How to celebrate Fathers day at the workplace? 10 Amazing Ideas

How to celebrate Fathers day at the workplace? 10 Amazing Ideas.

A quick overview

Father’s Day is the ideal time of the year when you can acknowledge the efforts and sacrifices of all dads working in your office and honor them for bringing up our future generation. If you too want to make the coming Father’s Day a memorable time for your staff, we’ve got your back.

Here are some fantastic ideas for how to celebrate Father’s Day at the workplace.

Let’s get a dive into them

How to celebrate Father’s Day at Workspace? 10 Amazing ideas

Father’s Day gifts

Preparing some gifts for all the gentlemen in your office is a good idea to go with. Choose a gift that matches your budget better, whether it’s a coffee mug, a hat, or perfume. You may also put mini indoor plants on your coworkers’ desks, such as peace lilies or aloe vera. They’ll improve their productivity by freshening up their workspace.

Another fantastic idea is to prepare matching but personalized gifts for all dads. A leather wallet, a pen, or a mug imprinted with a ‘Happy Father’s Day greeting’ and the employee’s name would be a perfect pick.

A message at the start of the day

You may begin your workday with a warm message for all the dads in your office. It may be an auditory message appreciating them for all their efforts both at home and at work.

It may also be a written email with a message like: 

“To all the fathers here who are working hard to take forward our company and bring up a brilliant future generation at the same time, Thank You, and Happy Father’s Day.”

A greeting card with a heartwarming wish can also be used to convey the message.

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Special lunch for the team

Treating the whole team to a special lunch is another way to celebrate Father’s Day at the workplace. You can prepare meal boxes for all the employees at your office or take them out for lunch in a fancy restaurant. If you have a large team, don’t forget to reserve the restaurant one day ahead of the event. A tasty and full course meal followed by ice creams will be a great combo!

A day off

There is no better way to celebrate than by giving your employees a day off. The Monday following Father’s Day would be an ideal holiday for all the fathers out there. Allow them a half-day leave on Friday if you don’t want to give them a full day off.

It will be an opportunity for the dads to spend time with their families and enjoy themselves in whatever way they want. Announce the holiday ahead of time so they won’t schedule any meetings or work plans for the day. You can make their holiday even nicer by buying them movie tickets or zoo passes to enjoy with their kiddos.

Dad jokes contest

Father’s Day isn’t complete without a few dad jokes. Arrange a contest of dad jokes among your team members to celebrate Father’s Day in a whole daddy style. Who knows, some of your teammates might be comedians in addition to being responsible fathers. At the end of the contest, let the audience decide which dad cracks the most unpredictable puns.

Activities for children

Allow all the dads to bring their children with them. Arrange different activities for children at your office, the things which they can do with their fathers. Your teammates will be overjoyed to see their children laughing and having fun. A few activities which the kids can try are:

  • Face painting
  • Making their dads’ portraits 
  • Making cards for their dads
  • Providing them necessary items to make handcrafted gifts for their dads
  • Having kids write a one-sentence description of their fathers

You can also try a ‘mini version’ of office activities by asking the kids to do the following:

  • Designing a logo for your company 
  • Talking to the employees
  • Giving suggestions for the office 
  • Asking them what they would do if they were the CEO or President of your company

Workplace excursion

A workplace excursion is an excellent way to commemorate Father’s Day. It will not only provide entertainment for your staff but will also develop a spirit of coordination among them. Remember to schedule the excursion during office hours so that they may return home and spend the rest of the day with their families. 

You can try a variety of activities that appeal to your employees’ interests, such as fishing, hiking, golf, or a simple football match. A family-friendly picnic, to which fathers can bring their children, is also a good idea.

Karaoke session

For this Father’s Day, arrange a microphone, set up a stage, and hold a karaoke session at your workplace. It will show the hidden singing and dancing talent of your sober gentlemen. You can buy your dads their favorite drinks to enjoy while watching their colleagues sing and dance.

A self-care day

You can turn this Father’s Day into a spa day for your teammates. It will make them realize that you truly care about their well-being. You can invite a nutritionist to give them tips for a healthy diet routine. After lunch, you can invite all of the dads for a massage or a meditation session. At the end of the day, you may gift them with skincare essentials like face cleansers, body lotions, or shaving creams. After seeing this, all single fathers will be relieved to know that someone is concerned about them.

Framing their children’s photos

Two or three days before Father’s Day, ask your employees to bring the cutest photos of their kiddos. Frame the photos beautifully and give them on their day. Every time, they see this photo in their workspace or home, they will feel happy and valued. 


How do you celebrate Father’s Day in the workplace? 

You can celebrate the day by giving some time off to your employees, treating them to lunch, giving them gifts, or arranging different contests at the office. Make sure to involve their children in whatever you do for them. 

Which gift is best for Father’s Day? 

We would recommend giving your employees personalized Father’s Day gifts with their names on them. Otherwise, a perfume, a coffee mug, a hat, or a leather wallet will do as well. 

Do you give gifts on Father’s Day?

Giving gifts is not compulsory to commemorate Father’s Day, but doing so will make all of the fathers at your workplace feel appreciated.

How do you celebrate Father’s Day at work virtually? 

You can have a virtual Father’s Day celebration at work by doing remote cooking, hosting an online comedy contest where fathers can share their dad jokes, playing online games, sending gifts and e-cards, and sending special emails to all the dads in your work circle.

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