15 Best Father’s Day Marketing Ideas that will boost your sales like crazy


Who doesn’t love a good deal?

 Sounds a bit cliché Ummm… not really though. Celebrated every year on the third Sunday of June it is a day to celebrate fatherhood and dads.

Millennials like to go all out while celebrating their dads while others opt for a more non-stereotypical way of celebrating father’s day. But one thing is for sure with a few father’s day marketing ideas you can increase the conversions and boost your sales easily.

That means half of your work is already done. You don’t have to convince them to buy what you have to do here is to deploy some father’s day marketing ideas, strategies and promotions to fish off as many customers as you’d like or shall I say till your stock lasts.

Seasonal sales like father’s day or mother’s day present a golden opportunity to not only boost sales but to reach out to target customers, improve conversions, to attract quality traffic to your website and the list keeps getting longer. This is only possible if you plan well, strategize and use those father’s day marketing ideas that guarantee you a result.

With Father’s Day just around the corner, it is time to roll up your sleeves and gear up to divert the big influx of eager to spend customers to your business. In this write-up, we will share with you 15 fathers’ day marketing ideas to boost your sales perfect recipe to get a significant increase in your sales and conversions.  

So let the curtains roll up and let us check out the 15 best father’s day marketing ideas to help you increase your sales and conversions this father’s day.

How to Make Inroads to Grab some of the Dollars This Father’s Day

1. Pop up Coupons, discounts and promotions

Sitting at the top is one of our best father’s day marketing ideas to attract customers and boost your sales. Whenever Father’s day sales roll around, the customers start their hunt to get the best deals. They look for deals that not only give them their desired product but the ones that offer them promotions and discounts.

To make sure you don’t lose the customers who land on your website and to convince them you buy your product, you should design promotions, discount offers, coupons etc. Imagine when a user lands on your website and gets a discount through a pop-up, well you are then surely a click away from selling your product.


2. How should you be designing the Landing Page

When you decide to run promotions or offers designed for Father’s Day to tempt your audience you should remember that to do that it is very pivotal to build a landing page dedicated to Father’s Day sales.

 An attractive, soulful and interactive landing page can help you in increasing your website traffic and in boosting your sales as well. When you post your offers on such a customized landing page you naturally increase your chances of attracting more and more customers.

For Father’s Day, you might want to run a discount or promotion for specific products or just showcase the offer to make it even more tempting for your audience. So, if you want to retain or attract new customers this is the father’s day marketing idea that you shouldn’t miss.

3. Simplify to not frustrate the customers

The father’s day marketing idea we have placed on number 3 is a result of a rigorous thought process. You know showcasing hundreds of products on your website has a big chance of frustrating your customers and once the customer gets frustrated they won’t be bothered to surf through your website, they’d rather leave it.

You may want to advertise all your products in hopes for any one of them to be bought but this can backfire on you terribly.

You can solve this issue by creating bundles of the products you think your target audience will be most interested in and through these options your audience can choose the ones they like the most. Now in order to do this, it’s very important to collect data from your website and then design these bundles according to the audience that’s visiting you.

4. Offer Personalized Products 

We all understand the hunt to get the best gift for our loved ones can be very tiring and confusing. How can a customer be sure that they are making the choice by buying a gift? 

Well, you can help them eliminate all this guesswork. We present you with a father’s day marketing idea that guarantees to skyrocket your sales and conversions.

On father’s day, you can link your products with different personality types. You can create different profiles like ‘The Laidback Dad’, ‘The Summer Look’, ‘The 90’s Fashion’ etc. By doing this your customers can choose the profile that best suits their fathers and can buy items from it without having to spend hours looking for the ideal gift.

5. Arrange Surveys to know your audience better

Another father’s day marketing idea that you can use is to arrange surveys and ask questions to your audience to know them better. You can arrange these before the actual sales day to learn what kind of products your customer is interested in and what they are willing to buy.

6. Quality and Helpful Copy to Guide the Customers

A quality website copy goes a long way. Remember to provide your customers with all the required information. You can create a section for FAQs to answer their questions. The important thing is to create a copy that’s simple yet interactive.

