50 best digital marketing tips for beginners

The world of digital marketing can be intimidating to anybody who is not familiar with it. That’s why, I think that it is important for me to share some knowledge that I have gathered through my experience until now.

Below you will find 50 of the most useful digital marketing tips on how to increase your blog’s success and for people to keep coming back. Some of them may seem obvious, but I’m sure that even the most experienced marketers can’t get enough of these kinds of tips!

50 Mind blowing digital marketing tips

  #1: Write interesting content

Write interesting content you would want to read yourself. This will be a no-brainer for many, but it is still surprisingly common to see marketers putting out boring posts that nobody cares to read. I know, because I have been guilty of this mistake several times in the past.

 #2: Keep texts short

Keep your texts short and concise to avoid boring your readers. There is a saying about an average person’s short-term memory being limited to seven items at a time so, if you post too much information at once, people might get lost and bounce off from your site instead of sticking around for more! You can also break down important points into separate paragraphs by using dividers such as         <h3>…</h3>  or             <hr /> .

#3 Easy to navigate formatting

Make sure that every post has a format that people already know and expect. For example, if you publish recipes try to follow the same format every time so that people who visit your blog usually know what to expect upon seeing it.

#4: Fulfill user’s need

Keep in mind that Google’s main goal is helping its users achieve their goals! For this reason, when writing your posts always be mindful of how it can help somebody who is looking for information regarding a certain topic.              

#5: Use right tags

Use <strong> tags instead of <b> ones. While in some browsers both tags are treated the same way (by making the text appear in bold), most screen readers read strong texts as they were meant to be read while ignoring bolds entirely.

#6: Ask experts

Never hesitate on contacting an expert if you have a question or want to share some valuable information with him/her. Most marketers are active on social media and will be happy to chat about the topic you like! There is nothing wrong in trying out this tip, especially if you want to learn more about digital marketing yourself!    

#7: Register Account

Register an account on several relevant forums and contribute as much as possible. This is one of the most effective tips when it comes to networking and engaging with other people who might be able to help you in your future endeavors!

#8: Communicate well

Learn how to communicate properly with people from different cultures. Forums usually have members from all over the world so make sure that your posts can be read without misunderstandings by avoiding slang and common mistakes.

#9: Take care of your media presence

Take care of your appearance and make sure that clicking on your profile leads to a page with useful information about you (like your LinkedIn account). It is not necessary to publish a CV, but there should be at least some data that shows potential followers that you are real and not just another user trying to promote his/her blog!

#10: Use images

Use images in your posts whenever possible. There is science backing up the idea that visuals (graphs, charts, etc.) help people retain information better than when it comes in text form alone. You can take advantage of this by inserting relevant pictures into your posts which will make them stand out from the rest!

#11: Produce original content

Try to write original content and avoid publishing things that are available to the public for free. While this might seem obvious, there are still many people who make this mistake while looking for new ideas! Instead of publishing something you found on somebody else’s blog, try making it better or even turning it into an infographic if possible!

#12: Add links to your profiles

Don’t forget to include a link to your social media profiles in order to appear more approachable! If somebody is interested in what you have published they will usually want to learn more about you so being available on different channels will help them get in touch with you easily.

# 13 Write interesting titles

Make sure that every post has an interesting title. This one should be rather easy to pull off since most blogging platforms already give users the option of editing the titles of the articles they have created. However, if you decide to use a different platform make sure that your post is titled correctly!

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#14: Format is king

Remember that people usually enter a specific forum/blog with a purpose in mind so help them achieve it by being as helpful as possible. Formatting your posts accordingly and being polite will most likely lead to comments or even future collaborations which can eventually result in an increase of website traffic!

#15: post trendy content

Always check what kind of content gets shared the most on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter before deciding what to write about. Not only will this tip help you make smarter decisions when it comes time for publishing new posts but it will also allow you to do extensive market research on pretty much any topic.

#16: stay active on social media

Try to be as active as possible on social media sites. Usually, the more people know you exist, the greater your chances are of succeeding in a given field! It is not necessary to spam everyone with too much information, but there should be at least some activity going on related to your blog which will make it easier for people to find out about it!

#17: Consistency is the key

Be consistent with publishing new posts at least once a week and try implementing this tip as soon as possible if you want to build up an audience that has enough trust in you they might become regular readers. It is understandable that real life gets in the way from time to time, however, doing everything within your power to stay to this goal will help you achieve your ultimate goal of becoming a popular blogger!

#18: Sharing is caring

Use as many social media sites as possible to share great content with people all over the world. Don’t forget that every website has its own community which is usually more active during certain hours, so speak to your audience and choose the posting schedule accordingly! Some websites such as Facebook and Twitter allow users to pin posts at the top of their feeds so this might be an option if there’s something you want everybody to see right away!

