4 Best plugins for WordPress SEO that can save your site

For any website, business, or literally any type of work on WordPress, the main thing is to get your result on the top list of the search engine. So that, when the researchers search through a topic on different browsers, your analysis report on your blog, and your tips are the top ones in the result.

So, for that, we need SEO or search engine optimizer. And if you are searching for the best plugins for WordPress SEO, then you have come to the right site for your guidance. Our expert analysis will guide you through the required steps and provide the required information.

WordPress SEO-introduction

SEO (search engine optimization) is a tool to help you appear in the search results on the first page of google. SEO is important because it helps you to interact with your clients with ease and pace, and increases your credibility and demand. It is exceptionally good for business, and increasing the audience to your site. For it to work efficiently, it needs plugins and we will introduce you to the best plugins for WordPress SEO.

Different companies around the world are using it. According to information provided by Searchmetrics, the domain of e-commerce store Coolblue saw the second-highest increase in visibility on Google.nl in 2018. It  makes it the highest-scoring domestic website. Only youtube.com saw a larger increase in its SEO Visibility Score.

It is in high demand nowadays, but you need not worry about how to use these methods or techniques to increase your visibility as our guide will make it easy to choose the best plugins for WordPress SEO.

Why do we need SEO?

SEO WordPress is not the method that intends to trick Google, but it is essential for the appearance of more traffic, clients, researchers on a topic, and your audience on your website more frequently, and easily to provide quicker and easier access. It builds a stronger relationship between you and your audience so that they prefer you above any other before going through a search.

Keeping in mind its critical needs, we are going to introduce you to some best plugins for WordPress SEO.

Why are plugins essential?

Plugins are software that adds the functions of a browser by acting as an add-on to a web browser by adding the functionalities of a browser. It can help the browser to display information that it wasn’t designed to play previously. They allow the site to do greater things and are great resources themselves. In addition, WordPress plugins are designed in a way that users can develop their codes to customize them.

To help you choose between the best plugins for WordPress SEO, you can go through our guidelines.

What are some plugins for WordPress SEO?

Whenever a person searches for SEO plugins then, the first option that comes into their mind is Yoast SEO. As you should not use more than one plugin as it can interrupt your working and cause plugin conflict, choose anyone boosting plugin for WordPress SEO. We will go through the details of Yoast SEO,  all in one SEO pack, SEO press, and rank math so that you may choose the best plugin for SEO WordPress.

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Yoast SEO

Yoast search engine optimization is a plugin that has been downloaded more than 350 million times and has 5 million active installations. The software runs on 15.4% of the world’s top 1 million sites.

So we can judge by its market demand that it is a highly recommendable and dependable plugin for WordPress SEO. In many ways, it is one of the best plugins for WordPress SEO.

Enhancement by Yoast

  1. It helps you optimize your keywords and site’s content.
  2.  It increases the rating of your article by optimizing analysis results i.e., keyphrase, links, keyword density, readability, etc.
  3. Yoast also provides multiple features to help you with your article, so it is one of the best plugins for WordPress SEO.

. Setting up Yoast SEO

Setting up Yoast SEO isn’t at all difficult if you know the right steps. For installing Yoast follow the instructions as follows:

  1. Log in to your WordPress site and navigate over to the dashboard.
best plugins for wordpress seo
  1. Click on plugins add then click ‘Add New’.
  2. On the right side of the screen is a search box where you have to type Yoast SEO. Click the install button next to the first search result and install it. 
  3. Click on the activate button to activate your Yoast SEO.
  1. To configure the plugin, click on the configuration wizard. It will guide you through some steps to help you configure plugins to suit your site. You can run the wizard now and then. You have to choose the options as given.

.Yoast Toolkit

 It optimizes multiple aspects of your WordPress site including:

  1. Title tags and URL:

Adds multiple distinct SEO title tags and URLs to each page and article of your site.

  1. Google Search Console:

Ideally, it connects your site to a google search console to optimize your content with search analytics.

  1. Meta description and pics:

Helps to add social media pics and meta description to your posts.

  1. Keywords and readability:

 Optimizes the readability of your content and keyword density.

  1. Loading results:

Provides a faster loading time for your website to produce faster results, giving an innovative way of managing data.

          In short, by reading its advantages the first thought that comes to your mind is that it is one of the best plugins for WordPress SEO.

. The cons of Yoast SEO

  1. You may face a bit of a problem as it is not good at understanding with which intention you are writing the content. It may not mark the keyword with slight variations as it counts as the only word to word keywords
  2. It can be irritating when using grammar correcting tools as it has some rules to follow but doesn’t know when to break. It can be annoying to see red and orange lines in your analyses section.
  3. The system is not error-proof. Moreover, in SEO guides, there is no rule for perfect optimization. It all depends on previous tests and analyses of the professionals.

All in one SEO pack

SEO pack is one of the most comprehensive and reliable plugins for WordPress SEO as it is easy to use without any complications and also provides a variety of features. It has been used by out 2+ million people up to date. It has evolved to fulfill the requirements of today’s marketers very well by its well-working features.

After going through its robust features we can easily say that All in one SEO is one of the best plugins for WordPress SEO.

Enhancement by AIO SEO

  1. It increases the traffic to the site without needing to learn complex SEO jargon.
  2. It addresses all major elements of an effective search engine optimizer.
  3. It comes with easy setup techniques helping you with choosing the best SEO settings for your site.
  4. It shows TruSEO for quick analysis and a checklist to optimize your posts and pages.

Setting up all in one SEO pack

To set up one of the best plugins for WordPress SEO go through the following steps.

