50 Best Ways to make money online

best ways to make money online

Here is a list of 50 best ways to make money online. Read them all and try one that you think is most suitable for you.

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50 best ways to make money online

1. Sell Your Junk

Sell anything you don’t need any more on eBay or Craigslist. Get rid of old clothes, books, electronics and furniture. The rule is, everything must be in very good condition to sell it online. You can also offer services like selling your car or buying used cars at cheap prices to earn money easily.

2. Participate in research studies

Some companies pay people to take part in their research studies for academic purposes or medical experiments. These are usually large firms that have ongoing projects that don’t stop just because it’s the weekend or a holiday! So look out for announcements of these opportunities on bulletin boards (both physical and digital), fliers posted around campus, etc., to make extra cash by giving your opinion on things.

3. Sell your stuff on Amazon

Amazon is a great place to buy and sell items online, so why not get paid for it? Amazon lets you set the price of your item and shipping costs, which means you can make more money based on how much it sells for! It’s up to you whether you want to be an auction seller or a “buy-it-now” seller. You can look up what items are selling for or look around your house for something old that could be worth a fortune!  

4. Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a free service offered by Google where website owners can display targeted ads chosen by Google Inc. Sometimes they even share the profit made from these ads with the site owners! The only downside is that you need to try and attract visitors to your blog or website. There are different ways of doing this through SEO (search engine optimization) and social media marketing, etc., but it’s hard work! If you’re looking for a simple way to do this, consider selling ad space on your own blog.

5. Become an online freelance writer

There are many websites that offer opportunities for people who want to write for them. These sites let you write about topics which interest you, take surveys, participate in competitions etc. Not only does this help pass the time, but can also be very beneficial as if you have written well-researched articles their value increases exponentially over time! You can find jobs through outsourcing websites such as oDesk, eLance and Freelancer.

6. Sell coupons/vouchers

Sites like Groupon have been very popular over the last couple years for offering great deals on everything from restaurant meals to spa treatments! You can sell these vouchers online or directly at your local area and make a commission off of each sale. There is also other similar sites (with varying features) that you may want to check out! This can be a very lucrative way to make money quickly and easily- especially if you’re good with marketing and social media!

7. Become an Amazon Associate

Amazon Associates allows you to create links to their site and earn referral fees whenever anybody clicks on those links (and buys something on Amazon). If you have a website, blog or forum that gets lots of visitors, this is definitely an opportunity not to be missed. It’s free to sign up with them and easy to start! You can find out more about the program here .

8. Shop online for cash back

There are many websites which give you cashback for shopping online through their portal like Ebates. All you need to do is go to these websites (often by using a link provided in your e-mail) and click on retailers they feature; then search for what you want- it’ll say how much each retailer is giving as Cash Back at the top of the results page! So if you were going to buy something anyway, why not get money back as well?

9. Cash in on your car

If you don’t use your car that much, why not rent it out to those who do! There are many companies which let you rent out your car for a fee- from as little as $5/day up to $100+/day depending on the make and model of your vehicle. You can find these sites by googling ‘rental cars’ or ‘ride sharing’. These sites only work if there is at least 4 people using them at regular intervals, so make sure to let everyone know about this opportunity!

10. Sell Coupons & Discounts

Do you have an account with any retailers that give discounts or coupons when shopping through their website? Well, why not cash in on that! These sites aren’t extremely popular (yet) but you can find them by googling ‘coupons’ or ‘discount codes’. You can promote these websites through forums and social media- some of the bigger ones offer affiliate programs for this very purpose.

11. Start an Online Ecommerce Store

If you have some items that are worth more than what you paid, or some stuff that’s just taking up space, try selling it online by starting an ecommerce store online! There are many services which let you sell your products easily, such as eBay and Amazon. All you need to do is set the price you want to sell at and prepare your item(s). To increase your chances of making a sale, use relevant tags and categories with each item. You can also offer free shipping to your customers or a discounted price for faster delivery!

12. Sell Digital Products

Create digital products which you can sell online, such as eBooks, Blogs, Templates and Wallpapers etc. Places like Gumroad , Etsy and Clickbank are very popular marketplaces that will help you sell almost anything- all you need is a PayPal account to process payments from them through your bank account! Check out their websites for benefits of selling on those sites specifically.

13. Sell Your Art/Crafts Online

If you have created something which has some value to others outside of your family, why not try selling it online? There are many places where people buy and sell arts and crafts, such as Etsy . You can create a free account with them and set a price for your products. To stand out from the rest, add relevant tags to each item (e.g. ‘modern paintings’, ‘abstract art etc.), take professional photographs of your products (but make sure they don’t cost more than your profit!) and create an appealing description!

14. Become an Amazon Product Reviewer

Become an Amazon Product reviewer- you get paid to test & review items that Amazon sells (and you receive the product for FREE). These reviews are placed on Amazon’s websites where customers will be able to read them before purchasing the product. For this very reason, Amazon encourages reviewers by paying $5 per review.

