Amaury Vergara Net Worth 2023- enthusiastic Entrepreneur and Owner of Mexican Soccer Team

Amaury Vergara net worth

Every soccer-interested candidate knows about Chivas, a famous Mexican soccer team.  But who is the owner? Amaury Vergara is the president.

Amaury Vergara is a notable figure in the ever-changing world of business and entrepreneurship. He is highly regarded for his impressive accomplishments and dedication. What is Amaury Vergara net worth?

Amaury has a knack for innovation and strives to achieve unprecedented success. His influence on the business industry is undeniable, as he serves as a source of inspiration for individuals looking to follow in his footsteps.

 Amaury Vergara net worth

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Who is Amaurey Vergara?

Amaurey is an Entrepreneur, a self-starter , environmentalist, film director and producer of famous shows. Amaurey is a mexican businessman and owner of the mexican professional chivas club.

He worked as a filmmaker, and produced award winning movies like “Pan’s Labyrinth” (2006) , “Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban” (2004). We all grew up watching these.

He has also created short films like  “Marea” (2014).It has won many awards at different festivals world wide.

Besides these he has worked on various music projects as a producer and director.

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Amaury Vergara Net Worth

Famous producer, director and entrepreneur Amaury Vergara net worth is amassed by $3 Million. His net worth is growing significantly from the past. The previous record of his net worth are

Amaury Vergara Zatarain Networth 2022$1.82 Million
Amaury Vergara Zatarain Networth 2021$1.61 Million
Amaury Vergara Zatarain Networth 2020$1.41 Million
Amaury Vergara Zatarain Net Worth 2019$1.21 Million

Amaury Vergara Biography

Amaurey was born on September 20, 1987 in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

This table gives a complete overview of Amaury.

Net Worth$3 Million
Date Of BirthSeptember 20, 1987
Place Of BirthGuadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
ProfessionProducer, Director, Writer
Star SignVirgo
Grand parentsBertha Madrigal, Jorge Vergara Cabrera
ParentsJorge Vergara
EducationNYFA I New York Film Academy
MoviesPiano Mudo, Marea, Wanderer
Famous Showshark tank (now a days)

Amaury Vergara Investments

The biggest investment Amaury got is from his father in the form of inheritance. It is Chivas that is worth $800 million. As time passes the Guadalajara club has increased its worth. He has made great investment in players hoping to win this time.

 Amaury Vergara net worth

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Amaury Vergara Omnilife Corporation

Grupo Omnilife is a Guadalajara-based multi-stage advertising corporation that distributes nutritional supplements. The organisation is owned by Amaury Vergara, who additionally owns the soccer membership CD Guadalajara.

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 Amaury Vergara net worth

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It is working in the United States. Latin America. Brazil. Dominican Republic. Mexico. Panama. North America. United States. European Union. Italy. Spain. Russia.

 Amaury Vergara net worth

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Shark Tank

Shark Tank is one of the most watched shows. Their production team has surprised the audience by integrating Jorge Vergara’s son  Amaury Vergara as the new Shark.

As he is the best entrepreneur in Mexico and has the support of the country. He advises the best in financing.

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 Amaury Vergara net worth

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Amaury Vergara Zatarain‘s instagram Followers

Amaury Vergara Zatarain has over 146,909 followers on Instagram.

Amaury Vergara Charity Work

Amaury is running an organisation under his father’s name Jorge Vergara Foundation. It is a non profit organisation that focuses on the health of children and adolescents in Mexico and world wide.

Many auctions are done to generate profit for medical purposes.

 Amaury Vergara net worth

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How Much is Chivas Worth?

The Guadalajara club is worth more than $1.2 billion. This brand has increased its worth more than 50% from the past five years. 

 Amaury Vergara net worth

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Wrap up

Amaurys journey is a picture of determination and success. He got many things in inheritance but by using his intelligence. As a result he made progress in various fields. He is an inspiration for new generations.