If you are a day trader and a Mac user simultaneously, you must be finding it challenging to find some best trading platforms for mac. We also faced the same issue. That’s why we conducted in-depth research to find out the best trading platforms for you that can definitely be used on mac very easily.

Here is a list of some best trading platforms for mac

6 best trading platforms for mac

MetaTrader 4 for Mac OS X

Meta Trader is one of the most well-known and best trading platforms for mac software. It handles Forex and Futures support. There are around 100,000 MetaTrader servers used in 82 countries to trade with seven major currencies and stock indexes worldwide.

With its help, you can create your own indicators as well as using 3rd party created ones. You can trade either manually or via robot assistants that successfully work on autopilot earning high profits while sleeping or going out with friends.

When working with an assistant, you monitor what it does but don’t interfere in any way. The robots act based on their algorithms using data downloaded from various financial markets online without human interference and even loss of large sums.

MetaTrader 4 for Mac is an absolutely new and one of the best trading platforms for mac that is available for users both on Windows and Apple computers. It includes advanced analytical tools as well as automated trade support and has a fairly simple interface.

Bloomberg Terminal Screenshot

As we already mentioned, Bloombergis the best trading platforms for mac which provides professional financial institutions and corporations with solutions needed to make informed business decisions based on valuable data from more than 300 industries in 77 countries.

Perhaps it is not surprising that dozens of traders globally use the service supplied by this company to access up-to-date news feeds, monitor currency markets, find hot IPO stocks ahead of their debut on exchanges, etc.,right from their desktop terminals or iOS/Android enabled devices.

Besides, they can establish secure connections to various trading accounts and work with real-time data or conveniently analyze their activities.

Bloomberg Terminal is used by the largest financial corporations worldwide and individual investors, analysts, investment bankers, etc. Besides, it provides access to such services of other companies related to finance as Thomson Reuters (ISIN codes), FactSet (financial statements), Standard & Poor’s Capital IQ (key statistics, indexes). It is the worldwide great yet one of the best trading platforms for mac

The service has an easy-to-use interface and great functionality combined with up-to-date data on a professional level.

Merlin Software Screenshot

Merlin software was designed for beginners who want to become pros in a stock market game without prior knowledge about the economy or investing but still want to see the results of their labor.

The software is on the list of best trading platforms for mac based on a client-server model. It allows you to be connected to the server with multiple users working on various strategies simultaneously. You can also create your own investment fund, have a competition with friends or make deals with other users in chat rooms.

The interface is quite simple and interaction straightforward, so even those unfamiliar with trading terms will get used to it quickly. There’s also an opportunity to use real money if you want.

OANDA fxTrade Screenshot

This platform provides tools for both experienced investors and beginners, which is why it has become very popular lately among people of different professions from all over the world, including Australia, Canada, Europe, and the USA.

The main feature that distinguishes OANDA fxTrade from other trading platforms is its speed. It has the least latency when dealing with all major financial assets and instruments, including stocks, futures, options, etc.

 There are no impediments to open a demo account and start trading right away. You can also use an Autochartist tool based on artificial intelligence for the technical analysis of your choice to get instant access to market changes without any delay.

You can not only trade but also manage your capital both in real-time and actively make deals with an institution anywhere in the world, thanks to OANDA Multi-Currency Account functionality.

 There’s also a wide range of research tools available for professional use if necessary for you, e.g., the Economic Calendar and Earnings Calendar that will help find out about reports on earnings and manufacturers’ activities ahead of others so as not to miss any useful information.

Since OANDA provides free access to such markets as Forex, Indexes, or Stocks, you can become familiar with their basic principles even without signing up before applying this knowledge later on actively in other financial instruments like options, etc. That is why we called it one of the best trading platforms for mac.

Of course, it doesn’t require much effort from your side because everything is easy to understand due to a simple interface and helpful professionals working at the customer support desk around the clock.

Forex Capital Markets (FXCM) Screenshot

This company has won the recognition of traders worldwide due to its advanced features and convenient trading conditions. It is recommended if you want to achieve good results quickly by using a variety of financial instruments, including stocks, options, futures, etc.

Although Forex Capital Markets has an easy-to-use interface, it provides customers with a wide range of functions and tools both for beginners and experienced traders, along with technical support representatives who are available 24/5.

The platform lets you work in real-time, do an online analysis of potential deals, apply automated tools to make your job easier combined with up-to-date information on global markets. You also get access to such data as an economic calendar, news releases, etc.

TradingView Screenshot

This service works on a client-server model and has become popular thanks to its convenience and functionality, reliability, and clear interface.

You don’t have to spend much time getting used to it if you already know how to trade in other popular trading platforms because everything is arranged in the same way, including functionalities like charting, placing orders, etc.

As well as security tools including two-factor authentication. There are also many useful features for advanced users, such as built-in chat rooms, the possibility of recording your screen during trade sessions, or automatic copying of traders with good results that allow others to follow their steps without knowing about the stock market game.

There’s an excellent technical support service available 24/5, not only via e-mail but also using a built-in chat option, phone, or Skype to enable traders to resolve any issue quickly and efficiently.

PipStation Screenshot

This is one of the most popular online trading platforms in Australia, being trusted by more than 3 000 000 people worldwide. It offers convenient conditions with flexible pricing plans for every budget beginning from $1 per month.

Client support service representatives are always ready to answer your questions by e-mail and live chat which usually provides instant response.

Being designed specifically for Australian customers, it has all necessary functions that allow you to trade and place deposits or receive the money within just 2 hours while there’s no deposit fee required at PipStation and withdrawal fees depending on payment method.

Bisect Screenshot

This service was specially created for traders from Australia, New Zealand, and Oceania, where its offices are located though it is available to users from any corner of the world.

This one of the best trading platforms for mac provides clients with such useful features as an easy-to-use interface, the possibility of using demo or live accounts, 24/5 customer support through e-mail, phone, or Skype.

A variety of educational materials that will help you learn about financial markets basics; technical support representatives always ready to respond promptly to your questions etc.

There’s also an excellent security system at Bisect, ensuring the protection of up to $20 000 worth of deposits while you don’t have to pay any fees for funds withdrawal.

Easy-Forex Screenshot

This service provides a wide range of advantages both for beginners as well as experienced traders, including:

  • convenient trading conditions
  • low minimum deposits
  • withdrawals
  • highly profitable deals with no hidden charges

A variety of platforms you can use to trade online plus live chat support available 24/5. If you own an iPad or iPhone, never worry about switching from one platform to another because you can trade on the go running Easy-Forex in your browser within just 2 minutes.

If you have the plan to become a professional trader, this tool will suit your needs perfectly due to its handiness and simplicity combined with 50+ technical indicators helping traders conduct precise market analysis.

Wrap up

So that’s all for now. We hope that we successfully share some worthy information regarding the best trading platforms for mac with you.

Still, if you are stuck somewhere, kindly let us know. We are happy to help you.

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