10 Best YouTube Shorts Ideas You Should Not Miss

best youtube channel ideas

YouTube has introduced YouTube shorts for their users to make a video of 60 seconds. Many YouTubers use this option to talk about things that will interest their audience.

If you are a YouTuber who is wondering about YouTube shorts ideas, you have come to the right place. We have compiled a list of the ten best YouTube shorts ideas for you.

10 best YouTube Shorts Ideas for 2021

Talk About Amazing Facts 

The world is full of wonders and mysteries, and many people love to know more about the world. Therefore, you can make shorts where you can tell the audience amazing facts. You will need to do thorough research so you can fully captivate the audience with accurate information.

Make A ‘behind the scene’ Short

If you are a YouTuber who films great videos, people will love it if you start making ‘behind the scenes’ shorts. They will see the efforts you put in your video and how you achieve perfectionism. Making ‘behind the scenes’ shorts will help people understand your reality as a YouTuber.

Tell A Story 

Do you have many interesting short stories to share with the audience? You can make shorts on them. This is one of the best YouTube shorts ideas because people love to listen to stories. Tell your story in a way that catches the audience’s attention completely. Make sure that your story is short enough that it can be done in 60 seconds.

Talk About A Project You Are Working On 

Do you have a project you are working on and would love to tell people about it? You can use YouTube shorts to tell people about your project briefly. You can include all the details you want to discuss with your audience. Also, you can discuss any problem that you are facing in the project and how you are trying to overcome it. Thus, people who are doing the same project as you will benefit from your shorts.

Tell Tips And Tricks 

Do you think you have specific tips and tricks up your sleeves that you can share with other people? You can make YouTube shorts discussing those tips and tricks. Many people are looking for tips to take care of their laptop or how they can score a job instantly. By making shorts on them, several people will be helped. Furthermore, they will recommend other people to see your shorts, too.

Give Micro-reviews

People always look for reviews before they buy anything. Giving short reviews on YouTube shorts will save their time. Thus, making YouTube shorts in which you are giving micro-reviews is one of the best YouTube shorts ideas. Add reviews about the products related to your niche, such as technology products, beauty products, etc. Moreover, keep them short and to the point so the audience can know everything about the product in 60 seconds.

Make A Short Telling ‘what’s inside’ 

Many people are curious about what other people carry inside their purses or backpacks. You can take advantage of the human being’s inquisitive nature by making YouTube shorts on the theme of ‘what’s inside’. You can choose anything, ranging from your wallet to your tech backpack, and make shorts on what is inside them. 

Make Shorts To Shift Mindsets 

Many people appreciate a good lesson or advice on their life choices. So, if you are the type of person who is passionate about giving advice, you can start advising people on YouTube shorts. You can tell them about the mistakes they are making in their life. Also, you can coach them on how to move forward with certain life decisions. Thus, if you are willing, you can shift the mindsets of many people.

Make Entertaining Shorts

Who does not love to see entertaining videos? Human beings love to entertain themselves through various means. Thus, making YouTube shorts for the sole purpose of entertainment is one of the best YouTube shorts ideas. By creating an entertaining title and entertaining shorts, many people will click on your shots without hesitating.

Do Some Myth-busting 

There are many myths that people believe in. Many of these myths are not entirely true. You can create YouTube shorts talking about those myths and their realities. YouTube shorts talking about myths will make many people click on them because it is human nature to be curious. Thus, by doing some myth-busting, your YouTube shorts will get many views.  


Winding it up, choosing one of the best YouTube shorts ideas that will captivate your audience will be great for your YouTube channel. The people will become intrigued by your interesting shorts, and they will check your channel afterwards. Thus, your channel will grow.

So, which one of the best YouTube shorts ideas will you use to captivate people’s attention? If you are interested in other online businesses, have a look at these business ideas.

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