How To Make Money On Amazon in 2021 – 9 Proven Ways

make money on amazon

Have you ever wondered about the possibilities of making money on Amazon? You will be surprised to know that the platform that sells you different products can help you make some money, too.

How can you make money on Amazon? A random question in millions of minds.

Well, we are here to tell you 9 ways through which you can earn handsome cash on Amazon. 

Let’s dive into those amazing ideas of making money on Amazon!

9 Ways For You To Make Money On Amazon 

make money on amazon

1. Selling Handmade items 

If you are an artistic person who can use your creative skills to make handmade items, you can start making items to sell on Amazon Handmade. Amazon Handmade provides an opportunity to local artisans to sell their handmade jewelry, decorative pieces, etc.

Making handmade items can require time and money investment. So, make sure that the item you are making is in demand. This way there will be a higher chance of it being sold on Amazon. 

2. Becoming an Amazon influencer 

There is a program, Amazon Influencer, for influencers who have a page on social media sites, such as Instagram. Through this program, influencers get their own Amazon page. When their followers visit their page and order anything, they will be commissioned.  

If you are an influencer who is followed by a great number of people, you can make money on Amazon through the Amazon Influencer program. 

3. Selling Merchandise through Merch by Amazon 

If you have a creative mind that you can use to make designs on shirts and sweaters, you can make your merchandise and sell it through Merch by Amazon. You will have to apply, first. 

When your application gets accepted, you will get an option to create a digital print on the shirt. Amazon will print it once someone puts an order. 

4. Utilizing retail arbitrage 

Retail arbitrage means that sell discounted products you found at discounted prices in retail stores and sell them on Amazon at a higher price. 

For retail arbitrage, you need to visit a retail store in your area, such as Walmart, Barnes &Noble, and look for products that they are selling at a discounted price.  

Though this is a competitive technique to make money on Amazon, it can help you get $300-$2000 if your products sell on Amazon. 

5. Signing up on Amazon Mechanical Turk 

If you want to make money on Amazon, then signing up for Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is one way to go. It is a program that is used by many businesses that are looking for people to do virtual tasks for them. Virtual tasks include doing research, validating data, and transcribing it. 

Once you have signed up on MTurk, you can start picking tasks that you can do and then submit them to get paid in return. 

6. Publishing your book on Amazon Kindle 

Do you have it in you to write a book that can be published and read by many people? If you consider yourself a writer, then you can start writing a book that you can self-publish on Amazon Kindle. 

For your book to sell on Amazon Kindle, you need to choose a niche that is popular among people. Moreover, you may have to spend some money on a book cover and hire editors to proofread your book. 

7. Offering professional services through Amazon Services

Amazon has introduced a program called Amazon Services. Through Amazon Services, one can sell their services to people. For instance, if you are a dog walker, you can advertise your service, and people who are looking for dog walkers will contact you. 

To make money on Amazon through Amazon Services, you need to be skilled at what you do.  

8. Promoting Amazon products through affiliate links

Are you a person who owns a blog or an Instagram page that has a great following? Then you can use the Amazon Associates program to promote the products and earning money through it. 

When you join the Amazon Associates program, you will be given links to promote products on your page or blog. When someone ends up buying a product through your posted link, you will be commissioned for it. 

9. Delivering with Amazon Flex 

Amazon Flex program utilizes your delivery services. You simply have to download the Amazon app and sign up for the program. Once you are in the program, you select the products you can deliver and then deliver them to their buyers using your vehicle. 

Delivering the products sold by Amazon will help you make some good amount of money.  

Final Words 

Who thought that there would be so many programs on Amazon that we can join to earn money? If you are an influencer, writer, graphic designer, or artist, there is a program on Amazon for you to use your skills and make money. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Join one of the programs and get started on a journey to make money on Amazon.  

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