  1. Login to your WordPress site and open its menu. Click on plugins and search all in one SEO in the search bar.
  1. Click on the install button to activate the plugin.
  1. The AIO SEO setup wizard will take you through some steps for the configuration. By going through them you will configure it successfully. 

. AIO SEO Toolkit

Its pros indicate that it is one of the best plugins for WordPress SEO.

  1. Title optimization and automatic meta tag generation:

It includes a smart automatic meta tag generator helping in your SEO title tag and descriptions by using dynamic values such as custom fields, author info year, etc. so, by this feature, you don’t have to update posts only to change SEO titles.

  1.  Search engine visibility:

It includes smart XML sitemaps, SEO health check, and Rich snippet schema markup with other features to increase your search engine visibility.

  1. Content management:

It works by preventing duplicate content from being created, its default has a content analysis tool in both the classic editor and block editor so it can optimize your posts for SEO keywords and google higher search rankings and it also allows you to switch from one plugin to another without any complications.

.The cons of AIO SEO

  1. The cost of a premium AIO SEO plugin is a bit too high for its advanced features as the functionalities don’t seem to justify the fee.
  2. The meta description sometimes does not work properly and does its services in the front end but not in the preview column so it doesn’t put a true output to the description.
  3. The shortcodes are not rendered properly and the table of contents is combined into one column making it difficult for the user to work in it.

Rank Math

It is simple and one of the best plugins for WordPress SEO for improving it. It is designed to provide you with extra features to give the right information at the correct time. It is an SEO-friendly optimizer allowing optimization for search engines and social media. 

Enhancement by Rank Math

  1. It helps you with writing content by providing guidelines for keywords and corrections where required.
  2. It comes with a wizard setup and allows importing data from the plugins
  3. It will help you to attain commendable SEO ranking and standards.

While choosing the plugins for SEO, we have to keep in mind that rank math is one of the best plugins for WordPress SEO and its demand in the market is rising day by day.

Setting up rank math

  1. Setting up rank math is no difficult task. You just have to log in to your WordPress and click the add more button in plugins.
  2. Search rank math in the search bar on the right.
  3. Install and activate rank math.

Rank Math Toolkit

Meta titles:

You can use it to simply add, make changes, and edit snippets like meta titles, metadata, and descriptions to your text.

Rank Tracker:

You always want to know the competition you are facing and the ranking you are facing and getting, so for that, you need rank math. It keeps an eye on the preset keywords to know your web’s fares against the competition.

Google search console:

It allows users to generate XML sitemap, control access to plugin features based on user roles, and connect to google search console for optimizing the web. It presents to you, in your dashboard, valuable information from google search consoles such as keywords ranking, indexing issues, and sitemap status.


It checks title readability which means that it checks the title and suggests any changes if required. It also checks the content’s readability. It keeps a check on the length of the blog, meta description, URL length, etc. 


It allows you to enter 5 keywords and while adding keywords suggest long-tail keywords to use. It also checks the keywords density for targeted keywords.

So in many ways, we can say that rank math is one of the best plugins for WordPress SEO.

The cons of rank math

  1. The older version of rank math has some vulnerabilities so we suggest you choose the latest version.
  2. It has conflicts with other plugins and does not allow migrating to Yoast SEO easily.
  3. The free model is bound not to sustain so people have to buy the premium version so it loses its unique selling proposition.


SEO press works like any other plugin and provides a variety of features for optimizing your posts and pages. It works wonderfully for you even if you have limited technical know-how and helps you understand its working better. So, in many ways it is one of the best plugins for WordPress SEO.

Enhancement by SEOpress:

  1.  SEO press has both feature-packed free versions as well as paid pro versions like every other plugin to boost up your site’s working and optimize your web. 
  2. It is a low cost, high quality featured plugin with a set of functions having various varieties
  3. Provides comprehensive analysis and suggestions for improvements.

. Setting up SEOpress 

  1. To set up SEO press, one of the best plugins for WordPress SEO, you just need to open your WordPress and click on add more in plugins.
  2. Search for SEO press and install it.
  3. Activate SEO press.

SEOpress Toolkit

Features provided by the simple but efficient plugin:

  1. It covers basics such as optimizing SEO, boosting your web traffic, and improving social sharing. It puts a little more effort into the social media aspect than other plugins. It’s a free version that also provides redirecting and rewriting of neat URLs.
  2. It directs improvements in articles by suggesting and by SEO analysis.
  3. It helps you adjust small problems that boost your SEO’s total health
  4. It is powerful, allows you to optimize your site (broken link checker, meta description, sitemaps, etc.). It also controls page titles, headings of each page, creates unique meta titles and descriptions, image and content sitemaps, etc.
  5. It offers a big range of features for users. You need not be worried if you are a beginner because it provides straightforward easy steps to set it up and also advanced features in settings for pro users and more experienced users who want to tackle them.

It provides a variety of features making one ponder and come to the decision that it is one of the best plugins for WordPress SEO.

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.The cons of SEOpress

  1. Not as well known:

It is not as well known and popular as AIO SEO or Yoast so some people think it is not as dependable and a bit risky and it is not that well in the competition.

  1. Learning curve:

All plugins need to be learned and mastered so it is not a criticism for this plugin only.

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So after reviewing all the plugins we can come to the decision that each plugin is unique in its way, having a variety of features. Each has strong points the other lacks and progresses in the field but when it comes to the question of which is the best plugin for WordPress SEO?

It depends on your needs and requirements, taking into account that Yoast and all in one SEO are high-ranking plugins but others are as good as well so the definite answer remains within your opinion.

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