15 unique fathers day gift ideas from a son

15 unique fathers day gift ideas from a son


Father’s Day is a particular time to celebrate your relationship with your dad. It’s an excellent opportunity to show your appreciation and gratitude for everything he does for you. One way to show your appreciation and love for your father is by gifting him something unique.

Finding a nice present for your father, on the other hand, is a difficult task, particularly if you want to offer something special that won’t simply gather dust in a drawer somewhere.

In today’s guide, we will tell you about 15 unique father day gifts that will make your father happy and will stay with him for a long:

15 unique fathers day gift ideas from a son

Brüush Electric Toothbrush Premium Set

This is one of those sensible purchases that maybe Dad has had his eye on for some time but can’t quite rationalize spending the money on; thus, why not give him a helping hand? 

The Brüush Electric Toothbrush is a high-tech piece of oral care that makes it simple to maintain good oral hygiene. It has six distinct cleaning modes and a timer that guarantees you to brush your teeth for the entire two minutes. This Premium Set, in particular, comes with a travel bag and two different brush heads that can be replaced.

Theragun Massage Gun

Consider purchasing Dad a home gadget that he can use whenever needed to provide some focused pain treatment rather than giving him a one-time massage as a gift. The Theragun Massage Gun has six different treatment heads and twenty various speeds. 

This massager, which has received over 1,200 positive reviews, is widely regarded as the most effective means of alleviating the muscular soreness that might result from strenuous exercise or prolonged sitting at a desk.

Philips Norelco Multigroom All-in-One Trimmer Series

If your father has been used to shaping and trimming his beard at home during the pandemic, you should consider purchasing the Philips Norelco Multigroom All-in-One Trimmer Series for him. 

It costs less than one hundred dollars to purchase the package, which contains a body shaver, a steel trimmer with blades that sharpen themselves as they work, backup blades for more accuracy, an adjustable comb, a travel bag, a cleaning brush, and a choice of hair trimming protectors.

Jillian Dempsey Roomie Hair Pomade

The fuss-free style can be achieved using Jillian Dempsey’s Roomie Hair Pomade, which does not leave hair looking greasy or stiff. How’s this for a win-win situation? 

The styler contains argan oil, which hydrates the hair, and synthetic beeswax, which controls flyaways without leaving a sticky or rigid layer on the hair. It will be much simpler for Dad to apply the pomade if you tell him to first warm it up between his fingers before he uses it on his hair.

Adidas Men’s Adilette Slides

Who doesn’t have a father who enjoys wearing comfy shoes? These Adidas men’s Adilette slides come in 22 different colors, have a rubber sole for comfort, and offer arch support to assist your dad’s feet relax.

They’re ideal for going to the pool or just sitting about.

Roku Streaming Stick 4K+

When it comes to keeping track of all of these fantastic shows available to watch online, there is no better option than a Roku Streaming Stick. The 4K+ version of the USB stick features a straightforward installation process, making it easy for your father to navigate streaming services like Disney Plus and Netflix. 

There is also a remote finder built right into the device, just in case you misplace it. Additionally, by connecting the headphone port from his headphones to the remote control, your dad may listen to the television in complete privacy.

Withings Steel HR Watch and Activity Tracker

Withings’ Steel HR Watch and Activity Tracker is no ordinary watch; it will do much more for Dad than look beautiful. This one continuously measures and monitors his heart rate, steps, activity (walking, running, swimming), and sleep cycle for a complete picture of his health. 

It is waterproof to 50 meters and rechargeable, with a battery life of at least 25 days. It also accepts smartphone alerts on its inbuilt digital screen and enables calls and messages on Apple and Android smartphones. It’s also compatible with the Withings Health Mate app, giving you convenient access to all of your data.

Jaybird Vista True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Invest in a set of Jaybird Vista True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds on behalf of your father if he is the kind of person who can’t spend more than a day (or even an hour) without listening to his favorite songs. 

These wireless earbuds provide an almost weightless sensation (they only weigh 0.71 ounces), an extremely snug fit, and are water- and sweat-resistant. He can genuinely take them anywhere. In addition, the device has a battery life of around six hours, with an extra ten hours available via the charging case, to both our and his ears’ delight.

Kindle Paperwhite

If your father enjoys reading, the Kindle Paperwhite brings the digital reading experience near the actual thing as possible. Its glare-free display reads like natural paper (even in direct sunlight) and is waterproof in case of accidents. 

WiFi and cellular connection make it simple to purchase and download all of the books he wants, and its lightweight design makes it an ideal vessel for keeping and transporting them wherever he goes.

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Jack Black Skin Saviors Set

Jack Black’s Skin Saviors Set contains all the essentials for a fresh face, including a cleanser and toner in one called the Pure Clean Daily Facial Cleanser (ideal for the dad who likes to streamline his routine) and a Face Buff Energizing Scrub that removes dead skin cells and prepares skin for a closer shave.

Notably, Jack Black also includes sunscreen items that shield the skin from UV rays, pollution, and blue light, such as the Double-Duty Face Moisturizer SPF 20 and the Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25. However, under the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) rules, Allure does not suggest creams with less than SPF 30, so be sure to encourage Dad to use his preferred sunscreen on top.

Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook

Any father who loves to write by hand will adore the Smart Reusable Notebook from Rocketbook. Using 36 lined papers that he may use again with any Pilot FriXion pen.

This notebook enables him to take a picture and upload his thoughts or the next great American novel to a cloud service (Dropbox, Evernote, iCloud, etc.) for safekeeping. The pages may be wiped clean with a moist cloth, and he will have a clean slate to work with once again. It is referred to as eco-friendly prose; search it up.

Coola Scalp & Hair Mist SPF 30

It’s not only Dad’s face that requires SPF – his scalp needs sun protection too, particularly if his hair is receding. “UV rays may cause hair to become brittle and ragged,” said Kavita Mariwalla, a board-certified dermatologist in New York City. Coola’s Scalp & Hair Mist SPF 30 addresses this issue. It’s lightweight, leaves no greasy residue, and is water-resistant for up to 80 minutes — furthermore, if he colors his hair, it inhibits color loss from UV-related reasons.

Gotu kola extract stimulates scalp microcirculation, panthenol derived from vitamin B5 strengthens hair, and monoi oil provides natural UV protection while improving the gloss and condition of dry and damaged hair. It also smells lovely due to the perfume of ocean-salted sage.

Baxter of California Men’s Double-Edged Razor Set

A shaving brush set, such as this one from Baxter of California, evokes a feeling of enormous luxury and nostalgia.

In addition to the badger-hair shave brush with Silvertips, this kit includes a double-edge safety razor and a stand to complete the barbershop setting.

Rugged and Dapper Beard Oil

With only a few drops of this moisturizing beard oil from Rugged and Dapper, your father can get a beard that is silky and free of greasiness. This present will leave facial hair smelling clean and nourishing since it contains jojoba, argan oil, coconut oil, rosehip seed oil, and vitamin E.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Body Gel Cream

This Best of Beauty-winning Neutrogena Hydro Boost Body Gel Cream may transform your father into a body-care enthusiast. It’s unbelievably light and fast-absorbing, rapidly relieving dry skin with hyaluronic acid and glycerin – without leaving any greasy behind—what a relief.

The Bottom Line

Giving a gift to your dad shows that you appreciate everything he has done for you and that you want him to know that he has been loved and cared for. When buying presents for fathers, it is essential to consider their interests and hobbies. Gifts that resonate with him will be more memorable and appreciated.

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