10 Amazing Fathers Day Social Media Campaign Ideas

10 Fathers Day Social Media Campaign Ideas


Gone are the days when children considered their fathers to be merely the family’s breadwinners. As more millennials become fathers, there has been a shift in perceptions of what a father is.

Not only are new dads becoming more involved in their children’s lives, but they are also beginning to realize the importance of their fathers.

This is also why total Father’s Day spending increased from $17 billion in 2020 to $20 billion in 2021. This year, the number is anticipated to increase even higher. 

In view of this spending, businesses are seeking strategies to promote their products and services on Father’s Day this year. One approach to do so is by running effective social media campaigns. 

10 Father’s Day social media campaign ideas

Here are 10 Father’s Day social media campaign ideas to help you establish your brand image and promote your business at the upcoming event. 

Come up with a unique message

You may run a successful campaign by using social media to spread a unique Father’s Day message to the target audience.

For this purpose, you’ll need to hire a copywriter who can come up with words that speak in themselves. Post this message on all of your social media pages. 

It’s not necessary for your message to be humorous, since it’s okay to be emotional. A message that brings tears to the eyes of every child and father is likely to establish an emotional connection between your brand and the consumers. 

Share your own story

You can take advantage of this Father’s Day and share your own story on various social media platforms of your company. Consider writing a memoir on how your father has been your support system and how he has helped you become the person you are today.

Share your own childhood memories with your father and use real images and videos to illustrate them. It will help you in demonstrating a human side to your brand.

Collaborate with an influencer 

If possible, try to collaborate with a famous social media influencer who will become the voice of your brand this Father’s Day.

You can, for example, make a short film starring a celebrity or an influencer to make this generation realize the value of our dads. The message conveyed by this film can be:

  • Anyone can be a father but it takes someone special to become a ‘Dad’.
  • What I am gonna do when I become a father.
  • Dad and not Google is the best advisor.
  • Father: He too has a heart. 

Hold a photos and videos contest

Engage your audience in Father’s Day contests via social media channels. Ask them to send you their favorite pictures with their dads. Attendees can also share some fun videos of their dads.

The pictures and videos should be followed by a hashtag that your company has suggested.

As a result of this, your digital platforms will see a significant increase in user traffic. Send the winner a present and share their story on your social media page at the end of the contest.

Conduct a character quiz

Select some superheroes or Disney characters. Display them on social media and allow users to choose the character or superhero whose personality most closely resembles that of their fathers.

Request them to give a brief description of how they are a match. It will not only be entertaining to learn about your audience’s perspectives, but it will also pique their interest in your company.

Design your calendar

Design a digital calendar on your company’s social media channels. Allow the visitors to view daily what they are going to get for the whole week.

The calendar will essentially display all the events, contests, games, challenges, and gifts you have planned for all the dads out there.

In this way, all the dads visiting your channels will come back every day to know what they’ve got for the day. 

Hand out discount coupons

Whether or not your company sells the products which a father can buy, hand out discount coupons to the consumers visiting your digital channels. You can give discount coupons by launching a wheel of fortune. 

Announce different deals and offers. The offers should be especially associated with the commemoration of Father’s Day.

If you sell watches, men’s clothes, shoes, or perfumes, there’s no better opportunity to promote your sales this way. 

Connect dads with their families

You may also do what Dove did to commemorate Father’s Day a few years ago. Surprise distant fathers by arranging a meeting with their families.

Support the entire expense for such a purpose, record the priceless responses of the families, and post the recordings on social media. It may be a little emotional but there’s no better Father’s Day social media campaign than this. 

Give DIY ideas for making gifts

Post some tutorials and DIY ideas by which children can make gifts and greeting cards for their dads. Ask them to share how they came out after following the tutorials on your social media channels.

To the individuals who made the most beautiful greeting cards, send some goodies which they can give to their dads. Don’t forget to send the gifts in your brand’s packaging so that the dads will get to know you as well. 

Run a dad jokes contest

Another engaging Father’s Day social media campaign is to run a contest of dad jokes. Ask all the daddies to share some one-line dad jokes on your page. Let the audience decide which one of the puns was the most hilarious one. Reward the dad with the best sense of humor. 

Wrap up

These were the best Father’s Day social media campaign ideas that any brand can follow to market their business.

Pick the idea that best sparked your creativity and make this Father’s Day a success for your company. Don’t forget to keep your idea unique by making a bit of alteration according to the taste of your brand. 

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