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15. Start a Blog and Promote Someone Else’s Products/Services

If you like writing, why not start a blog where you write about the things you like? You can even make money from it by promoting someone else’s products or services; depending on the type of audience your blog has. There are many places to find affiliate programs for blogging, but Clickbank , ShareASale and Click For Commissions are very popular ones. They will set up your website with their links that’ll lead users back to these companies’ websites if they purchase anything through them from that company!

16. Sell Your Unused Digital Photos

Does anyone know how easy it is these days to take a nice picture? The technology built into our phones is a marvel to say the least. People take hundreds of pictures every day, and there’s no way they’d use all of them- that’s where you can step in. Sites like Shutterstock or Alamy will help you get paid for your lovely pictures!

17. Sell homemade food online

if you are a great cook or chef and people love to eat your cooked food then there is a high chance you can earn a lot of money in this field. Just start your own homemade food selling business and you can earn crazy money by sitting at home.

18. Participate In Research Studies

Have you ever been approached by someone who wants to ask you questions about end products? Or maybe give your opinion on an ad they created? If so, then this opportunity interests you! You can sign up with Opinion Outpost , Survey Savvy and Global Test Market to start earning money from giving people your opinion! Your opinions actually do matter a lot to companies trying to sell their products/services, so why not get paid for helping them out?

19. Enter Writing Contests

Enter writing contests- the more prestigious the competition, the better! But don’t go for low-paying ones, as they will barely make a dent in your wallet. The reason you should enter these contests is because even if you don’t win, companies sponsoring them will often pay you some money to reward you for participating in their contest. There’s various types of writing contests e.g. fiction, poetry etc., depending on what kind of writing you are into! So find out where to submit your work at places like TopTenReviews or FreelanceWritinggig. For this you just need to learn how to write a good blog post

20. Make Money with Your Hobbies

Do you have a specific hobby which you enjoy doing? Well, there are ways to make money from it- for example, if you love reading books and discussing them with others, why not start a blog about what you thought of the book/writing style etc.? If they truly interest people who visit your site, then perhaps you can sell ad spots on your website! There are many other hobbies that involve online earning- take knitting for example. Sites like Etsy allow people to sell their crafts online by creating an account with them.

21. Become a Mystery Shopper

Become a mystery shopper- I know this sounds very weird but it’s actually quite simple. You go into shops or restaurants and pretend to be having dinner/buying something there so you can review their services. After your experience, you get paid for it. Yup, sounds weird but it really is simple and you can get started by signing up with places like BestMark .

22. Become an online cashflow manager

Many companies and businesses need someone who can manage their cashflow and give them all the stats of it timely. You can do this work by staying at your home. If you are new to this then learn cashflow management here.

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23. Buy & Sell Domain Names

Sites like GoDaddy are where people buy/sell domain names- e.g if you want to create a website about something or blog about something, this is where you have to purchase the domain name in order for anyone else to access your site! And when someone’s already created a website under that niche, selling domains isn’t exactly easy since there are many other interested parties who will do anything to obtain that domain name- so buying one from another person might be cheaper than creating yourself!

24. Become a Virtual Assistant

This is one of the best ways to make money online. You can get paid a lot by just being a virtual assistant- it doesn’t even have to be your full-time job! All you have to do is offer your services on sites like ODesk and Elance , and see which companies would contact you for help with projects or tasks they might need assistance with.

25. Offer Logo Design Services

Sites like Fiverr are where designers from all over the world come together to sell their services- professional logo designers, writers etc., will offer their services here in return for some amount of money, usually around $5-$10 per project! So if you’re good at creating logos then this could be a great side income for you, as there are many companies looking for these services.

26. Become a Virtual Tutor

Sites like TutorVista and SmartThinking allow people to sign up as tutors- they will hire you to teach their students one-on-one, online! So if you’re really good at something (chemistry? mathematics?) then why not put your skills to good use by working for these sites? After all, they’ll help you earn money through teaching students who need it!

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27. Sell your Crafts

If the previous few ideas weren’t enough of an inspiration, this is another hobby where you can make money online e.g. Etsy . But see if there’s anything similar available in your local area so that you can sell your products e.g. if you like painting then look out for art galleries/shops that might be interested in buying your paintings!

28. Sell Your Smartphone Apps

If you’re good at creating apps, why not create an app and offer it for sale on sites like AppBrain ? It could be a great source of income for you! Some people have been known to make over $1 million from their smartphone apps alone- so don’t miss out on this opportunity to cash in on the app market.

29. Rent Out a Parking Space

Sites like JustPark allow people to rent out their parking spaces to those who need them! For example, if you work nearby but don’t have enough time to drop by your house during your lunch break, you could park your car in the parking space of someone who’s not using theirs during that time, and pay them a certain amount- either every hour or only for the day! After all, it saves you from having to park on the street which is usually more expensive.

30. Create Your Own Online Course

Sites like Udemy allow people to create their own courses and sell them online! So if you have enough knowledge about something then why not share it with others? You can even charge people a yearly/monthly fee to access these courses if you want- but do ensure that they’re worth the cost before doing so.

