How to Make Money As A Single Mom in 2021 – Effective and Profitable Ways you should know

How to make money as a single mom? The question may come to your mind many a times if you are a single mother. Don’t worry the article is just written for you because we are about to disclose some amazing ways to earn money for single mums. So are you ready for that? But lets have a look at a short introduction.


As a mother, life can get pretty hard sometimes when you’re trying to juggle between kids, doing chores, and paying bills. Multiply this burden a thousand times, and that’s the daily life for single moms. Unfortunately, in most cases, a few know how to make money as single moms. 

It can get tough to make your ends meet if you depend on a single source of income. However, when you work a job or two on the side, it can significantly help in carry out the expensive costs of daily life.

You want to provide the best for your kids, want to become the best mom for them while at the same time you’re filling in as a dad as well.  

It’s hectic, tiring, and is a job that doesn’t get much appreciation. 

You may even question yourself but honestly, stop doing that. YOU’RE DOING GREAT, and we’re going to tell you how you can do even better. So read through this blog and learn some fantastic, simple, and easy ways to understand how to make money as a single mom.

How to make money as a single mom; 4 effective and profitable ways you should know

Do Online Paid Surveys:

One of the easiest ways single moms can make some extra money is by doing paid surveys. But the thing is, they usually don’t pay you a lot and take a lot of your time. 
Still, some websites offer a high-paying rate for doing surveys. In addition, some sites pay you even more if you refer others to join their platform from your referral code. Like Octopus, SurveyJunkie, Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars, etc.
Doing these may not get you a lot of cash, but it’s always better to have some extra money in your purse.  

Freelance Writing

It was the most frequent answer I got whenever I asked how to make money as a single mom? Freelance writing is one of the few profitable side hustles for single moms. I know many single moms and many more not-so single moms making big bucks out of freelance writing.

To start your freelance writing career, you don’t need to have a big office or know many people. Instead, you need to know your niche of work, a good grip on grammar, access to the internet, and an impressive portfolio of samples. 

Once you can identify your niche, it’ll be easy to create top-class content and land good clients. You can take off your freelance writing journey from many freelance websites, like Fiverr, Upwork, Pro Blogger, Freelancer, etc. Other than these, you can also search for remote work that many companies offer, especially during the current situation of the Covid Pandemic.

Start Blogging

Blogging is undoubtedly another easy way to earn money if you love writing and have a passion for sharing it with people. It may take a while to make your name and to get followers. You may even have to work free for some time, but once your blog gets going, you can earn money from it quickly. The most effective blogging is Affiliate Marketing which can make you some extra cash in your wallet. 

Moreover, if there are many profitable blogging niches that you can choose to make money and earn passive income.

Start Social Media Marketing:

Most companies don’t know how to boost their social media presence, or they like to hire someone outside of their staff to do the work. 
Social media marketing is not a very difficult job but requires you to sit behind a computer screen for long hours. However, if your posts can reach followers and sell some products, you’ll be working as per your time.

We hope that you've learned how to make money as a single mom, and now there won't be anything that can stop you earn extra money as a single mom. Also you can see these home based business ideas if you are interested more in starting your own business

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