Erealist Net Worth 2023- From Unknown to Unstoppable: Mind-Blowing Journey to Fame and Fortune

Erealist Net Worth

Comedians are undoubtedly charismatic personalities as they bring smiles to other people’s faces, right? But have you ever heard about a comedian who is deaf but still famous?

Erealist is the name among comedians now globally recognized and uses no words.

Interestingly, he now becomes one of the wealthiest people in the world of Comedians. But is he rich from childhood, or has he achieved all this success in her professional career?

This article will explain everything related to Erealist net worth, career, biography, and sources of net worth.

Who is Erealist?

Erealist is an American Comedian who does not need any words. His real name is Eric Kaufman, and Erealist is his pen name.

He is the best comedian, writer, producer, podcaster, and host. He has been in the entertainment industry for 20 years.

Erealist also created the “Real Talk with Erealist” podcast. In this podcast, he interviews celebrities about their success stories.

Erealist net worth

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Erealist Net worth:

 Erealist net worth 2023 $300,000
 Net worth 2022 $250,000
 Net worth in 2021 $200,000 
 Net worth in 2020 $175,000
 Net worth in 2019 $150,000
 Net worth in 2018 $100,000

As of 2023, Erealist net worth is approximately calculated $300k. This figure is based on his earnings from the comedy show, music, and social media presence.

As per reports, he will attain a new level of popularity soon, increasing his net worth. His financial journey over the years paints steady growth and consistent success.

Erealist net worth

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Erealist Early Life:

Comedian Erealist was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on September 27, 1987. He belongs to a middle-class family; his mother was a private school teacher, and his father was a dermatologist.

As the family faced a financial crisis, they decided to move to Chicago and Los Angeles shortly after the birth of Erealist.

In 2009, he went to UCLA College to study and received a degree in sociology. A sad reality is that he was born to deaf parents and grew up in a society that doesn’t have much knowledge of deaf culture or language.

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Erealist Career:

Erealist developed a passion for the stage comedian from a very young age. How? As he used to watch comedy shows on TV at an early age. Thus he started taking part in comedy competitions.

Initially, He started with stand-up comedies.

Erealist net worth

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In his twenties, he stepped into comedy officially. Eventually, his social media followers raised to millions, and his fan following of him is also shown on various TV channels.


Comedy competitions, he won first prize in the Greenwich Village comedy contest on nights 1 and 2. Not only this, he also won the competitions of “The comedy entertainer” hosted by the Nubian Disciples of Laughter.

In 2015, his career took off when he released his first single, “real talk,” This song was a turning point in his life and helped him gain instant popularity.

Erealist Sources of Income:

Erealist is earning from multiple sources that we will explore now:

YouTube Channels:

One important thing is that the man behind the famous youtube channel Jack Gang is Erealist. How? He did not make his channel by name; Rather, he named his two channels “Jack Gang ” and “E and Nik  4life”. He makes the majority of his income from youtube channels.

This channel has around 298 k subscribers and has received over 65 million views. The combined revenue of both channels is calculated as $300k from ads revenue. Around $260k is from the Ajck gang channel, and $40k is from E and Nik.

Erealist net worth

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Shows and events income:

The primary source of Erealist net worth is his comedy shows and events. As per reports, he has made $227,000 from his performances.

This figure combines all the revenue from his various performances in 2018. Typically he charges $500 and $1,000 per show. He can make up to $10,000 monthly from his comedy shows.

Music Income:

Not only from shows, he is also earning a good amount from his music and songs. As he released several singles and albums, his music has been streamed millions of times on Spotify and other platforms.

Music streams and live performances are a good source of income from him. Erealist net worth shows that he is among the wealthiest comedian.

Merchandise sales:

How can we forget about sponsorships and merchandise sales? Being a social media influencer, he sells many products on his shows and earns from merchandise sales.

Moreover, many brands hire him for their products and sponsorships. Thus these brand endorsements are contributing to his net worth.

He has around 1 million followers on Instagram and youtube. For a sponsored post, he usually charges $1,000 to $5,000. It means he makes approximately $ 10,000 per month from sponsorships.

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Television Shows:

As a side hustle, Erealist also appears in various TV shows, including “Wild N Out.” He also appeared in several commercials contributing to erealist net worth

Erealist awards and achievements:

Being a fantastic comedian, Erealist has won several awards and accolades. Also, he has been awarded degrees by prestigious universities around the world for his contributions to humanity.

Luckily he also won the award from many notable persons and high-ranking officials, including the president of America.

Moreover, Erealist is also called one of the top human leaders. Indeed, his awards mean a lot to him, which really gives him a lot of pleasure.

Erealist net worth

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Erealist Biography:

Real Name/Full NameEric Kaufman
Nick NameErealist The Comedian
Date Of BirthSeptember 27, 1987
Erealist Age44 years old
Birth PlaceBaker Hill, Alabama
Parents NameNA
Height5 feet 11 Inch
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack
Marital StatusNA
Spouse NameNA
ProfessionYouTuber, Comedian
Erealist Net Worth$300K

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the Erealist’s biggest influences?

His biggest influences are Chris Rock, Kevin Hart, and Dave Chappelle. He admires their ability to make people laugh while addressing them on social media.

What are some of his popular jokes?

His popular jokes are:

  • “I am not sure if I am black or white, I am just trying to figure out where I fit in.”
  • “I am not sure if I am a good comedian; I am just really good at making people uncomfortable.”