Andrew Glennon Net Worth 2023- Amazing Actor and Cinematographer

Andrew Glennon Net Worth

Andrew Glennon is a well-known American personality known for his work as a Cinematographer, Reality Television Personality, and a famous Instagram Star.

The main reason for his fame is his ex-girlfriend, The American Star, Amber Portwood. In this article we will explore Andrew Glennon Net Worth, early life, career, controversies and much more. So let’s start.

Andrew Glennon Net worth

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The American director Andrew Glennon is well known for being Amber Portwood’s lover. She is an actor in the ‘MTV’ sitcom ‘Teen Mom OG.’ Before being identified as her boyfriend, he directed a few short films and worked in the camera department for film and television. 

Andrew first met Amber on a reality TV show set, where he was working as a producer and Amber was a cast member.

Andrew Glennon Net Worth:

However, Glennon has not disclosed his yearly salary to the media yet. 

The estimated value of Andrew Glennon net worth as of April 2023 is $500,000.

His work, films, and social media following hold a big hand in Andrew Glennon Net Worth.

Andrew has a big family on Instagram, with over 120,000 followers. He also collaborates with brands and does endorsements which also helps him stand tall where he is now. 

Andrew Glennon’s Early Life:

The present age of Andrew, who was born on June 8, 1984, in Malibu, California, is 38. A Mexican-American family is Glennon’s family as well. Andrew identifies as a Christian from a spiritual standpoint.

He was also conceived by his mother, Charmaine Witus, and his father, James Glennon.

James, Andrew’s father, was a director of photography. Additionally, Andrew’s father received an Emmy Award for his line of work. Andrew’s family also includes three sisters.

Meghan Glennon, Allison Glennon, and Juliet Glennon are Andrew’s sisters. His mother also received a breast cancer diagnosis.

When it comes to his educational history, Andrew finished his secondary schooling in his hometown. The cinematographer, though, had a boyhood interest in directing and filmmaking. Glennon later decided to leave high school.

Andrew Glennon’s Career:

Professionally speaking, cinematographer Andrew Glennon has significantly influenced the motion picture industry. On numerous little and significant projects, he worked as the lighting technician for the camera department. 

Andrew Glennon Net worth

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For participating in the reality television program “Marriage Boot Camp,” Andrew Glennon is well-known. 

His other projects, such as “Orchid Sunday,” “Kiss Kiss,” “UZLA,” “The Silent Sea,” “The Player,” and “Takers,” have all achieved enormous success. Additionally, he has had significant positions in the entertainment sector, including key grip, assistant camera, and gaffer. 

Andrew Glennon’s Awards:

During his time on the Malibu, California, camera team has achieved a number of successes. 

He participated in making various films and was presented with the MTV Video Music Award in 2017.  

Andrew Glennon’s Other Interests:

In addition to being a cinematographer, an American reality television star, and an Instagram celebrity, he also likes to watch television and listen to music in his spare time. 

Andrew Glennon’s Biography:

Real Name:Andrew Glennon
Age:38 years old
Father’s Name:James Glennon
Mother’s DayCharmine Witus
Siblings:Meghan Glennon, Allison Glennon, Juliet Glennon.
Date of birth:1984
Birth Place:Mailu, California, United States of America
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:Unmarried, Single
Ex-GirlfriendAmber Portwood
Andrew Glennon’s Net Worth:500,000 Dollars

Andrew Glennon’s Relationship Status:

At this time, Andrew Glennon is not in a relationship. He once dated reality TV actress Amber Portwood. In August 2017, Andrew and Amber started seeing each other. On the set of Marriage Boot Camp, where they first met. Andrew was a member of the camera crew, while Amber was a cast member. They used to go to Amber’s home town after the shooting. James was most likely born on May 8, 2019, to the couple.

Andrew Glennon Net worth

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He and Amber just parted ways as a consequence of a significant argument. When Andrew called the police, Amber had already been detained for physical abuse. Amber was cradling their 13-year-old child in between the arguments. The next step was for Andrew to apply for sole custody of their child.

Andrew Glennon Net worth

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Amber Portwood was in a relationship with another person named Gary Shirley, and she had a daughter with him, Leah. After Andrew Glennon married her, he took responsibility for her daughter as well. 

Andrew Glennon’s Controversies and Rumours:

He and Amber just parted ways as a consequence of a significant argument. When Andrew called the police, Amber had already been detained for physical abuse. 

Amber was cradling their 13-year-old child in between the arguments. The next step was for Andrew to apply for sole custody of their child.

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In 2013 Andrew received a three-year prison term for harassing his girlfriend. He probably has a restraining order against him from another woman. He argued that he had never bothered a woman, though, and he refused to accept it. 

After being caught kissing ‘Teen Mom OG’ actress Amber Portwood at her Indianapolis home, Andrew became the target of accusations as well.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q – Has Andrew Glennon ever been to jail?

Andrew, for harassing his girlfriend in 2013, had spent three years in jail. Most likely, a different woman has filed a restraining order against him. But he maintained that he had never bothered a woman, and he didn’t agree.

Q – When did Andrew Glennon rise to popularity the most?

After it was revealed that Andrew and Amber were dating, he became more well-known. At the home of renowned actress Amber Portwood, they were discovered kissing. A son was born to the couple on May 8, 2008. Their son was given the name Hames Andrew Glennon.

Wrapping it Up!:

Andrew Glennon is a popular Cinematographer, and a popular social media influencer which all add up to Andrew Glennon net worth. He rose to the most popularity when he started dating his ex-girlfriend, Amber Portwood.

He’s achieved great achievements and contributed a lot to the film industry, including his most successful projects, “The silent sea”, “The first date”, “UZLA” etc. 

Andrew has also spent his 3 years in jail for harassing his girlfriend. Apart from these Andrew Glennon net worth is quite impressive in the field of cinematographers. Hope you enjoyed this article.