Damon Johnson Net Worth 2023-The Guitar Player Crafting Timeless Melodies.

Damon Johnson Net Worth

Damon Johnson is famous for playing the guitar like a pro and making fantastic songs. His music is a journey, and his solo is a chapter in a tale that leaves a lasting impression.

He is an incredible guitarist who plays fantastic music and has made a lot of money. Are you curious how much cash this rockstar has accumulated over the years? What is Damon Johnson net worth?

This article will discuss Damon Johnson net worth, life, and career. We’ll talk about his hit songs, the famous people he’s worked with, and the incredible amount of money he’s collected. Does he live like a rock star with big houses and fancy cars? Or is there something surprising about his money that we will reveal?

Damon Johnson Net Worth

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Who is Damon Johnson?

Damon Johnson is a storyteller, a magician, and an artist rolled into one. He is a legendary American guitarist and singer known for joining and touring with the rock Bands Thin Lizzy, Brother Cane, and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

He wrote songs for Carlos Santana and Stevie Nicks and had a successful career. He was also a lead guitarist and co-songwriter for the hard rock group Black Star Riders.

Damon Johnson net worth:

Damon Johnson net worth in 2023$3-$5 million
Damon Johnson net worth in 2022$3.0 Million
Damon Johnson net worth in 2021$2.6 Million
Damon Johnson net worth in 2020$2.2 Million
Annual salary$400,000
Monthly Salary$32,000+
Salary per week$8,000
Per day$1140
Per hour$19
Per Minute$0.3
Per second$0.05

Damon Johnson net worth is approximately between $3 million and $5 million as of 2023. He makes money from selling his albums as well as live performances.

Besides these, Damon Johnson net worth includes royalties from his songwriting credits and licensing deals. Overall, he has achieved success in different genres of rock music.

Apart from this, Damon has been a part of some iconic bands and a solo artist. The revenue from his solo albums and tours has contributed a lot to his overall net worth.

Damon Johnson Net Worth

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Damon Johnson Sources of Income:

Damon earns from several sources of income. Mostly, he makes money from music, concerts, tours, record sales, and royalties from publishing deals. Furthermore, he owns several US real estate properties that contribute to his net worth.

Tour and Live performances:

His electrifying stage performance and guitar power have made him an excellent performer. It allows him to get a substantial fee for live shows and concerts.


As a songwriter, Damon also earns from his songs and albums. He earns royalties from the songs featured on his albums and collaborates with several artists.

Merchandise Sales:

Apart from songs, Damon earns from merchandise sales. Multiple Brands approach him for sponsoring their products and services.

These products include t-shirts, posters, and some other materials. His music is also shown in commercials, films, and TV shows, increasing his net worth.

Album Sales:

Damon has been working as a solo artist and collaborating with various bands. Thus, he is continuously increasing revenue through album sales and live streaming. Have a look at Dick Wolf’s Net Worth.

Damon Johnson Career:

Brother cane:

Damon Johnson net worth of around $3 million has a long journey. He earned this wealth by pursuing a career as a versatile musician with a great passion.

His journey to fame began when he joined the regional music groups. There, he shared his talents with various bands. These bands include a headline, Split tha Dark, Witness from Georgia, Chinatown, and Chyld.

The Virgin noticed Chyld and offered Damon a deal with them. This was a turning point in Damon’s journey, and he took on the role of a lead singer. This role led to the band’s rebranding as a Brother Cane. 

Damon Johnson Net Worth

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This journey began with a titled debut album, and around 250,000 copies were sold. In 1993, Brother Cane released their debut album and two singles. These include Got No Shame, and That Don’t Satisfy Me. These albums succeeded, reaching #2 and #6 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Singles chart.

Solo Songs:

Being a solo artist, he released four albums in 2004. His fifth album, titled “Battle Lessons, ” was released in March 2021.

Apart from these, he is also a songwriter, including songs from artists like Martina Mcbride and Chris Young.

Damon’s Career Highlights:

  • In 1997, he co-wrote and played guitar on Sammy Hagar’s album.
  • In 2000, he recorded a solo album, Dust, that mainly featured the original songs he composed.
  • In 2001, Damon wrote a song called “Every Day” with Stevie Nicks, and it was released on the album Trouble in Shangri-La.
  • Later 2002, he played guitars on Faith Hills hit “Cry”.
  • In 2004, Damon wrote and contributed to the Red Halo EP Dead Man Vitamins vocals. In 2001 and 2003, he played guitar for the legend John Waite.
  • In 2004, John joined Alice Cooper’s band and co-wrote the “Dirty Diamonds” album. In 2005, he wrote the Carlos Santana song “Just Feel Better” with Buck Johnson and Jamie Houston.    
  • In 2018, John left the black Star Riders and released another solo album, Memoirs of an Uprising. He toured with the band Damon Johnson and the Get Ready. Check out the songs of Gillie Da Kid.
Damon Johnson Net Worth

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Damon Johnson Biography:

NameDamon Johnson
NicknameThe Man
Date of Birth13 July 1964
Birth PlaceMacon, Georgia, United States
Zodiac SignCancer
Net Worth (2023)$3 to $5 million
OccupationsSinger, Songwriter, Musician, Guitarist
SchoolMonroeville, Alabama, grade schoolGeraldine High School, Geraldine, Alabama
Social MediaFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube
Height6 Feet
Weight95 Kgs
Marital StatusMarried
Wife/Spouse NameLynda Marie Johnson
ChildrenHeather, Sarah Marlo , Gabriel , Jolene Lucinda
YouTube Channelhttps://www.youtube.com/@damonjohnsonofficial
YouTube Subscribers1.71k
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorDark Brown

Is there any official website of Damon Johnson?

Yes, he has an official website named damonjohnson.com.

Which bands Damon has been a part of?

He has participated in various bands, including Brother Cane, Thin Lizzy, Delta Rebel, Black Star Riders, and Whiskey Falls.