Freelancing For Web Developers – A Complete Beginner’s Guide in 2022

Are you a beginner web developer who is searching for a guide that can tell all about freelancing for web developers? You have clicked on the right article because we have written a step-by-step guide to help you out.

Freelancing has become a trend because of many reasons, such as flexible working hours and not having to work under someone. There are many freelancers out there who work as content writers, graphic designers, illustrators, web developers, etc.

Just like every other freelancing niche, web development requires you to know skills such as coding and programming. Not only that, you also need to follow certain guidelines to make your career as a freelancing web developer.

Therefore, this article will guide you with thorough instructions that can help you score jobs instantly.

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7 Steps You Must Follow To Start Freelancing As Web Developer

We have written an easy and to the point guide for you so you can know the steps that you need to follow to become a freelancing web developer.

Let’s get started.

1.   Enrolling in courses to learn programming and coding

Before you embark on the journey of being a freelancing web developer, you have to know how coding is done. Therefore, the first step in freelancing for web developers is to learn coding and programming so you can use your knowledge to work as a web developer.

There are many paid courses available on internet, such as Coding for beginners on Udemy. If you do not have budget to enroll in a paid course, there are free tutorials available on YouTube.

2.   Finding your niche

Once you have mastered the skills, it is time to know what type of web development niche you want to go with. This niche should utilize your strengths as a web developer.

When you have a specific niche that is based on your knowledge and skills, you can offer solutions to your potential clients that they have not been offered before. This will keep the client interested and you will have a high chance of getting the job.

3.   Building portfolio website

When you are thinking to become a freelancing web developer, you need to build a portfolio website for yourself. This website will give your potential clients an idea about your skills and how your skills can make a difference for them.  

For building a website, you need to have a domain name and a web host, such as Bluehost. You will need to invest some money for the domain name and web hosting. Once you have made your portfolio website, you can keep adding projects you do as a web developer in the future.

4.   Conducting a research to know what is in demand

It is important to know what the freelancing market is looking for in web developers. Moreover, to set your pricing as a web developer, you need to know how much other web developers charge for their services.

You can join different groups on Facebook and look for the posts related to web developing. Furthermore, there are many online freelancing platforms you can join to see the job posts looking for web developers.

You can also talk to other web developers and ask about their experience in freelancing. Also, there are many experienced web developers who are willing to share their experience with people who are just starting. You can contact those web developers and take advice from them.

5.   Investing your time in building projects

After doing a thorough research, you have found out what different clients require from a web developer. Now, it is time to do another important step in freelancing for web developers guide. You need to use the knowledge you have gathered and start building projects according to the requirements of client.

For instance, if you see many clients who are looking for web developers to build a website using HTML. You can start making projects using HTML code which you can add in your portfolio website.

6.   Applying to niche related jobs

Ready to sell your skills as a freelancing web developer? Start applying for jobs right away. There are different platforms you can join to get a job as a web developing freelancer. There are Facebook groups and online freelancing platforms as we have mentioned before. In addition, many clients use Twitter and Instagram to search for web developers.

Make sure that you have sent a well written and to the point cover letter to the client. You need to state client’s pain point and how your service will benefit them. A good cover letter or a proposal will help you gain client’s attention.  Moreover, do not forget to share the link of your portfolio website in the proposal.

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7.   Marketing your services

The last important step in this guide for freelancing for web developers is to have a good marketing strategy. You need to connect with people so you can have work and learning opportunities. You can make a profile on LinkedIn for this purpose.

Moreover, you can also offer free advice to people who are having difficulties in developing website. By helping other people, you will be showcasing your skills as a web developer. This way those people will actually consider hiring you as a web developer for them, or they might recommend you to other people.

Final Words

Summing it up, being a beginner at web development does not mean you cannot excel as a freelancing web developer. From enrolling in classes to learn proper skills to having a smart marketing strategy, you have to follow every step to ensure success in your freelancing career. Your efforts will make a difference and in no time, you will be on the path to making great amount of money through web development.

We hope that this guide for freelancing for web developers has been helpful to you. Comment down below if you have any more questions. We will be happy to help you.

Have a fun time creating websites!

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