DJ Akademiks Net Worth 2023 – Life, Career, Controversies, And Everything Important!

dj akademiks net worth

DJ Akademiks Net worth 2023: DJ Akademiks is a famous rapper, social media sensation, DJ, and YouTuber. He is famous for documenting hip-hop news and humorous takes on current events.  

DJ Akademiks’s YouTube channels have gained him worldwide recognition. His following on all his social media isn’t a surprise at all. His stage name is DJ Akademiks.

Let’s look deeper into DJ  Akademiks’s life – His lifestyle, personal life, career, net worth, and where it stands today. The YouTuber boy has earned a lot of fame in such a short period; let’s find out if there are any interesting facts about him. 

DJ Akademiks Net Worth

DJ Akademiks Net Worth$7 Million
Annual Salary$2 Million 

DJ Akademiks is a Jamaican-American DJ, rapper, podcaster, media personality, and a successful YouTuber whose net worth is about 7 Million Dollars. He is famous for documenting hip-hop news and humorous takes on current events. He is also a co-host of the Complex News YouTube Channel for the Everyday Struggle web series.

DJ Akademiks gained worldwide recognition because of his five successful youtube channels. He also has big fam on his social media accounts, including Instagram, Twitter, etc. having millions of followers. 

DJ Akademiks Career

DJ Akademiks net worth


DJ Akademiks started his career by blogging on raps while he was in school and got really interested in music by the time he reached college. He also used to become a DJ at his College, Saturday Radio Nights. Meantime, he launched his Late Night Creep Website, which used to update on the latest hip-hop music. 

He started his YouTube channel in 2012, broadcasting satirical news and social commentaries. At that time, his channel had over 135 million views with 328K subscribers. 

The Step-Forward:

Akademiks has five YouTube channels, The War In Iraq, aka DJ Akademiks, The Negotiator, Late Night CreepVids, and Crime Files. 

Akademiks released his debut solo, “Blue Clues,” in April 2018, which has over 3 million views. He also released other singles the same year, including Triggers and Now I Made It. 

Akademiks started getting worldwide recognition when his video received around 11 million views, Suge Knight Faints After Bail. He started his YouTube channel in 2015, with over 2.41 million followers and 1.1 billion views.

Akademiks also posted an interview with the popular rapper 6ix9ine in 2017 regarding the sexual misconduct charges. The video has over 5 million views on YouTube. After that, he also covered interviews with popular names, including Gucci Mane, Stitches, The Game, Charlamagne, and Kodak Black. 

Income Sources:

His earnings can be estimated from his live concerts, brand endorsements, events, and the music industry. Akademik’s annual salary is around $2 million. His social media helps him earn an estimated $1800 per collaboration deal. 

DJ Akademiks also has an e-store where he allows his fans to buy hoodies and t-shirts. He also earns by doing DJs and broadcasts. 

DJ Akademiks’ Personal Life

Celebrated Name:DJ Akademiks
Real Name:Livingston Allen
Age:31 years
Date of birth:17th May 1991
Birthplace:Spanish Town, Jamaica
Currently living:United States
Height:1.72 m
Weight:68 kg
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:Unmarried
Dating anyoneNot in the current
Previous Relationships:Angelica Ggx
Profession:DJ, rapper, podcaster, YouTuber
Net Worth in 2023:7 Million Dollars

Early Life:

DJ Akademiks’ real name is Livingston Allen, who was born on May 17th, 1991.

Akademiks will be turning 32 in the coming May of 2023. He was described as a very shy and quiet boy in school. He spent much time with his Jamaican friends and became a big hip-hop fan during school. As a child, he spent much time fitting in because of his shyness. He had to move to New York, United States, when he was only ten years old. 

Akademiks enrolled at the University of Rutgers, New Jersey, and got his Bachelor’s degree in Biomathematics. After graduation, he received his Master’s degree in Math Finance.

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Personal Information:

Akademiks is known for dating the beautiful Dominican model Angelica Ggx, but because of their huge fight on Twitch, their status is now not known. 

Angelica has also accused our rapper multiple times of being an aggressive partner. Akademiks also have gained the titles of cheater, womanizer, etc. 

Controversies involving DJ Akademiks

1) DJ Akademiks sparked quite a bit of controversy this week after dismissing hip-hop elders as “Dusty.” Many hip-hop legends, including LL COOL J, have roasted the popular personality. “The East Bay Gangster” Spice 1 shared his thoughts on this disrespect by DJ Akademiks in a recent Art Of Dialogue interview in which he insulted the rapper by using really bad words. 

2) DJ Akademilks received major hate on social media for commenting on a 17-year-old girl. He compared 21-year-olds to 17-year-old and said that he would get laid by any female as long as she possessed a college id. 

“His comments were slammed by netizens who lashed out at the streamer on social media. Jay Crich, known for arguing with creators, posted on his Twitter account:

“It’s a special place in hell for pedophiles.”

The musician later took to his Twitch account to address the allegations against him, noting that he spoke out at age 21 while explaining the relationship dynamics between college students.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is DJ Akademiks a millionaire?

Yes, DJ Akademiks is a millionaire with a net worth of around 7 million dollars.

What is Akademiks’ real name, and when was he born?

DJ Akademiks’ real name is Livingston Allen. He was born on the 17th of May, 1991, which makes him 31 years old. 

How did DJ Akademiks’ become so famous?

DJ Akademiks isn’t only a YouTube star; he also performs weekly as a DJ for the Rutgers University radio stations. People love him a lot for what he does, which adds to his popularity.

Is DJ Akademiks dating anyone?

DJ Akademiks was known to be dating the Dominican beauty model Angelica Ggx. But because of the couple’s recent big fight, their relationship status is uncertain.