy lives to clean their windows themselves. The equipment you will need to clean windows will not cost you more than 100 dollars. Therefore, you can start a window cleaning business on a low budget.

9. Vending At Flea Market Business

I am sure you have heard of flea markets being popular among people who like to buy good stuff at a cheap rate. You can benefit from that information. First, find a flea market near your place and buy a place to set up your stall for less than 20 dollars per day. Now, you need to find items in your house that are valuable and not in use anymore. Then, start selling them in the flea market and earn good money.

10. Homemade Soaps Business

Do you have a creative mind and the skills to make homemade soaps? Then, you can set up a business of making homemade soaps. You will need to buy the right products to get a good soap. These products will not cost you more than 100 dollars. Moreover, buying a domain for your business will benefit it greatly. 


To sum it up, if you are wondering how to start a business with 100 dollars, you can start any business mentioned above. Their start-up investment is less than 100 dollars, and they will create significant revenue for you. If you are a kid then see amazing business ideas for kids here. Try them and let us know which one worked amazingly well for you.

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