#19: Never go off-topic

Try thinking of interesting titles for all future posts before publishing them. This tip will help you figure out what kind of topics your readers enjoy reading about and it can also give you some inspiration when creating new articles! You don’t have to follow your original ideas strictly if you think of something better, but it will give you an idea of what topics are currently trending!

#20: Increase engagement with audience

Always show appreciation towards people who comment on your blog posts. This tip might seem like a given but there are still many people who fail to acknowledge other users or even ban them from their channels for no apparent reason. Be sure that every single person that reached out to you via comments is fully taken care of!

#21: Think in advance

Make sure that all future posts cover at least one current trend since this will help you appeal to a much larger audience. Keep in mind that the majority of people usually want to stay up-to-date with everything going on around them so giving them this information is usually a surefire way to achieve more success!

#22: Don’t be afraid

Don’t be afraid of advertising your blog on other websites or social media sites. This tip might seem obvious but it is still one of the main reasons why billionaires are so successful today! Knowing how to advertise yourself properly can easily result in large sums of money being brought into your bank account, just make sure that you don’t bombard people with too much commercial content.

#23: Think out of the box

Try thinking outside the box when it comes time for naming new posts since this will help you stand out from all the rest. Not only should your post titles sound great but they should also reflect what your articles are about! For example, if there’s an article about Facebook which you want to share with everybody, you could title it “10 ways to make your Facebook profile more popular!”

#24:Never stop learning

Never stop learning and reading about the topic of your choice since there’s always more to know. Whether you’re running a blog about fashion or technology, most mainstream blogs usually cover similar topics such as new trends and styles which means that most people will already know everything they need to before stumbling across your website. Try thinking of something truly original which nobody has considered yet!

#25: Proofreading is a life saver

Make sure that every post is proofread several times before publishing it online since this will help you avoid receiving tons of negative comments from other users. Not only should all spelling and grammar be correct but some bloggers even go as far as hiring editors who publish professionally written articles for them! Although this option might cost more money, it will definitely help you gain a competitive edge over your rivals.

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25 extra amazing digital marketing tips

#26: Be honest and open about your mistakes so that people know they can trust you with important information. If something goes wrong with your blog or Twitter account or even with your personal life, tell everybody what happened right away so that everyone is aware of the situation from the start! People usually appreciate transparency since it shows how human you really are, plus it will make them respect you even more in the future!

#27: Don’t hesitate to ask for advice from other successful bloggers if you’re unsure about anything. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel when creating content since most people have been in the same situation as you before and will be more than happy to share their tips for future reference.

#28: Always use relevant hashtags so that your content is easier to find by users who might not stumble upon it otherwise. Keep in mind that hashtags can easily help people discover new topics which they might be interested in! Don’t overdo it though since nobody wants to read an article filled with nothing but random words tagged onto the end of every sentence.

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#29: Try keeping a constant schedule for publishing new posts whenever possible. Although there are multiple approaches towards creating blog posts, most successful bloggers usually stick with a set schedule which helps them stay organized and on top of everything going on around them This also makes it easier for your readers to keep up with all of your content.

#30: Don’t get discouraged if you don’t gain a lot of attention on your first try since it may take several tries before you receive some form of recognition for your work! All famous bloggers usually had to start from the bottom and build their audience gradually which may even mean that you’ll need to meet people in person and speak with them directly through social media websites like Twitter or Facebook.

#31: Avoid posting too many advertisements on other people’s websites since this can make you seem desperate for attention.

People usually appreciate an honest blog post where they can learn more about a topic instead of simply viewing ads each time they visit a new page! you find yourself needing to purchase advertising space, always try to get in touch with a company that specializes in digital marketing since they will have a much larger audience and better resources.

#32: Try joining several discussion forums where you can meet new people and start discussions about your topic of choice!

People usually love discussing topics such as fashion or luxury goods so this is a great way to gain exposure while also helping others learn more about your topic of expertise. Make sure not to spam other users’ posts with links though, no matter how famous the blogger might be!

#33: Take advantage of holidays whenever possible by creating themed content which matches up nicely with various types of celebrations.

Keep track of all the biggest events taking place around the world order to take full advantage of anything related to your blog topic! This is a great way to receive recognition from other bloggers as well as from search engines around the world.

#34: Try having a contest or giveaway on your own website in order to increase traffic and grow a larger audience for future posts!

Anyone who participates will be more than happy to share the event with their friends, family members, and various social media profiles which can potentially lead to thousands of new views over time! Make sure you have everything planned out before you start since most people won’t want or need any loose ends by the time they reach the finish line.