7. Create Impactful Advertisements

This is one of those father’s day marketing ideas that is applied by both big band small investors equally. You may have a big budget to create advertisements or it could be that you’re running low on cash.

But that’s no hurdle in creating advertisements that not only showcase your products but also send out a strong impactful message remembering to pay tribute to the fathers through these ads

You can add up some emotional stories, or share someone’s journey to fatherhood; you could highlight the struggles of fatherhood etc.

8. Employ Social Media Campaign

One of the best father’s day marketing ideas to reach the audience is through social media. This point has been stressed so much that there is not much to add to it.

Remember by creating social media campaigns and sharing ads there, you can reach an ever-growing number of potential customers.

You should deploy a strategic social media campaign to tug at your customer’s heartstrings.

9. Host an online customer contest

Everybody loves to get a gift or a prize and they love it even more if they don’t have to pay for it. On Father’s Day, when you already know that there will be many people online, what you can do is entice them with prizes and gifts once they participate in your contests. 

You don’t have to offer them a physical gift. What you can do is offer them discount deals, and promotions offer on your website so not only do you get increased website traffic but a guaranteed sales boost as well.

10. Gamify Your Ecommerce store

To convince people to stay on your website one of the best ways is to arrange different fun games for your audience. It could be a small puzzle, guess the personality, spin the wheel or a hidden gift on your website pages. You won’t believe how many people would like to try to win some discount offers.

11. Craft Engaging Email Copies

Father’s day is the best time to create personalized and engaging emails to advertise your products. Your emails should be entertaining and inspirational and should pay tribute to the dads to make them feel special.

This will surely attract them to the company that thought of them individually on such a special occasion.

12. Offer Gift Cards

Offering gift cards is another way in attracting an audience and boosting your sales. On Father’s day when people are looking for some deals and discounts, they won’t mind buying gift cards at all. In fact, it will make their experience even more special.

You can design different packages at different rates so people can buy the one that suits their budget and enjoy shopping and get the most out of this very convenient father’s day marketing idea.

13. Create a Countdown Sales Timer on the Homepage

Though it sounds like a very simple father’s day marketing idea it is no doubt very effective. This acts as a reminder to all your customers and gives them an impression that your website may have many customers visiting.

14. Hold Giveaways for Paying Customers to Retain and Attract Customers

You can encourage customers to buy from you by offering them giveaways in return for posting tributes to their dads. If let’s say you’re a hotel owner you can offer them lunch or as an online store, you can offer them discounts.

15. Track Everything for Next Year

This is the step that will help you create customer-oriented sales strategies. Every e-commerce store or website’s performance can be improved greatly if its data is used appropriately.

Remember to collect and read through the data from this father’s day sales to build up an even better strategy to boost your sales next year with this father’s day marketing idea.

Wrap Up

Organizing father’s day sales and promotions is one of the best ways to give a boost to your sales and conversions but to do it you must know who your target audience is? Which products interest them most? You can do it only after gathering the data from your website.

You must have heard before that it’s better to start planning so it’s time you use this knowledge and try out our father’s day marketing ideas to try to get the most out of this Father’s Day to boost your sales and conversions.

Wait up Here Are Some FAQS

We hope to have answered all your queries and have broken down all the steps in creating strategies to boost your sales this father’s day. But before you go, why don’t you take a look at our FAQs to have a broader vision of marketing and sales on father’s day.

  1. Why should you have father’s day sales?

It’s a day when people are looking for options to spend their money. Do you understand they are ready to spend some extra money? As a service provider, it’s your best chance to showcase your product and sell it to your target audience who is eagerly waiting to spend the money.

  1. When to Post father’s day Promotions?

In our opinion, it is best to start posting these a week or two prior to the sales day. This way not only do you have enough time to reach many customers but you can also advertise your brand better.

  1. Where to Post my promotions on fathers day?

Well, Social media is the best tool to reach your potential audience. There are so many social 

media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Tik Tok etc. Make sure you post to your target audience and reach them out with interactive social media posts.

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