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amio talio net worth

Amio Talio is a Social media personality, Entrepreneur and calm artist in cryptocurrency. His real name is Kash Ahmed, and he is the director of Kash Kream developments.

 Amio Talio got fame at the very young age of 22 by selling his first business to Uber worth $500,000. As of 2023, Amio Talios net worth is expected to be between $1 and $ 5 million. Amio Talio’s career started when he attracted an audience of cryptocurrency admirers to learn trading and business from him

 Let’s have a deep knowledge of Amio Talio Net worth and biography.

Amio Talio Net Worth 

Amio Talio Net Worth$5 Million
Monthly Salary$1 Million +
Annual Salary$1 Million+

Amio Talio has a passion for cars as he is the director of kream developments, the business for modernising supercars. Amio Talio had owned Ferraris, Bentleys and Lamborghinis, worth up to £1.6 million in the age of people taking selfies with vehicles and luxury cars.

Amio Talio has a personal cryptocurrency portfolio worth more than $3 million. Per his cryptocurrency deals, he made 41 million in 6 minutes and almost $1.2 in 45 minutes.

Amio Talio’s growing net worth enabled him to make a positive impact on the lives of others. Amio Talios net worth and early cryptocurrency success inspired his vast audience.

 Amio Talio Career:

Amio Talio’s most well-known businesses include Amio Talio University, Paradox, Metaverse and Onix Rentals.

His career started when he invested money in the Bitcoin market instead of spending on fancy items. Eventually, this investment benefited him so much that he is called a Bitcoin industry influencer.


 Amio Talio is known as a self-made businessman from Northampton. He also has his online academy Amio to University.

He said that the current education system is outdated and does not give a line to students, so he built his own university with all the cheat codes in business.

 Amio Talio Personal Life:

Celebrated Name:Amio Talio
Real Name:Kash Ahmad
Eye ColourBlack
Hair ColourBlack
Age:35 Years
Date of birth:Feb 21, 1988
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:Married
Wife’s name:Shella
Profession:Crypto trader, Entrepreneur, Businessman
Education:MaidenHead, England, UK
Net Worth in 2023:5 Million Dollar

Early Success and bitcoin investment:

Investing in Bitcoin was the smart decision of Amio Talio as Bitcoin’s value increased gradually. His early success as a crypto trader inspired him to start his multiple business projects. Besides his allegations of paradox scams, he continuously defended himself and did not step back. That is the reason he became successful.

Amio Talio, successful from a young age, started companies including oxy rentals, Paradox Metaverse and his university named Amio Talio University. Oxyrentals is a luxury car rental provider company in the UK, having a fleet of over 3o luxury cars that are always ready to use by clients. This company is planning to expand in several countries in the upcoming years.

Business Ventures:

Amio also is an eminent figure in cryptocurrency. He grew his wealth in the UK by expanding his business interests. His early investment in Bitcoin laid the foundation for his current ventures and proved his dominance and expertise within the industry.

 He started with £100,00 with small trading and continued to increase his investments to almost $2 million. That is why he is a self-made successful businessman.

Amio Talio’s Bio

Amio Talio has a younger brother named Shabs Ahmed. His brother worked with him on the majority of projects. Amio Talio and his brother were the main characters of the BBC2 program, Superfam in 2019.

Amio Talio, his brother Shabs Ahmad, his Younger sister Maria, Amio Talio’s wife Sheila and their two children live in a family house with their parents.

Kash Ahmad named Amio Talio is on Instagram as @amiotalio with more than 30k followers. His parents are extremely pleased with his career growth and grooming.

 Amio Talio’s Cars

 Lamborghini Huracan Spyder:

Amio Talio was crazy for cars and was so passionate that he opened his business car named Oxyrentals. HE owned a Lamborghini Huracan Spyder, one of the best sports cars. This car has an impressive gasoline engine of 5.2 litres.


Amio Talio hosted cars worth up to 1.3 million, including Ferraris. In the world of supercars, there is no high valued brand than Ferraris. It has a sleek design and robust engine.     

 Rolls Royce:

Amio Talio is a well-known automobile lover in the supercars space. Besides having several sports and racing cars, he also owned Rolls Royce. Rolls Royce is owned by BMW today as it is one of the best British luxury cars.

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Amio Talio Controversies

Paradox Crypto Scam:

In the action-adventure game, players receive a cryptocurrency called Paradox coin. When Paradox was called a scam, famous tubers criticised Amio Talio as a paradox metaverse scammer. Despite the self-defence, Amio Talio was badly exposed as a scammer.

Amio Talio Robbed:

While working in Kash Kream Development, Amio Talio faced an issue regarding his  Lamborghini Hurucan Spider. According to Amio Talio, He sent his car for repair and didn’t get his car back. He uploaded a video on youtube about this car lost, and his fans said that Amio Talio was robbed.

Clash with Mr Golding:

Amio Talio crashed with Mr Golding, and the video was posted on Facebook. Mr Golding and Amio Talio talked calmly, which turned into a clash as it is said that Amio lost his temper.

Frequently Asked Questions

 What is Amio Talio Net Worth?

Amio Talio net worth is between 1 million dollars to 5 million dollars.

 What is Amio Talio’s  Profession?

Amio Talio is a crypto trader, an entrepreneur and a businessman.

 When did Amio taste success?

Amio Talio succeeded at 22 by selling his first business to Uber for $500,00 in cash.

What are Amio Talio’s hobbies?

Amio Talio loves collecting super-watches and luxury cars.

What is Amio Talio’s Zodiac Sign?

Amio Talio is a pisces.