#35: Be patient so that you don’t miss out on anything important! Blogging takes a lot of time and effort but you’ll soon find that it might be one of the best investments you ever make

#36: Don’t try to force an idea just because you feel like blogging about something. If you really don’t want to write about a certain topic, simply choose another one which interests other people as well! You will eventually gain more readers if you can provide unique viewpoints and information on your chosen topic so always try to do enough research before publishing an article.

#37: If possible, take advantage of writing guest blog posts on other websites in order to expand your own reach while also providing some exposure for their website.

This is an easy way to get new traffic sent back towards your website since many people may not actually know that you exist yet! Guest blogging is a great way to gain some additional recognition so be sure to take advantage of this whenever you have the chance.

#38: If your company needs help with digital marketing, social media management, or website design then it might be a good idea to check out various freelance platforms such as fiverr.com in order to find someone who fits all of your requirements!

This can provide some relief from more expensive options which usually have many hidden fees and restrictions. Choose carefully according to your own set of unique needs and make sure that you do enough research before hiring anyone new since their work will impact your overall business relationships.

#39: Always try to stay fresh whenever possible by surfing through multiple news websites online in order to keep up with all of the latest information and ideas floating around on the web.

You might be surprised to learn that most bloggers get their inspiration from news articles and this is a great way to find similar topics which you can develop into future posts!

#40: Build up your own platform from scratch in order to attract even more people worldwide. This will likely take some time but you’ll soon discover that it was all worth it in the end!

Getting started is typically pretty easy since you simply need a unique name for your blog, a hosting service with an available domain, and plenty of helpful tips about how to make your site stand out from the rest over time.

#41: Create a schedule for publishing content in order to maintain a certain level of regularity. This will help you to gain more regular visitors while also increasing your overall reputation!

People are less likely to follow blogs who only publish content on an irregular basis so make sure that you always stay within the same timeframe every time you post a new article or blog update whenever possible.

#42: Don’t let yourself become too discouraged by low traffic statistics! It’s true that things might be slow at first but most people need some time in order to find your website and check out what it has to offer.

If you really want things to pick up then try creating even higher quality content or publishing outside of your usual blogging schedule if necessary – many factors can turn into a major difference over time as long as is present from beginning until end.

#43: Don’t let yourself become too intimidated by other successful bloggers! Instead of worrying about their success, simply use them as an example of how amazing things are possible over time.

It might not happen overnight but there’s no reason why you can’t achieve the same goals with enough practice and dedication along the way! Keep this in mind whenever you start feeling like giving up on your blogging goals.

#44: Always check your website statistics on a regular basis in order to see which articles receive more views than others. This will help you to better understand what kind of content is most valuable for your readers so that you can produce even more high quality posts in future blog updates!

Look for patterns whenever possible and don’t be afraid to try something new whenever certain strategies aren’t working – the key is to always remember why you started this blog in the first place!

#45: Use information from personal experience whenever possible. This is a great way to make your blog feel more relatable and it can also help you become a better writer since you’ll be able to draw from past experiences as well as current events.

If writing about something seems too difficult at first then try gathering some additional personal information from friends or family members who would be willing to share some of their own stories with you on a short term basis.

#46: Don’t forget that good spelling and grammar are nearly as important as original content when it comes to blogging success! There’s nothing wrong with using services like Grammarly to help correct any issues that come up while you’re writing your next blog post.

Even if it’s just a tiny mistake then someone is bound to notice! Make sure to take in these suggestions and keep them in mind for future posts as well.

#47: Be prepared for a lot of hard work in the beginning when it comes to blogging. This might sound obvious but many people forget about how much time and effort they need to invest before experiencing results from their efforts over time.

If you don’t have an ounce of patience then chances are high that you’ll end up quitting before ever achieving real success with your blog! Keep this in mind whenever things start getting tough along the way and know that even the most successful bloggers had to deal with their own issues at some point.

#48: Try publishing blog posts on a consistent weekly basis if possible. This will help you to stay relevant among other writers while also attracting more followers over time as long as the quality of your content is good enough.

People are much more likely to check out a website that updates several times per week than one who only publishes every so often so make sure to take this into consideration whenever you first start off!

#49: It’s important for bloggers to always remember that they should write for themselves first and foremost regardless of how many other people actually read what they publish! If writing about something simply doesn’t interest you or it feels like too much work then chances are high that others won’t want to read about it either.

You can’t let yourself become discouraged or overwhelmed by any external factors – make sure to stay true to your own voice and you’ll be well on your way to blogging success!

#50: A good blog with regular updates is a great source of passive income for anyone who decides to monetize their website. Sites like Google AdSense allow people from all over the world to remain fully anonymous while also sending a steady stream of cash directly into a designated bank account every single month as long as certain conditions are met.

This is an excellent form of backup plan that will allow bloggers from all walks of life to succeed with their websites regardless of whether they ever attract huge amounts of traffic or not!

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