31. Become a Bartender

If you’re old enough to drink alcohol then why not cash in on your ability to mix drinks by becoming a bartender? There are many bars who would be more than happy to hire you- and if you’re good at it then this side income could turn into something much bigger!

32. Transfer Money

If you have some money that you need transferred overseas, or if someone’s stuck in another country and needs help with transferring their money, sites like Transferwise allow people to transfer money abroad without having to worry about huge fees!

33. Test Websites

Sites like UserTesting allow companies to post jobs for website testers- they want real users to test out their websites before launch so that they can see if there are any bugs or usability issues which they might not have noticed themselves. As such, sites like this will pay people to try out websites under real-life conditions and do a review of their experience.

34. Become an Online Juror

Sites like eJury allow people who have gone through the legal process before to come online and participate in mock trials! All you need is a webcam, a microphone and an internet connection, then you can be paid for your opinion on various cases that they might not have been able to settle with traditional jurors!

35. Start Teaching English

Sites like VerbalPlanet offer remote English tutoring by connecting tutors with students- so if you’re good at teaching others, this could be a great way for you to make money from home.

36. Sign up as a Mystery Shopper

Some sites hire normal people who are looking for work to act as mystery shoppers- so if you’re good at shopping, why not get paid to do it? As a mystery shopper, you’ll be assigned various tasks which might include buying something at a store and checking whether the customer service was satisfactory or that the product is what they claimed it to be.

37. Participate in Focus Groups

Some sites allow companies who are trying to launch new products/services to get feedback from their target audience- and they’re willing to pay people a certain amount for every survey that they participate in. So if you’re someone who’s always on social media then this might be a good way for you to make some money while at the same time voicing your opinion on things which affect your everyday life.

38. Get Paid to Lose Weight

Sites like HealthyWage allow people to bet on themselves losing weight, with the site holding onto money until you successfully lose a certain percentage of body fat within the designated period! If you succeed then not only will you get all of your money back but also an additional sum depending on how much weight you lost- and if you fail then just try again!

39. Sell Your Old Clothes

Sites like Yerdle will pay you to take photos of your old clothes which are still in good condition and upload them to their directory! For every item sold, Yerdle will give the seller 10% of the sale value- meaning that this could be another way for people to make money online with nothing but an eye for fashion.

40. Become a Detective

Sites like HelpSpot connect people who need help with attorneys, detectives and other professionals- so if you’ve got the skills then why not earn money while using them? You can also join an agency like Crime Scene Investigators to take on detective jobs online.

41. Get Paid For Taking Online Surveys

Sites like SurveyMarshall will pay out monetary rewards when you complete surveys or trial offers in exchange for your opinion- just don’t expect lots of cash but would rather be pleasantly surprised. Here is a detailed guide on how to make money from doing paid surveys

42. Invest in Stocks

Sites like Robinhood allow you to invest using just your smartphone- while this might not make you rich overnight, it can definitely help! Trading stocks can be risky but if done properly then the returns are well worth your while.

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43. Sell Your Poems

Sites like PoemHunter have a collection of poems which are submitted by users- so why not spend 5 minutes writing something original and get paid for it? You can also submit poetry that you’ve written before to earn even more money too- so there’s nothing stopping anyone from earning some extra cash with their wordsmith skills!

44. Rent Out Your Extra Storage Space

Sites like Spacer allows people who don’t need all of their storage space to rent it out to others- letting them make money each month while keeping themselves extra organised at the same time.

45. Rent Out Your Car

Sites like Turo allow people to rent out their cars to other people for a certain period of time (possible overnight too) which makes earning money rather easy! You can also opt for something like Uber for this purpose but expect more wear and tear on your car as it will be driving around with complete strangers all day long.

46. Sell Digital Goods

Websites like Etsy allows you to sell digital files online, with buyers able to download their purchases instantly- so if you have any old photos lying around on your computer then why not earn some money by selling them? Just remember though that you’ll have to upload your files yourself so you might want to consider a service like DepositPhotos for this purpose.

47. Sell Unwanted Gift Cards

Sites like CardCash allow people to sell their unwanted gift cards online- buyers can benefit from discounts up to 35% which they wouldn’t get if using the traditional route of buying but at least sellers can earn some money from trying!

48. Get Paid For Watching Videos

Sites like InboxDollars will pay users for watching videos or taking surveys- it’s not going to make anyone rich overnight but with lots of time and patience, it could be a great way of earning extra cash online!

49. Become a Professional Gamer

Chances are that you’ve already spent hours playing video games before but with sites like Twitch allowing gamers to monetise their streams, it has never been a better time to become a professional gamer! Sites like iGamers will pay out even more money if you have a loyal fan base of followers so why not give this career path a try? Taking gaming seriously may be hard work but as they say- where there’s a will, there is the way!

50. Start your own YouTube Channel

That’s a great way to earn money by sitting at home. Start a YouTube channel by picking a really great YouTube channel idea and get paid for uploading videos timely.

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